The court dress in Qing Dynasty

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Zhang Qiong   Pages´╝Ü290  

This book from the the Imperial Palace Museum selected 206 pieces of treasures, in class, grade and time sequence, Lu Chen in front of the reader, this is the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing for the first time on the college hidden clothing treasures systematically, in the selection of materials, considering the factors of users identity, age, technology and system etc. the characteristics, treasures in limited space is outstanding clothing cultural relics, but also reflect the main content of the Qing Dynasty court dress, worthy of collection! Clothing styles and patterns are not only the products fit in with the objective environment, it also has a more profound cultural connotation. In the big family of the Chinese nation, the distinctive national character of the dress patterns and the use of color, it is their different cultural backgrounds China portrayal, since the Han and Tang Dynasties, costume culture by the Chinese culture the most far-reaching impact, but also experienced the northern and Southern Dynasties, the Yuan Dynasty several times with the minority clothing culture fusion, to the Qing Dynasty, has been a fundamental turn China dress culture.
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Total order artifacts directory introduction -- Tao Han Qing court clothing plate weld crown service (Prince and emperor of imperial crown service (attached) and the princess, Fu Jin) the other court dress
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  •   The hardcover edition, envelope a hard, heavy book. The book text easy to understand, with exquisite, and with local patterns amplified version, is a very good Qing Dynasty costumes universal tool book.
    slightly pungent taste
  •   The fine print, worthy of collection
  •   The key is not think Shanghai than Beijing, the content of a more comprehensive
  •   The paper is good, the picture is good, but if it can get detail drawing is good
  •   The book, the picture is very clear, very useful to me
  •   The picture is quite comprehensive, detailed. The details are less. The text introduces the insufficient.
  •   Children not to buy, spend so much money, if not for this kind of thing is very interested in, is not recommended to buy

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