The modern mission China cultural spirit

Date of publication:2007-10   Press: Shanxi Education Publishing House   Author:Sima Yunjie  

The cultural philosophy of history book research involved, and I often think about these years of academic problems, made different degrees of paper in my other writings, some even directly from my years of lecture notes. Since the lecture notes, achievements and content always say their research. Therefore, some local book direct references to his past works. All this, I will note in the book, for the reader to query for. But it is not just a simple repetition, where the language, are subject to the book the ideological content and theory structure system. In addition, "moral reconstruction to seek new humanistic spirit", "Da Dao philosophy, cultural history and the rise and fall of the country" two articles, and understand China culture essence and core values, so it is also attached to the book, also for readers reference.
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The first chapter is preface China culture definition: the spirit and the core values on two Avenue and three Avenue China philosophy spirit of philosophy and the basic spirit of the four on the core value Chinese culture outlook of the second chapter China cultural spirit of the creation and development of the source of the cultural spirit of the problem Chinese two broad background and philosophical thinking China Avenue three culture precocity and pure spiritual development of four retired to God, philosophy of culture five cultural spirit of moral metaphysics is internalized into third chapters and the core value of Confucianism, two kinds of culture and two kinds of spirit and a China cultural origins of two two kinds of philosophy and the spirit of the two to three two kind of spiritual roots of four two mutual complement and historical mission of the fourth chapter on the spirit of mind ontology interpretation theory of mind ontology and spirit to create two on "moral knowledge, not adorable to the knowledge economy and" three from four on "the spirit also hoity toity battle spirit for" of the "heart of the spirit is the saint" the fifth chapter on the construction of high deep values and a theory Wo two on the structure of the high deep values and morality "and to the Emperor It has "four" on the main standing people "of the" justice "and" conscience "six on the all big sixth chapter Tiande kingcraft political ideal theory Tiande kingcraft ideal source of high deep values in two days on the" being "of the" man of benevolence, day and righteousness ", and four on it, the way of peace of the Chinese ancient democratic spirit of chapter seventh of a time of national peace and order: a time of national peace and order a definition and theory of two on a time of national peace and order in a time of national peace and order of life on the foundation of the theory of human nature in a time of national peace and order of the four law of the Yi Lun for peace to cheer is people six on etiquette education for peace cannot be discarded the seven theory can not be window dressing eighth chapters on establishing Shengde rich big industry on Shengde rich philosophical foundation of large industry two of Shengde then set a industry on establishing Shengde rich industry foundation on four big industry Sheng De rich keeper of new observation Shengde and rich big industry the ninth chapter new kingcraft economy and modern ethical spirit what is new about two new economic kingcraft economic philosophy Sanxin King economy for the governance of Dali...... The tenth chapter Chinese cultural spirit of Modern Mission appendix a moral reconstruction to seek new humanistic spirit in Appendix two Avenue runs, cultural history and national feast
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The first chapter is China cultural spirit now, China is a great turning point and the rise of the renaissance. What we need in the Renaissance, the rise, eager to become what kind of country and nation? Given the history of the Chinese nation what mission? The Chinese nation the fate of the past and now, what is the future direction of? It should realize modernization through what kind of history? Should appear in front of the world to what look like? Should bring civilization and the impact of world what in the world? And so on, all need a new concept clear, need a whole nation can clear, acceptance, cultural spirit and shared values of. To put forward this new idea cannot, provide the spirit and values, not only relates China future development direction and position in the world, according to the theory and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the rise of. How to put this new concept, the spirit and values? Will learn the various national cultures in the world, historical experience, but only if the "Westernization" on the run round in circles, I'm afraid not, only to Chinese thousands of years of cultural history. Since the Renaissance and the rise of the China, lies in its cultural history, is to continue its existence, for thousands of years of cultural history stretches. Therefore, the modern renaissance and the rise of China, only China culture can make this play. Now, although the state has become increasingly strong, however in the culture, so far there is still not a new idea, not to mention a nation can clear, accept, sharing the spirit and values, so as to provide theoretical basis and the rise of the modern revival, and guide the practice in history. At present, in real life, so a lot of problems, such as ecological damage, environmental pollution, energy crisis and the corruption and so on, investigate its reason, is that we lack a clear new concepts in the culture, the lack of a nation can spirit and value clear, accept, shared values. And this idea, spirit and values so no, is our Chinese cultural philosophy basic spirit and the core values of the lack of systematic research and analysis.
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