Xinjiang Tuvinians social cultural field investigation and study

Date of publication:2009-12   Press: National Publishing House   Author:The south soon Mo dege   Pages´╝Ü294  
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The preface introduction Xinjiang, Tuva people inhabited geographic environment and climate, Xinjiang two Tuva population and distribution of three, purpose, significance and value of four, five, theoretical basis on the research of domestic and international the first chapter Tuvinians historical origins, literature, folk memory of second chapter two Tuwa people's social life, marriage and family of two, three, four, the appellation of relatives living Festival five, funeral third chapter Tuwa people's education, private education, school education, two...... The seventh chapter Tuwa people, ecological fourth chapter Tuwa people inhabited areas of health fifth chapter Tuvinians religion sixth chapter Tuwa people view taboo eighth chapter Tuwa people, folk literature and art and sports entertainment ninth chapter Tuva and Oirat Mongolia and Kazak tenth chapter cultural interaction @##@ conclusion appendix. The south soon Mo dege, Inner Mongolia Erdos people, doctor of law, Professor, master's tutor, who teaches at the Xinjiang Normal University Institute of history and ethnology, researcher at the research center of Xinjiang and the Central Asian ethnic groups. Mainly engaged in Xinjiang minority culture and the nomadic culture research.
after studying in Inner Mongolia Mongolian College, Minzu University of China and other institutions of higher education, Beijing Normal University in 1996, received a master's degree in literature in 2001, doctorate in law. In 2002 went to the National University of Mongolia studying abroad for a year, in 2005 to enter the College of Humanities of Xinjiang University post doctoral postdoctoral research for two years.
in recent years, the minority community into the border area, the extensive collection of first-hand information, and the Ministry of education in the humanities and Social Sciences 95 planning projects and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of the 95 projects, completed the national postdoctoral scientific research project "Xinjiang Tuvinians social cultural field investigation," returned students scientific research fund project "Xinjiang Tuva one study of folk culture" etc.. In domestic and foreign academic journals published "on the unification of Mongolia the impact of the western regions", "Mongolia and the western society of the tile sting", "on cultural integration -- Mengwei Islamic process", "the western culture in western regions of Mongolian influence", "northern nomadic people living concept of", "on Xinjiang Tuva people between beliefs and taboos and ecological relationships", "on Xinjiang Tuva Mongolian ecological view" and other academic papers published in scholarly works, '"Shakya Muni twelve", "works' of Xinjiang", "Mongolia people of Tuva Turkic ethnic folk Conspectus" etc..
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