Date of publication:2011-8   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:[song] Zhu Gong, Gao Jianxin,   Pages:201  

The Song Dynasty koji, brewing technology developed, many related works, such as Su Shi's "Su wine", Zhu Gong's "wine", "continued Li Bao 'Beishan liquor by'", He Yan's "Yi", Dou Ping's "wine wine spectrum", Fan Chengda's "Gui Zhi", Lin Hong sea wine "Xinfeng wine". This among them, Zhu brachial "wine" is the representative, for a long time, has been regarded as a classic, extensive influence. Zhu Gong, the word wing (also in one), birth and death is unknown, no son, late, great saphenous Weng, the Northern Song Dynasty Huzhou Wu Cheng (now Zhejiang Wuxing) into the. Yuan three years (1088) Jinshi, served as the male state (now in Hebei) defense officials push, Dengzhou (now Henan Dengzhou city) the clerk, Feng Yi Lang straight secret Pavilion, so after entering or Zhu Feng meeting....... The book to "know" and has lent books, school to Ming Tao Zongyi et al "said the suburbs three" (Shanghai Ancient Books Press 1988 edition) and "Si Ku Quan Shu, Kobe, Pulu class" received "wine". "Lack of knowledge in the Qing Qian Jia Zhai" between South Tibet calligrapher Bao Tingbo (1728-1814), a famous series of father and son Bao Shigong inscribed. The thirty set, of which the first twenty-seven set by Bao Tingbo in the moment, after the three set by his son Bao Shigong continued moment, received a total of 208 books (including the appendix 12). The many rare ancient books in the series, multi edition, collation is excellent, as people believe. "Wine" in the "lack of knowledge", series twelfth, called the "wine" description "three volumes, written by Song Zhugong, Wu Meian notes, based on the" volume text home page "was an ancient 欢堂 diffuse and secret book", "Yin Wong Mo". "Said the suburbs three" received "wine", only the volume, volume and volume under the eye without paper. "Si Ku Quan Shu" received "wine" three volumes, seemingly unabridged, but volume "jade song," volume "steamed sweet Mi", "Tu Mi meter", writing many omissions and errors, context cannot continue. This book is generally not a school record, where the notes are placed in the comments. "Lack of knowledge in the studio", referred to as "" vegetarian "lack of knowledge of the"; "said the suburbs three" this, "" said the suburbs "book"; "Si Ku Quan Shu", "Si Ku Quan Shu" referred to as "the". The book with the Northern Song Dynasty Li Bao "read Zhu Yizhong 'Beishan liquor by the' spring", the Qing Dynasty Wu Meian, Bao Tingbo "(Beishan liquor by order") and ("summary sikuquanshuzongmu, Beishan liquor by", before three kinds of materials of the same in the "know enough vegetarian series" received "wine", in order to facilitate the reader further understanding of this book. "Wine" domestic Chinese Drama Press 1999 edition of punctuation, income, "the Chinese ancient books in the roots", before the book only a brief introduction, did not specify the basis of finishing version, no collation. This book in the finishing process, the specific guidance and help Zhonghua Ms. Zhang Caimei, Capital Normal University press editor Zhang Huifang of ancient books in the library of Inner Mongolia University, Zhu Min teacher provides convenient data. My graduate student Cui Yun, Yang Xuzhen, Wei Na, Zhao Na and other students, check all the citation book. This book has absorbed the experts on the technology of rice wine brewing achievements, including Li Huarui "song of wine production and taxation", Hong Guangzhu's "Chinese brewing technology development history" two works, rich materials, educational level is deep, the author benefited. Because of the limited space and style, not one one outlet, also expressed heartfelt thanks. Due to time constraints, "wine" involves special knowledge of many koji making and brewing process, non I can know, so in the translation, annotation, reviews inevitably exists the wrong place, please advice criticism. Gao Jianxin from Inner Mongolia University in February 19, 2011, "love cottageJu ", for the rain day

The Song Dynasty koji, brewing technology developed, many related works, including the Zhu brachial "wine" was recognized as the song of wine literature classics, both highly generalizes and discusses China wine culture in the book, while providing the koji, brewing methods and how to make wine, collecting wine, liquor storage, is specially works on starter making brewing technology first comprehensive system of China's existing. The book consists of three volumes,. First is the introduction, the development history of wine; volume of koji, included the formulation and preparation method of thirteen kinds of distiller's yeast; brewing technology volume focuses on process and all kinds of wine brewing.
book notes should be detailed, accurate, the translation smooth, comments and unique, with exquisite illustrations, the MiTo complement each other.
