The God of wealth

Date of publication:2012-7   Press: Yuelu Publishing House   Author:Xu Xun   Pages:211   Words:184000  
Catalogue of books

The first chapter, the historical origin and lineage
Chinese mammon, Confucianism: Enchant
two, Buddhism: Chinese and secular
four and Taoism: work, from the official ceremonies to Plutus
five, the body and the lineage
second chapters of the text than the dry
the third chapter of the text.
a fan, Fan Li in the history books.
three, Taoist human remains and was
four, folk ceramic Zhugong of
fourth chapter of Gongming Wu Zhao
fifth chapters of Guan Yu Wu
A, from the general to the gods
two, from the Su God to sangharama Bodhisattva
three, from the law of the marshal to Guandi good book
four, from
Guanshengdijun to fortune sixth chapter.
A, partial wealth fukurokuju Samsung God
three, Lord of money - Xian Guan
seventh chapter Wu Xian God
A, "Ling Shun" thanks to the amount and the Taoist titles
two, Wu Xian God why Fang divine
three, from God to Emperor Wu Xian Huaguang
eighth chapter five through God.
A, five, five and five through the magical
two, five through god evil spirit
three, five through God's essence
four or five the Theosophical Yinsi
Five, five through faith derived
ninth chapter of a quasi
, Liu Haixi turned two, five road

tenth chapters of Buddhist God.
A, the Buddha, Bodhisattva (
two temples of Guan Gong)
three, shancaitongzi
four or five surname Mammon (yellow mammon, black the God of wealth, wealth, wealth, green white red Mammon)
five, Choi continued Tianmu (money Tianmu)
six, the kings treasure (vaisravana, vaisravana)
eight God Mahakala, elephant king Mammon (Ganesh) your life and why @##@
nine the
ten, guru Rinpoche, Buddhist temple of
eleventh chapter of cultural value origin of
A, the Confucian view
two, Buddhist retribution theory
three, Taoism "God of wealth" is the Liaoning Benxi city of cultural studies in the first book, also can be the research history of milepost on Chinese Culture -- Research on works, the cultural life of the book evolution, origin and destination...... To make an objective statement very learned. Different people, different views., Hui is not.
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