The Silk Road

Date of publication:2005-10-01   Press: China Intercontinental Press   Author:Zhang Yiping   Pages:176   Words:110000  

The Silk Road, is one of the world's longest, the oldest land trade route, connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa and the three continents of the artery. The book records the Silk Road for thousands of years of human migration, the spread of religion, cultural exchange and for killing with words and pictures in the form of. This book in one culture, history, rich in content, informative, beautiful pictures, readability strong.
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The Home of SilkZhang Qian's Journey to the WestChina and Rome:the Mysterious StrangersTribes on China's Western Frontier During Han DynastyThe Early Merchants on the Silk RoadThe Introduction of Buddhism into China via the Silk RoadThe Disput on the West End of the Silk RoadThe Great Tang Dynasty and the Golden Age of the Silk RoadInternational Trade during Tang DynastyTang Monks's Searching for True Buddhist Scriptures in IndianSogdians, the Rich Merchant and Artist on the Silk RoadThe Rising of ArabsThe Influence of Roman Arts on the Oriental CulturesThe Culture Diversity of the Silk RoadThe Foreign Religions Practiced in ChinaFrom the Crusades to Marco PoloLyons:the Silk Capital of the EuropeThe Interaction of Civelizations between the East and the WestRenaissance ot the Silk Road and Dunhuang Buddhist Manuscripts
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  •   Find the N for a long time, only found in Dangdang, this book online is relatively small, hope later Dangdang can bring me more of a surprise
  •   The quality is very good, the picture is also very detailed. A penny goods.. anyway, nice!

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