• On the conflict between Chinese and western people

    A new approach of comparative culture, the basic idea of the book is: Cultural Center in human, cultural understanding in theory, and the theory is historical, concrete. The difference between Chinese and western people on the surrounding, and reveals the basic features of Chinese and western traditional culture and people is formed on the basis of private ownership of Chinese: Traditional Chinese ethical culture of "human", is,

  • A comparative study of Gong Zizheng and Lu Xun

    In the private discourse space, I have been on the history of the so-called contingency and inevitability of the relations of doubts. Although the old Hagel had to the history reason, that a linear law of history from junior to senior development, but I still feel the world's elusive. For example, met Gong Zizheng and I, Lu Xun, that i,

  • E era of women

    This book explores from the perspective of gender, the influence of new technology on women, and women in the new technology in the field of land and will face the issue, using empirical survey research methods, a comparative analysis to describe the status quo of domestic and international, objectively reflect the Chinese women enter the new technology in the field of status, fill,

  • Comparative study of Chinese creative economy

    Comparative study of "creative economy" Chinese main contents: the speed skating as one of the creative economy results, analysis, comparative analysis, empirical analysis and countermeasure analysis four parts from the foundation, current situation and development in the economic Chinese creative made system research. Comparative study of "creative economy" China introduction and reference of the country,

  • Going beyond the cultural barrier

    Hu Wenzhong comparative cultural studies, "going beyond the cultural barrier" is one of the mainly from the angle of foreign languages teaching on language and culture, to explore the intercultural communication book. It is the predecessor of the "Introduction" of intercultural communication, intercultural communication is a press series a. After the first printing sold out, "chief editor Cai Jianfeng proposed revised book, built,

  • Completely manual bad boy

    Completely manual bad boy, decided to surprise you! This is a beautiful girl the princess to the boy's book. She invited "Chuai Chuai bean" and "curly" two do guest, and "bad" boys to discuss what is "dream lover", how to let the girl "heart wide open", how to make the target "and so on, but the fragrant palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.",

  • Japanese spirit

    Spirit, consciousness is refers to various phenomena in deep and relatively stable, as the kernel is people's consciousness and culture phenomenon, in the soul, supporting. How to grasp the Japanese spirit? The answer to this question often differs from person to person. This book from previous scholars of Japanese spirit,

  • Can what to learn from China and the United States

    American mainstream media often see China as a threat. However, Li Yu think, and look at the rise of China, influence and contribution to the world economy negatively, the United States is not thinking about how to learn from the strongest competitors! Why is China in the global economic crisis to rapidly restore? What prompted,

  • Comparison of Confucian culture

    Comparison of culture of Confucianism (English version), Hong Qingfu, Shanghai Education Publishing house,

  • The comparison of Chinese and Western culture notes

    The comparison of Chinese and Western cultural notes, the book is divided into ethical and religious, pan aestheticism and scientism, and the spirit and the spirit of Chinese culture and Western culture character analysis, comparison of Chinese and Western culture, the five chapter introduces the development mode of Chinese and Western culture, ethical and religious literature, ritual music ideal and dream, and the spirit of wisdom analysis of Chinese and Western art and spirit,

  • Nationalism and times

    Comparative study of Modern Neo Confucianism and post modernism, is the author of the book "Nine Five" hosted by the National Social Science Fund Project -- "final results of Modern Neo Confucianism and comparative study of postmodernism.". Post modernism and modern Neo Confucianism is regarded as at the turn of the century Chinese ideological and cultural circles "rise" and "special attract sb.'s attention" two trends of thought. As,

  • Chinese and Japanese

    Comparative study of the social group, behavior and culture psychology,,

  • Chinese city culture between urban culture and urban spirit

    Comparison of Chinese and foreign city culture,

  • A comparative study of Chinese and Western culture and the English and Chinese Idioms

    "Comparative study of Chinese and Western culture and the English and Chinese Idioms" main contents: Chinese and Western culture is the longest in the world, two kind of culture is the most vitality. Their source, characteristics of different, but complementary sex is very strong also. These two kinds of culture from parallel to advance, from each other, and then to contact and fusion, experienced a ratio,

  • East meets West

    This book attempts to culture as a perspective, comparison of similarities and differences between China and Japan from the absorption of western culture, reveal the dynamic between China and Japan in the uptake of Western capitalist industrial civilization longitudinal development process, to explore the reason of the modernization process of different countries. The book uses a comparative history, measurement history, system theory, summary,

  • A comparative study of Sino Japanese Cultural Studies (first series)

    "A comparative study of Sino Japanese Cultural Studies (first series)" the input and output of Japanese legal culture in Tang and the viewpoint, concentration and discusses the motivation, Sino Japan legal cultural communication options, reasons of acceptance and change, effect and influence, success and failure, gain and loss, and plays a dominant role in the general the principle and special meaning,

  • And the strong company

    Japan Alliance foreign comparative study, and the strong company, maximize the welfare of their own country, is one of the most striking features of Japanese diplomacy. In twentieth Century one hundred years, Japan alliance history for 75 years. Book two times Japan's diplomatic history of typical alliance case, the latest results both at home and abroad empirical research, from the role of the Japanese alliance,,

  • Comparative study of public cultural international metropolis

    In the construction of public cultural international metropolis, many developed countries to create a good experience. "Comparative study" public cultural international metropolis to perspective through the New York, Paris, Moscow and other international city public cultural construction experience, as well as Beijing, Shanghai and other domestic big city public cultural construction situation,

  • Comparison of Chinese and Western culture introduction

    The book is in line with the cultural education of University for the twenty-first Century cultivate comprehensive talent, improve the cultural quality of university students and the preparation of the. The book is divided into nine chapters, the main basic differences in western culture, religion, ethics, literature and art, life style, way of thinking, education, the Chinese and foreign enterprise culture,

  • A comparative study of Chinese and western legal culture

    This book focuses on the differences between Chinese and western legal culture, and the causes of these differences and historical background. The book consists of eight parts: the Clan Wars and clan struggle; group standard and individual standard; culture public law culture and law; ethics and religious; closed and open; and the rule of law and Chinese law;,

  • Comparison of Chinese and Western culture

    The basic difference between the Chinese and western social structure and mode of thinking of the book are compared and analyzed, on the basis of this, this paper emphatically expounds the main idea of the mainstream culture of China and the West in the religious, ethical and political and legal aspects, with strong knowledge, can from a specific angle to meet the high school students and the public understanding of the self,

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