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Date of publication:2010-6   Press: Rural reading   Author:Guo Junhong | editor: Wan Jianzhong   Pages:199  

Fifty-six people, five thousand years of civilization, nine million six hundred thousand square kilometers of land. Culture is rich and colorful, colorful folk customs. "The temple" naming China, to carry forward the Chinese brilliant culture essence, the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture I. It is hard in a "Temple" in the exhaustion of all national, regional customs, all all, all...... It can only capture a drop in the ocean, we will study the experience, the included. Here, not ignore any of the family, not the vulgar, somewhat. We hope that in the sequel as best they could view I the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation.
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One, the overall layout of the temple the first event in the country, in worship and Rong: sacred place second day how many loutai Yanyu: Buddhist temple layout of third Tibetan mountain temple: the formation of two · temple you "master" of the gods Foshan -- first gate and top two second section of the Maitreya Buddha and the cloth bag monk third section four kings and King Shakya Muni in the fourth quarter time three Buddha Buddha III section fifth cross section sixth maintenance method: Eighteen arhats. The first seventh disciples god Buddha four Bodhisattvas: eighth day Buddhist carry forward -- the Jungle Master three, set an example by personally taking part -- the practitioner Temple life first festival by the secular to sacred second special daily life third day monotonous way of life the first day festival, Temple Temple of Buddha's birthday festival second festival and the Buddha Festival third Festival bon and China Halloween fourth Buddha into Tao day and Laba Festival ng · mobilization -- the first quarter total Second Temple Temple Temple on the third day festival ritual Temple entertainment fourth section of the temple and the daily life of the people in the fifth section of the Beijing famous temple fairs references
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  •   The temple is not China inherent, only from the white horse carried through into the Han, China Buddhist variable day tight like a day of localization, so that those who find the painting Temple eventually became excellent carrier Chinese culture! Cherish them!
  •   Let me further understand Chinese temple history and layout, rich knowledge, everyone should have a look this book.
  •   It is the books needed, ha ha, worship the temple to temple know, this book can have positive solution....
  •   Praise, it is the book I need!
  •   Go to the old town, go before bought the book as a pre understanding, very practical.
  •   Finished, the monk.
  •   Time is very general and general to introduce the book to the detailed point or a waste of money
  •   In general, the very rough, some contents of some content from my previous visit when the net Temple monk is very different, so the professional degree is to be validated!

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