The essence of literature and history

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: The people of Hebei   Author:Shi Yuxin  

The Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference Literature is a historical China's unique, distinctive characteristics of science, is a miracle and even the world history in Chinese. This is the cause of Zhou Enlai prime minister in 1959 and built, after half a century of wind and rain and the efforts of several generations, has made brilliant achievements. History always hold high the banner of patriotism, to keep the truth principle, outstanding experience, dear, dear see smell "three dear" characteristics, the excellent play the history, mentor, solidarity, the social function of educating people, have made a significant contribution to enrich our country modern historical treasure, was warmly welcomed by the history the great attention and the social from all walks of life. The essence of "history" magazine sponsored by the Hebei provincial CPPCC Committee of cultural and historical data, the public offering, China is one of the few literature specialized magazine. From 1987 since the publication, has published more than 200 period, in the superior leadership department care guidance, in the majority of authors and readers of support, constantly enrich the content, quality improve year by year, repeatedly been rated as excellent periodicals Chinese north, North China Excellent Journals and periodicals of Social Science in Hebei Province, the top ten excellent periodicals, in National Political Consultative Conference System and history departments and the social from all walks of life to enjoy a higher brand awareness.
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And the essence of 1 memories of my aunt Zhen anecdotes about Li Lianying bribery president Cao Kun warlord Sun Dianying's travelogue "Xu Pengfei" who Chen Duxiu children and grandchildren have my late father Han Fuju Hu Shi and Pu Yi modern Chinese "four son" disclosure "Tanaka Memorial" the living body after Li Zongren and his last wife Hu Yousong the death of Li Lisan Zhou Yang in "the Great Cultural Revolution" in the "gungnaebu" knowledge and the tomb of Feng Guozhang Yuan Shikai was buried mother the last empress divorce Whampoa  military academy students fight down juntong spy password insider Li Lianying tomb was dug through the Wang Jingwei Hanoi was assassinated by outer Mongolia is how to separate out Taiwan "Sun Liren mutiny" case of insider Mao Zedong and Mikoyan secret talks in new China first major Hutchison Xushui "communist" my childhood Fang Zhimin remains on after me Jiang Jieshi palm mark where key sent mining Mao Zedong graves after constriction. However, Kawashima Yoshico Li Gongpu, executed in witnessing the murder case of Wen Yiduo of punishing evil truth during the cultural revolution, Li Lisan Nanjing thorn Wang case verdict in 1945 second thieves Dongling Republic first fraud detection shelling Cheonan recall The door case Cao theft northeast bank the Chiang Dynasty truth counterfeit Treasury bankrupt the truth a eunuch "purification" after the old Beijing tobacco experience "eight Alleys" shady "soldier Zhang Ga" brothel creation through the "red flag" historical stories and characters and historical essence of the essence of 2 prototype 3 and 4 and 5 and the essence of the essence of the essence 6 and 7 and 8 and the essence of the essence of the essence of 9 historical essence 10
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