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Date of publication:1997-6   Press: United Press   Author:Wu Yugui, Hua Fei.   Pages:共三十卷   Words:15500000  

"Si Ku Quan Shu" is the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795) compilation of a China ancient Chinese cultural classics ", book three thousand four hundred and seventy, volume seventy-nine thousand eighteen, divided into four parts after the history subset. Can say, "Si Ku Quan Shu" on the retention and dissemination of Chinese ancient literature plays an indispensable role. The basic principle is: 1 finishing a selected bibliography, full-text indexed, shall not be deleted, as far as possible to maintain the original appearance and the literature value of ancient books in the popular basis. 2 in order to keep the maximum capacity in limited space, in addition to the special necessary, generally out very complicated text annotation. The 3 book with the new punctuation. 4 included books to copy the original Wenyuan Pavilion, at the same time as the absorption of modern classic study, collation of the results, all the variants Wenyuan pavilion with existing annotation of the reference to the context, choose and follow what is good. 5 all this work according to his word, the general size change, not out of school. "Si Ku Quan Shu fine diction" is specialized in the study of ancient literature by unit China History Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Minzu University of China, the Central Party school, experts and scholars, punctuation, finishing, finishing the names to see the book title, this is not superfluous.
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The first volume of Zhou Yi Mao Shi Zhou Li book of rites rites of spring and autumn Gongyangzhuan second volumes of Chunqiu Zuozhuan and frightened Liang Chuan the Analects of Confucius filial piety Er Ya Mencius third volumes of Zhenguan politicians emperor fan emperor in Song Mingchen said on the deeds of fourth volumes of official standard coding and lesson of the past fifth volumes from home language Xiaojing in ancient writing refers to the solution YanShiJiaXun Tong Mengxun ring through recording the yuan family education its van knowing the words you said sixth roll me Chuang-tzu Huainan sub Liezi Bao Puzi really tomorrow seventh volumes Hong Mingji Kuan Hung Ming Chi eighth volumes of Wen Xuan (a) ninth volumes (in tenth volumes) Wen Xuan Wen Xuan (below) eleventh volumes of Chuxueji (on) twelfth volumes of Chuxueji (under) the thirteenth volumes of Yu Lin (a) fourteenth volumes (in Yu Lin) the fifteenth volume of Yu Lin (lower) volume sixteenth Yilin huikao door ancient things seventeenth volumes of notes Xijing Jiayou notes the Shengshui River Yan Tan Zhi Shi Shuo Xin Yu Chao new book baihutong note Guitian recorded from recorded eighteenth volumes of Tang Yulin Tang Xinyu because it was recorded Tiandu Ping Chau in loose window. Yunxi Youyi Chao Ye Qian Zai Yun Xian miscellaneous Remember the nineteenth volumes of Dongpo Zhi Lin old learn Ciyuan notes archaeological series play Fanlu MoZhuang diffuse recorded twentieth volume twenty-first volume twenty-second volume twenty-third volume twenty-fourth volume twenty-fifth volume twenty-sixth volume twenty-seventh volume twenty-eighth volume twenty-ninth volume thirtieth volume
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  •   I didn't buy a similar book, this is just like picking up their part of the first read some, this book has a lot of content, may if independent find hard to find, there is a set, put in the home, have a look very interesting, let me read a lot of May I not too will go contact the content.

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