Xintianyou and paper-cut Lan Peijin Northern Shaanxi planning

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Foreign Languages Press   Author:Hei Jianguo   Pages:94  

Northern Shaanxi is an ancient magical place. Northern Shaanxi loess conceived, hard-working, courageous, creative, they are dedicated to the pursuit and yearning Wonderfull Life, creation and heritage of the cultural heritage of mankind precious -- folk paper-cut.
I like northern Shaanxi folk songs, also like the paper-cut.
them from ancient times spread so far, Xintianyou (Northern Shaanxi folk songs form unique), like a strong "northwest wind" from the Loess Plateau to blow the whole China, blowing all over the world; fascinating "living fossil" -- the paper-cut, the numerous set foot on this land at. A paper-cut, a Capitel tour, a record of our lives and leave their parents dream and pursuit of that time, the picture is inclusive of the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, very touching.
as to make readers understand more northern Shaanxi folk songs and paper-cut native state, the book of Xintianyou lyrics are based on folk "authentic" sings record, finishing, paper-cut also retains its original appearance. To life picture scroll of Northern Shaanxi people rich spiritual world and the Loess Plateau in the colorful and faithfully to the readers.
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1, orchid flower 2, driving livestock 3, hand in hand, 4 stars a Ming 5, take 6, three day sister fell in love with a 拦羊 Han 7, Yokoyama Ri 8, pulling down some guerrillas whisper 9, little widow Xiao Fen 10, Wu Ge sheep 11, seeking to find Chinese Eight Route Army 12 eighteen, nine friends 13, bed 14, bald little sister wanted to you shall not cry 15, such a good sister not above 16, to see sister way to 17, hear brother sing to 18, 19, 20, three pinch garlic when the Red Army's brother came back 21, Happy Valley on the wall too low 23, poetic couplet to spend 24, your mother call you don't become 25 balls, tears soak in Artemisia Artemisia forest 26, embroider pouch 27, together with the slope on the slope next beam 28, everyone said we two good 29, but the number of pea grain in round 30, the old ancestors personal love 32, one meter 33, your mother call you brother said 34, red fruit peel skin 35, pay a return sowthistle look back 36, white lattice forming students face Miao Ge yo hand 37, go west 38, I send her brother joined the army 39, the road around the one you 40, you cry tears everyone how to call brother go
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