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Author: Zhu Gong (Song Dai) Gao Jianxin
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The copyright page: illustration: the wine is made of is. Instrument, make wine mash II, Dukang Shu wine, good wine is named, cover the anti began in the Lord? [note]: ① is long. The instrument Di: Dayu legend age. Mash: Juice residue blended wines, it is with bad wine, to wine. ③ Dukang: The Legend of the first in the history of wine, later became a wine appellation. Kaoliang wine: wine with sticky sorghum. Sticky sorghum, sorghum. "Shuowen Jiezi, towel, broom," said: "ancient Shaokang early Kei, broom, kaoliang wine. Shaokang, Dukang, buried in Changyuan." Also, "unitary Department wine": "Du Kang kaoliang wine." It began in the LORD: from "the" Si Ku quan. "Know" this, "said the suburbs", this is "always [translation] the invention of wine for a long time. Yi Di brewing wine mash, Dukang was kaoliang wine, because they are good wine is famous in the world, wine brewing probably began in this period. [comments] about the invention of wine, has a variety of claims. The sinus Ping "wine spectrum, the source said:" wine "word in wine by self, the said three. One said: instrument, only for the wine, and Yu at the same time. Another: Yao dry wine is wine clock, begun in Yao, non Yu world. The second said: "Shen Nong's herbal" the wine flavor, "Huang Di Nei Jing" also said the wine is not pathogenic, began in the instrument, but also. The third said: Star days of wine, the wine is made, which in the world and." Both the Shennong, Huang Di, or Yao, Yu, the history is very long. The third is that, since the sky hung wine star, then heaven and earth and wine, is the masterpiece of nature. Wine star, also known as the wine's star, ancient star names. Kong Rong "difficult Tso table wine book" said: "the days of weeping wine star Yao, columns of Jiuquan County, people with good wine, virtue." The sky wine star shines on the ground, great Jiuquan county (now Gansu Jiuquan), the world reveals wine De. In this three kinds of argument, instrument, make wine seems to have greater influence. "ZhanGuoCe Wei policy two" said: "the past, by the instrument, make wine and beauty, the Yu, Yu Yin and sweet." Wang Can said: "酒赋" "by Yi Di, wine is offered. Core Fen Xiangsi, God style feast." Whether it is by that instrument, make wine, or by instrument, make wine, anyhow is instrument, make wine. Wine sweet fragrance, person God altogether le. Cao Zhi "酒赋" think instrument, make wine: "the instrument's manufacturing thinking, bright this beauty alone treasure." The invention of the original instrument, wine is the embodiment of wisdom, has been particularly treasure. "Yiwenleiju" volume seventy-two cited "ancient history": "an ancient lilao, Yu 时仪 de wine." Lilao, namely the wine. Jin Jiang Tong "wine again" said: "wine by Xing, Zhao since the last emperor, or cloud Yi Di, said Du Kang." ("the Jin Wen" volume one hundred and sixty) that the wine was invented the ancient emperors such as Fu Xi, Du Kang, or for the instrument Di; Tao Yuanming "stop" poems on wine: "Yi Di, Du Kang touches the." That the wine made from Yi Di, but after Dukang processed more perfect. Dukang wine making said appeared later, first appeared in the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty scholar scribes, Xu Shen's "Shuowen Jiezi" in. "Shuowen Jiezi" begun in and Emperor Yong yuan twelve years (100), and an 帝建 light year (121) Xu Shen disease, so that the son Xu Chong table. Tang Kongying Da Shu "Shangshu · wine again" "but heaven life, cause my people, but the Yuan Si" Yin Han Ying Shao (? -204) "world" "Dukang brewery," said Cao Cao "why the worries because of this? Only Dukang "(" Tanka line ") great influence lines and popular in the world. Wang Ji Kang Xin Miao Wen "offering" said: "Mr. Chiya, we are sweet." It considers that the wine Dukang intelligence superman. Li Han "蒙求" poem said: "Dukang brewery, Cangjie system word." The Dukang and Cangjie parallel, Dukang is that make great contributions to the Chinese culture of _. In fact, the birth of people wine, experienced from a natural wine gradually transition to the long process of artificial wine, not a person can complete. In nature, the berry surface are yeast propagation, these