The tea culture of the Yangtze Basin

Date of publication:2004-10   Press: Hubei Education Publishing House   Author:Chen Wenhua   Pages´╝Ü646  
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The first part is preface of Southern origin Jiamu first tea second tea varieties in section third, the efficacy of tea fourth tea spread second chapter has a long history of tea culture in the first day of totem (old stone age) second day Shennong (New Stone Age) third day who says that the tea bitter? The sweet as mustard (pre Qin) fourth day reversal students police Chuan grass, MI valley was gang (Han, fifth day began in the Six Dynasties) in the north of the Great Wall (Sui Tang), a sixth day Fu tea, equal to m salt (song) seventh new spring fire, rotary and rotary SIP (Ming Qing) eighth day good the tea fragrance, brilliant reproduction (Modern) the third chapter tea, in the water, the water through the first section in the evolution of early tea second tea third Festival Folk Tea Set fourth Festival palace tea fifth tea fourth chapter tea art first selected tea second optional water third festival was fourth day, fifth day brewing room the fifth chapter sixth section tasting tea the way the first tea second tea and formation of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and the ideas of the people third the sixth chapter I a colorful tea tea culture seventh chapter sketches of the eighth chapter of tea culture and literature and art @##@. Object of this book is the study of the special tea culture. Just as some scholars have pointed out: "the study of tea culture, tea culture, not on growth, production, chemical, pharmaceutical, health care function principle of natural phenomena, it is the natural scientists work. It is not simply to learn the history of the development of tea with tea and tea archaeology. Our task, is the study of tea produced by the application in the process of cultural and social phenomenon." This is because the tea planting, acquisition, processing, utilization, research, and has formed a mature science, is the tea science, there are many specialized research institutions (such as tea Research Institute) and academic organizations (such as "Chinese tea society"). In the tea processing, packaging, sales and so on, also has a relatively mature tea trade, also have an academic group ("China Tea Circulation Association"). Even the ancient country of tea production and operations management (the so-called "tea party") research, our economic historians have in-depth study. They all have outstanding achievements of many experts and scholars and science fruitful, won widespread recognition and praise at home and abroad. Therefore, workers tea culture today, there is no need to break in these areas, but to study these subjects did not discuss areas of focus, which is generated by human in the use of tea in the process of cultural and social phenomenon. So, the research object workers tea culture is the special culture of tea.
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  •   Localization of tea culture, understanding
  •   Read another book know, very suitable for the real people who like tea, tea is also a good textbook.

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