The Lama Temple story

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Will record   Author:Tibetan Buddhism in Lama Temple Museum of art, Beijing classical liberal travel books Ltd. ed.   Pages:2  

Historically, the Lama Temple was the Qing Dynasty emperor Yong Zheng and Qianlong two emperors in the potential habitat. Qian Long nine years (1744), from Lama Temple to the Tibetan Buddhist temple. Training a batch of "Zun Guozheng, know the law, known cases of manners" religious personnel. Become the Central Plains joint by a religious ties reservoir area. The Mongolian and Tibetan areas many monks left their Dharma, Hu Guo Limin a story here. Lama Temple is decorated with many charms, instruments, and reflects the Mongolian, Tibetan Thangka, Buddha, living custom tools such as other art, opened the "Lama Temple story" let us work together to understand the Lama Temple royal style, ethnic cultural heritage and its vicissitudes, massiness history.
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In the Qing Dynasty "and Beller's" period, the east academy as Beller Yin Zhen and Fujin reading reading code, outlook on the flowers. To Yong Zheng three years (1725), the Qing Dynasty palace Yong dear upgraded to the Royal Palace, the given name "Lama Temple", and on the East College building to carry out a comprehensive renovation. The expansion of the Tai He Zhai, Wu Fu Tang, the best room, the new home safely, gaily painted pleasure boat (boat shaped Temple real), north gate, extension building, O Fumiakidai and Begonia Institute of landscape architecture; and Taihu stone into a rockery, open pond. Emperor Yong Zheng dear book "Tai He Zhai", "peace," as in "room" plaque, also with the king intended to take the written questions several couplet, become a be worthy of the name of the Royal garden. When the Lama Temple was converted into a Tibetan Buddhist temple, Dong College Upgraded to become the emperor of Qing Dynasty palace, Lama Temple to burn joss sticks when the rest of the buddha. The East West College best room inside, is the birthplace of emperor Qian Long. He in the eastern college life for nearly 12 years, so the deep affection, old age often wrote poems to the birthplace of the nostalgic feelings. Qian Long later every emperor, "customization" by the year three, the Lama Temple Buddha is: Twenty-five in August each year of Qian Long's birth and the third lunar January Deathday, must "for long from the majesty, such as instrument" first to Lama Temple each Nianxiang Buddha Fodian, then to the east to Qian Long Memorial College like; in May of each year, the summer solstice festival, the emperor to the altar to worship, must also be "the original class the original instrument" to the Lama Temple Buddha then to Cui, east academy Changxin wheat -- eat freshly ground flour dragon beard noodles, namely the annual summer solstice "Ze Lin this garden out, little rest, eat". In the period of Emperor Guangxu, Lama printing in charge of national educational administration, located in East College within. Guangxu twenty-six years (in 1900), the Eight Power Allied forces invaded Beijing. This beautiful building together with the collection of porcelain, furniture, calligraphy and painting and other treasures were burned in a fire, only thirteen Buddha floor north and several rockery, Yu, moldering off buildings, the old have no deposit. In 1995, in order to improve the living conditions of the monks of the Lama Temple, extension building location in the eastern college built two layers style of antique type new monk, monks in 2001 and built a courtyard style the new premises in the west.
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