berries landed not Water Leakage place, through the decomposition will produce alcohol yeast, this is a natural fruit wine; people drink milk from livestock, lactic acid bacteria fermented yogurt, then by the yeast fermented into wine (see Fu Jinquan "Chinese wine microbial research and application", page first); people store food because of poorly equipped with fermentation, or the leftover food was shelved for a long time and fermentation, starch by microbial fermentation by saccharification, also can produce alcohol. Natural wine, fruit wine, wine or whether it is food wine, can send out a strong aroma assail the nostrils, loved by the people; a wonderful feeling that tread air after drinking, and also for the people to experience. So, regardless of the east or the west, drink many, wine history is very long. Chinese grain brewing, generally it may be started dating has a history of five thousand years of the late Neolithic age, is not a human invention. To the Shang and Zhou period, because the agricultural production gradually developed, grain brewing is more common. In the oracle bone inscriptions have been named three wines: one is called "wine", namely the wine; one kind is called "Li", with little sweet wine; one kind is called "he", is brewed with turmeric vanilla with black millet. The Shang Dynasty drinking wind is very abundant, respect, □, you, Duke, Gu, Zhi, angle preparing exquisite pottery, bronze wine storage and wine. "Historical records" record of Yin Ji Zhou and corrupt life, so luxury: "big Jule play in the sand, with the wine for pool, hanging meat for the forest, and the men and the women naked by phase during which, for the feast the revelry all night long." At that time, the existing conditions for large-scale brewing, the supreme ruler of excessive consumption. "The book of songs. "Records:" Bin wind in July August October by stripping of jujube, rice. And make the spirits for the spring, for the benefit of the bushy eyebrows. The ancestors in August at the October harvest rice, jujube, jujube and rice as raw materials of brewing in spring, because spring is beneficial to people's health and longevity. This record shows, our ancestors long ago mastered the use of rice wine technology, and to understand the role of nourishing wine. To the spring and Autumn period, in worship, meeting, celebration and so on various occasions, wine has become the essential things. "Recorded in Zuo Xuan Gong twelve years": Xiao country was Chu army besieged, death is imminent, Xiao country doctor is no agency to the state of Chu doctor Shen Shuzhan for help. "Shu show said: 'you koji?' Said: 'No.' 'there are mountains, poor?' Said: 'No.' 'have loose bowels?' Said: 'in forms (YUAN) well and rescue. "' Shen Shuzhan mock concern about no agency: "apricot with wheat koji, Shan Ju poor home?" No agency said no, Shen Shuzhan said: "what about your rheumatism?" No agency said: "you look at the well can save me." Shan Ju poor, namely Xiong Lao, perennial herb, autumn white flowers, aromatic, stems are used medicinally; produced in Sichuan, called chuanxiong. Koji, Shan Ju poor can be used to damp proof, Shen Shuzhan wanted no agency escaped from the mud, but also no she didn't understand the meaning of "叔展, answered" no". Shen Shuzhan to wheat koji metaphor, inspire also no agency, which shows whether disease treatment or wine, wheat koji use at that time is very popular. P3-6
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"Wine: the life of classic": the Song Dynasty koji, brewing technology developed, many related works, such as Su Shi's "Su wine", Zhu Gong's "wine", "continued Li Bao 'Beishan liquor by'", He Yan's "Yi", Dou Ping's "wine wine spectrum", Fan Chengda "the sea", Journal of Guangxi wine Lin Hong's "Xinfeng wine". This among them, Zhu brachial "wine" is the representative, for a long time, has been regarded as a classic, extensive influence. "Wine" with distiller's yeast 13, in addition to the traditional Yan Song, also appeared in the song of the wind and the song, like the raw material composition, and adding various herbs, showed that when the Northern Song Dynasty koji making technology to be more advanced than the Wei Jin Southern and Northern dynasties.
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