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Date of publication:2010-4   Press: Jilin Publishing Group   Author:Li Simo | editor: Jin Kaicheng   Pages:120   Words:30000  

Twenty-four solar term is our working people created brilliant culture, it can reflect the change of seasons, guide farming activity affects thousands of households, the basic necessities of life. Since two thousand years, the main political activity center in China and more concentrated in the the Yellow River basin, twenty-four solar term is also in this area climate, phenology founded. In ancient times, a year is divided into twelve months period, each month period of two solar term. In the solar term, in the post for gas, such as the Spring Festival for the lunar January, rainwater for lunar January, later put the solar term and gas called solar term.
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A twenty-four solar term.
two twenty-four solar term division
three twenty-four solar term and regimen
four twenty-four solar term ballad poetry
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