The traditional virtues of the Chinese civilization in the - roots

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Jilin Education Publishing House   Author:Luan Chuanda   Pages:128   Words:62000  

This book includes: filial parents, rather than the father, Xue package and Ti a stepmother, Mao Sheng Hui Rong Shi mother, Li Mi and grandmother together, Hu Tai Shi mother 30 years long, respect, Confucius worship three yin teacher, mentor, Qin Shihuang respected Tang Taizong godson, Song Taizu is still learning, respect teachers, unite the devout kneel on the division of emperor Kangxi Xun Jubo friendship, life as a friend, Wei Sili brother advised mother, supporting Gen Gi Khan and his friends, Fei Hong and friends to apologize, Zhang Yushu a letter of home information storm, study hard, Zhang Zhongjing determined to study medicine......
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Honor your father and mother rather than the father Takei stepmother Mao Rong Ti: Sheng Hui Shi mother Li Mi and grandmother together Hu Tai Shi mother 30 years respect the long Confucius worship three yin teacher Qin Shihuang respected mentor Tang Taizong Godson teacher Song Taizu teacher is Kangxi emperor devout kneel division solidarity Xun Jubo giving friend Wei 嗣立 support brother advised mother Gen Gi Khan and his close friend Fei Hong and friends to apologize Zhang Yushu a letter home information storm study hard Zhang Zhongjing determined to study medicine Ge Hong having read more than ten thousand books assiduous steals light Chen Shou doggedly reading classics Gu Yanwu Book statecraft courteous Confucius not complacent Lord Xinling courtesy to Hou Ying Chen Huixiao Ye Gui being courteous medicine honest Jizi hanging sword paradigm and do not break one's promise to wear false proof 山宾 selling cattle song Qu Yan refused to flatter others son of the nursing effect of human Marco Liu Kuankuan is not good at Qianqiu Tang Taizong invited "sin has the imperial edict" Gu Kaizi Godson burn bond of hardworking and thrifty hard-working Jing Jiang Shun came later Godson not forget thrift thrift Zhang Zhibai Emperor Han keep frugality do boldly what is righteous Qi Taishi write the truth without fear or favor Zhu Hui do boldly what is righteous Lu Zhonglian righteousness not Emperor Qin Tuotuo at Yan Jingming Yi punishing the wicked patriotic chord send Bovine Kao teacher back the enemy soldiers Su Wu shepherd Yue Fei sake Wen Tianxiang Hao Ran and Lin Zexu Humen beach
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