Traditional architecture in Southern Fujian

Date of publication:2006-3   Press: Xiamen University press   Author:Cao Chunping   Pages:316   Words:360000  
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The general ordered the first chapter of traditional houses in South Fujian layout section the traditional layout section second to the second chapter of Minnan traditional Taiwanese traditional architecture "section traditional architecture of South Fujian staining rack section second traditional architecture of South Fujian Dougong forms and practices the third chapter Minnan traditional building brick for the first Taiwanese traditional wall materials section second wall third section of biological materials and raw materials fourth chapter of traditional architecture of South Fujian stone first stone overview section second Minnan stone carving techniques in section third typical stone fourth section of Quanzhou's four seat stone buildings fifth chapter of traditional architecture of South Fujian gray plastic, pottery and shear viscosity process first gray plastic section second pottery the third section shear viscosity sixth chapter of traditional architecture of South Fujian roof approach first Minnan local style roof form second roof for folding section third liters of hill fourth segments dark CuO fifth roof structure and decoration of the seventh chapter of Minnan traditional building small wooden section joinery overview section second typical small wooden chapter eighth Taiwanese traditional architectural painting for the first festival painting composition way using the site and second section. Color painting drawing ninth chapter third section in traditional construction process and construction taboos section construction procedure and ceremony second craftsmen third Taiwanese traditional architecture with a ruler, the tenth chapter of feng shui theory to the traditional architecture of South Fujian influence the first festival in the traditional architectural taboo in a second day of various talisman appendix a Taiwanese traditional architecture and "to create a French", in the traditional architecture, official style, "create a method of the original" noun table in Appendix two of Taiwanese traditional architecture by reference @##@ solution. Fujian is located in the border, at the edge of the central government the power to control long-term, but also inherited the good tradition of Minyue race boats, marine economy and culture has made great development. People in Southern Fujian is a branch of Baiyue ethnic group -- the real. More and more people are good at using the boat, used to fight. Since the Qin and Han Dynasties until the Jin and Tang Dynasties, a large number of Central Plains Han Chinese migration to the south, to the south of Fujian Province, fusion contact and Minyue people, formed the unique culture of South fujian. The Taiwanese people accepted the farming culture, has inherited and developed the Minyue people of marine culture. Song and Yuan period, Quanzhou became the world famous Hong, national merchant gathers, relics of various religious buildings preserved Hefei city. Since the Ming Dynasty in the leaves, Zhangzhou port China rise, become famous smuggling harbor. Qing Dynasty, Xiamen port has gradually replaced the moon port. The result of the development of Taiwanese people to the ocean, a large number of Taiwanese people shift drama Sea Island and overseas areas, enhance the Taiwanese and overseas contact, therefore has the farming culture of Minnan culture character, also has the characteristics of marine culture. Traditional architecture in Southern Fujian has China traditional architecture, neat, symmetrical closed character, but also has the characteristics of the gorgeous, exaggerated pretense. Curved roof, high rake dovetail, viscous shear gorgeously dressed, piled water plugging, colorful wall mirror, white granite foil bright as blood smoke moxibustion brick, everywhere to express the unique character of Minnan building.
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