The grand China wine culture

Date of publication:2001-12-1   Press: Guangxi Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Luo Qirong He Wendan   Pages:559   Words:450000  

This book systematically from the material, spirit, behavior, system description, content involves politics, philosophy, history, art, folklore, religion, ethics and other disciplines, both on the historical review, analysis of their cultural origins, evolution, and focus on the exploration of vertical, looking for its development trend. The intellectual, academic, entertaining, interesting, practical is a melting furnace, classical and popular culture, academic study and daily life in one, is a developing Chinese wine culture circle.
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Order wine history origin of the legend of the origin of wine wine wine culture development wine famous name class name class name wine liquor beer wine wine article Yellow Wine wine wine Restaurant China Restaurant Chinese restaurant development restaurant management way wine wine wine wine flag with the union flag vessels article wine development the period of wine the wine alcohol wine 'political discourse the origin and development of the function of the elements'' '' text types of drink drink drink drink storage environment decoration friends drink drink drink law review wine bogey drinking a wine custom text Yin wine wine wine wine article article article article on famous bibliography postscript
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User reviews
  •   Rereading Chinese wine culture is in the fast consumer goods, this book on the China wine culture speak very transparent, is a book about wine culture. But this book format is in the textbook style, read some boring.
  •   The world we live in is through tens of thousands of years of temper. I used to find their traces of fine material be accustomed to the life. Wine is one of a kind. Because love is not. But life is worth us to cherish and cherish. This book can help me.
  •   Husband loves wine I bought this book, like.
  •   Didn't think good, general.
  •   Receiving the book found inside the pages have stuck in the past, cannot be separated, and from the outside, quite old, like a book, not very cool!

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