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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: United Press   Author:When the shadow   Pages:222   Words:100000  

"The host" series books, writing is not a strict history, not a detailed portrait of the news reports, not a time clue clear chronological record, more than a set of express emotion literary portrayal, "Republic of China" is the combination of Vientiane, is a hodgepodge. "Republic of China" is our host for a frame of historical image reader interception, hope they can in the reader's eyes, heart alive, allowing readers to the flavor of the times has some touch more vivid. This book is the period of the Republic of China villa architectural style album. In Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, due to the introduction of foreign culture, Chinese traditional architecture and Russian, European, Japanese, German and other style villa forms coexist, cultural openness, westernization became the fashion features of residential buildings.
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The office of the President Office of the president of the Republic of China public buildings Chinese and Western traffic Ministry building in the post office building of the central military academy academy, municipal council, bureau and customs of the city of Shanghai Guzhi ocean club building dignitaries residence of Sun Zhongshan's Nanjing Whampoa  road residence of Jiang Jieshi -- Tao Lu Tang Shan hot spring villa construction of Chinese antique Meiling palace old one: Marriage Love Song Jiang Lu: Jiang Jieshi and Song Meiling get married home Song Ziwen in the Shanghai private Jinling king gas had received: Nanjing in the Republic of China government's official residence of Nanjing north pole tower No. 1: the Song Ziwen residence in Nanjing No. 254 Zhongshan North Road: Sun Ke mansion cross gate He Yingqin's official residence Fu Hougang No. 30: Li Zongren's official residence in the Republic of China famous architect Yang Yanbao mansion Bai Zi Ting No. 22: Wang Shijie's "Whampoa  one of the eight King Kong": Qian Dajun's official residence in the Republic of China Navy commander Gui Yongqing's Lion Bridge Crescent: Chen Xi Liu Wan the trust's No. 8: traitor Zhou Fohai mansion Luojia Road No. 5: Tang Kungkuan KMT Air Force Commander weeks to soft the residence of Wang Jingwei mansion a KMT General Hu Lian residence in Putuo No. 10: Jiang Jieshi Jiang Jingguo and Jiang Weiguo love Chen Cheng's residence at No. 3 Whampoa  road in the Jiang Jingguo Building No. 15 Putuo Road, Jiang Weiguo's official residence Yu Youren house Huang's residence moling Road No. 21: Liu Zhi's official residence of the Examination Institute president Dai Jitao's official residence Qiu Qingquan Guan di small fire lane Song Xilian's residence Garden Village 44: big spy Zheng Jiemin's constant House Street No. 30: Chen Lifu's "little Zhuge" Bai Chongxi's former mansion embassy concession lane city light church schools and hospitals
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