Traditional culture and modernization

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The core spirit of internal structure and the essence and the dross "reading and life reading and life Ancient Chinese Literature Search and traditional culture, traditional culture and modernization of the traditional culture of the Analects of Confucius" five four new culture movement on the understanding of Lu Xun's China culture strategic reasons and the ways and Its Modern Enlightenment on the contemporary significance of "scholars" of Chinese culture spread from foreign literature China culture on Ming Dynasty China children art concept of time for the twenty-first Century -- and learning
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On the relationship between traditional culture and contemporary society, first of all need to understand the concept of culture. To promote the development and prosperity of culture of the 17th Party Congress documents mentioned in this is the concept of narrow sense, culture, is also the art; generalized culture is a social person's internal and external behavior. First, we are social beings, living in a group; second, the internal behavior refers to a person's way of thinking, the external behavior refers to the way we behave. The culture of the Chinese nation is different from other countries and cultures, because we Chinese people, our way of thinking and behavior is not the same as with them, so the external manifestation of culture is different. Regulation is a common thing, the provisions are not legal and institutional constraints, but culture in our actions and thoughts. The Chinese speaking, like men in general can not stay long hair, a woman can wear skirts and men can not, these did not write the provisions in the law, but most people will not violate. While the British people is different, the British men can wear skirts, especially in Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland culture of provisions. So every one of us actually is restricted by culture. However, what is the China traditional culture? In our times, the traditional culture still plays what role, and we lack some what things? These are worth thinking about. In general, the demise of the Qing Dynasty before Chinese created their own culture is the traditional culture. Five four after the new culture movement, our culture to add some new things, but we are not all in a new cultural life, but most still is the traditional culture plays a role in. Chairman Mao once said, the traditional culture should take the essence and discard the dross. But the culture of the good and the bad, the essence and the dross and not a standard, if the standards are not good, is likely to throw away things good, bad things to stay, and according to the dialectical materialist point of view to look at, bad things can be turned into good things, things will be transformed. Standard cannot be easily determined, so the best way is, we must first be what to know and understand the traditional culture.
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