Yuan said.

Date of publication:2009-09   Press: Peking University press   Author:[Chinese] Liu Xiang   Pages:565  

"Yuan said note translation" is the Han Dynasty Liu Xiang's "Shuoyuan" with annotations and the translation of a popular book. Liu Xiang said the "Yuan" in pre Qin as the basis, to promote the Confucian culture as the theme, brought together more than 700 articles of historical stories, compiled twenty volumes. The book has an important position in the Chinese cultural history, the Ming Dynasty Hongwu years once listed as the Imperial College textbooks. In recent years, the reconstruction of "rare" publication, for the further study of the "Yuan said" provides more information. The book of "Shuoyuan" systematic notes, translation and comment, the author is the famous super Chinese teacher, over the past three years has been studying "Shuoyuan", a collection of rich material, accumulated a certain amount of ancient literature knowledge, when the society has a great interest in the traditional culture the publication of this book, to promote the Chinese traditional culture, let the readers to better understand the important historical and cultural China. Author in the planning of a set of overseas learning Chinese ancient culture.
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The roll of a gentleman way 2 Chen of the IV legislative Festival volume three volume five Guide volume six complex en Vol seven political theory volume eight sage volume nine is to roll ten Jingshen Vol. eleven good volume twelve to volume fourteen Juan Shisan Machiavellian to volume fifteen finger Wu volume sixteen volume seventeen miscellaneous talk about plexus volume eighteen vision volume nineteen Xiuwen Vol. twenty anti matter Appendix One Yuan said 叙录 appendix two appendix three Yuan said order reference postscript
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User reviews
  •   For "Shuoyuan", is a very good version, the author carefully! May the author is a middle school teacher's sake, this book binding was a bit like university textbooks, this is great, the binding is not ideal!
  •   Because Cheng Xiang listening to the teacher's classroom video to buy books, find Cheng Xiang teacher opinion in-depth, extensive knowledge, this book is a very detailed, if popular, like the history teacher like that explain profound theories in simple language is perfect.
  •   Comments, there was a return to the student's feeling, see the editor's attention. Very nice.
  •   Specify the husband to buy, it should be good.
  •   Ancient Chinese Literature Search deep feeling, the wisdom of the ancients and the mind is not really cover. But individual translation is not very accurate, but not hurt the important essentials. This book is suitable for intermediate level of reading.
  •   Being borrowed, ready to buy a.
  •   Books, translation well, put it down! But somehow the page had a footprint?

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