Yunnan blue book · 2008~2009 Yunnan cultural development blue book

Date of publication:2009-6   Press: Yunnan University press   Author:Yin Xin, editor in chief of Na Lin   Pages:365  
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A preliminary study on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics Chinese (total order) the results of reform and opening up the macro perspective of development, promote the study of new leap thematic culture to further the development of the prosperity of the national culture, promote cultural industry development research Chinese (Yunnan) film and television industry experimentation area policy research from the perspective of ecological civilization of Yunnan minority culture -- Taking the Dai, Hani and the cases of cultural industry development of Yunnan culture industry characteristics of the road and Its Enlightenment -- China's regional cultural industry development strategy of cultural industry "Yunnan model" theory and practice of cultural industry in Yunnan implementation of the "going out" strategy of Yunnan recreational athletics folk leisure economic vitality dialysis city culture Shanghai culture enlightenment to Yunnan Yunnan the protection of historical and cultural city and economic development -- Taking Lijiang as an example of the Gejiu Tin culture connotation and the value of public libraries, and the construction of city culture and cultural exchanges for Chinese ASEAN Free Trade Zone of Yunnan cultural industry in Indian cultural exchanges and the development of cultural tourism industry and cultural differences and regional economic cooperation and cultural heritage Dai ethics cultural inheritance and when Dai Daode The construction of Zhuang process of cultural heritage protection and heritage of folk literature and art on modern new forms of communication of folklore copyright protection mode of Yunnan national minority tradition medicine culture and protection of the data analysis and research situation of urban and rural residents consumption growth across culture -- "fifteen" and "eleven five" calculation analysis around the cultural industry "production and consumption ratio" perspective -- than the national standard annual statistical data analysis the historical and cultural city of Yunnan, town, village @##@ List Editor From 1978 to 2008, course Chinese reform passed for thirty years. For thirty years China modern revolution and construction, is only "pronto". However, it is this short thirty years, Chinese into the course of the great rejuvenation of the fast lane. In thirty years, we have created too many brilliant, which includes not only the great creative practice, who embodies the theory of innovation. Thirty years of glory, carrying nearly 100 years pioneers hard exploration history, confidence and better carrying the contemporary Chinese future expectations.
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