A comparative study of Gong Zizheng and Lu Xun

Date of publication:2004-05   Press: Yuelu Publishing House   Author:Zhu Qizhi  
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The first chapter pioneers - diagnosis and cultural criticism of
the first section "the Illuminati", "Enlightenment" and "national character"
second "carrion" and "mediocre"
third "hypocrite" and "hack"
Fourth Festival "to destroy the hoe sense of shame" and "heart"
second chapter lonely self bear and defence of
the first section "solitary and foot on" and "wandering in the world"
second "目空一世" and "exists gloominess type and"
third 剑气箫心" and "desperate resistance,"
third chapter the ultimate meaning of the paradoxical decomposition and after
section "III cycle" and "evolution", "reincarnation"
second day "since the name for me" and "mine"
third "heart" and "Yili"
fourth chapter of life consciousness of the philosophical sublimation and artistic radiation < br > first "thunder" and "wasteland"
second "flower" and "weeds"
third "disease Mei" and "Eagle"
Fourth "dream" and "ghost"
conclusion "the source" and "speechless"

postscript @# main references #@ In the private discourse space, I have been on the history of the so-called contingency and inevitability of the relations of doubts. Although the old Hagel had to the history reason, that a linear law of history from junior to senior development, but I still feel the world's elusive. For example, met Gong Zizheng and I, Lu Xun, that I later as research topic in Gong Zizheng and Lu Xun, it is purely accidental.
the first time Gong Zizheng and linked to the name of Lu Xun, is an argument from studying at university. At that time, the whole nation of popular aesthetic problems, although have a superficial knowledge of, always can arouse the interest of university. Remember when the issue is brought out by Gong Zizheng's "disease Mei Guan Ji", namely "disease Mei" is the problem. In fact, I very much agree with Gong Zizheng on the treasure and praise of natural life, and also very indignant and bloody, Gong Zizheng demonstrated but, in order to new in order to be different to appear out of the ordinary, I take Yangzhou bonsai as an example, to talk about "Mei" cold thin realm, Powerlifting Mei should "to the song is beautiful", "Yi is beauty", "beauty in sparse". Now, I'm not inadvertently made a return to "people", not necessarily to "onlooker" indifference dissolves the existing Mei's true life, and put it into a plaything of replacement. With the deepening of the controversy and hot, people naturally born wisdom, to Lu Xun's don't love Jiangnan, like wind hit the rocks, like rough as an example to be back. Although this is a panic contingent significance butt, but it affects my life's direction. My mind such as light a flash of lightning, the lightning stood two cultural giants, from then on, Gong Zizheng and Lu Xun's fate was I or meaningful or inadvertently connected together.
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