The Millennium auspicious bell

Date of publication:2000-12   Press: Version first (December 1, 2000)   Author:Lei Ximei editor   Pages:307   Words:254000  

"Millennium auspicious bell" a book collection of articles to commemorate the Wuhan Millennium auspicious bell for the essay, diversity in form, style rich, including close-up, communication, poetry, prose, poetry and speech. From these papers, readers can release the meaning, but also to express the bell in the macro, worth to taste.
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Preface: our life will be eternal in Wuhan -- thousandth auspicious project summary commendation meeting Wuhan Millennium auspicious bell inscription first close-up Communication Art -- Wuhan Millennium auspicious bell born witness to history at Wuhan Millennium clock Millennium auspicious bell focusing second series of poems One's resonant voice rings out song rhyme golden bronze bell soul listen to bell the Millennium bell rang listen to the bell and bell sing language to hit the city on the body of the nostalgia of the millennium in sight: at the end of the year to 2000 Book Chasing the sun fly mood bells Millennium auspicious bell song written in the Millennium auspicious bell Ding Ding bell bell last century in Hankou love Ding Love Song for ribbon agitation Millennium Bell Millennium Millennium wish a bell to the Millennium Bell Tolls Zhong Weida Wuhan Millennium sense cup on the new millennium bells for bell interlude Millennium auspicious bell Zhong Ming Millennium New Jue Jue Ji Zhong Yun three Hong Zhong three to five thousand years auspicious bell like spring Prelude To Water Melody pseudo River Cheng Zi Azolla third series prose Ci Fu Wuhan is listening to the thousandth auspicious bell clock face glory to think of our clock bell's bell to bell told Zhong Ming in the future time auspicious bell flying Zhuang Town Long Expecting interpretation of Zhong Wenhua Millennium auspicious bell on the bell before bells made bell recorded three auspicious bell, bell distant echo my 2000 the soldiers name 2000 emotion bell Zhong Fu Fu Millennium clock song Millennium auspicious bell appendix a "sense of Fu Zhong Ming" solicitation draft appendix two Wuhan Millennium auspicious bell relief for historical and cultural explanation generation sequence: opinion the benefit of future generations
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