The Great Wall Juyongguan sketch

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: China Intercontinental Press   Author:Beijing classical liberal travel books Ltd.   Pages´╝Ü2  

Juyongguan, located in Beijing City, the territory of Changping District, is the Great Wall along the famous ancient city relations. The city is built in Ming Dynasty, has "the best in all the land" and "reputation, since ancient times is a hotly contested spot. The history of many important war happened in this ancient customs, also witnessed the destruction of many dynasties. Juyongguan not only difficult terrain, and beautiful scenery. Early in the Jin Dynasty, "Ju Yong pinnacle" are classified as "eight Yanjing" first. Where on 1961 by the State Council as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, in 1987 was included in the "World Heritage" of UNESCO, is now the national AAAA level scenic spots.
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"Yanjing eight" is the 8 most famous landscape in Beijing, including the Ju Yong pinnacle, autumn wind is too fluid, Shima Haru Yin, Taiwan afterglow, jimenyinshu, Xishan Qingxue, Yuquan sudden jump, lugouxiaoyue. Eight argument first appeared in the ancient "Ming Chang Zhu", the Ming and Qing dynasties also works mentioned, but is not, until the Qing emperor Qian Long personally presided over the revision of the "Yanjing eight" argument, and aims to build the imperial Book Yanjing eight monument, the 8 landscape was fixed. But no matter what kind of argument, Guyan emerald Gao without controversy. Since the beginning of the north, have already become the emperor of China, various garden spots also built up. Jin Zhangzong was deeply influenced by the Han culture, love of travel and literature, all of the outside its constructing gardens, King settings not only, also visit the world famous scene. Juyongguan is located in both sides of 40 Guan, magnificent mountains, Tsui peaks such as the screen, the gurgling water, Maolin luxuriant. Look down from a height, the vast Cangshan hidden in the folds of blue, like the sea, surging waves, the scenery is magnificent. Jin Zhangzong Yulan after the much appreciated, the Ju Yong Pinnacle by "Yanjing eight" first, then by the emperors Qianlong Chuiai, the tour poem, even praise. Not only that, Guyan emerald is in favor of men of literature and writing, psalm poetry is not much, even controversial in the "static read pinnacle" or "read pinnacle" problem. In fact, stop and look, ten thousand fold, lush; Zou Ma drive, walk for king, moving in the static, all is the endless green again and again, read the endless beauty series. Juyong Guan Sheng, also due to the. Called "forty Guan seventy-two king", visible sites of. "Jin Zhi Ji Yi of" Yuan Yong Guan people into the 20 poems, many beauty praise guan. That was the icing on the cake, lists "Juyong eight", make the Juyongguan area scenery famous.
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