The chronicle of Huang Binhong

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: Phoenix Press   Author:Wang Zhongxiu   Pages:567   Words:880000  

A spectrum of the main born in the lunar calendar Yi Chou midnight, not the beginning of spring, was the problem 旘 meter years follow the old customs, the birth of two years, the spectrum from the. Two of the spectrum to the spectrum of the main life, friendship and learning as the main line, who cited spectral principal writings and letters of detail as a criterion. Three the spectrum by the literature material as the basis, the spectrum of the main readme for reference, and other relatives and friends back to Italy, in contrast, action and textual research, to keep the truth of history. The spectral characteristics of four citations, book may maintain its integrity, and indicate the author's name, the publishing of newspapers and the name and date, to the province or search. Five the spectrum cited spectral principal friends letters are from the original or photocopy, or for the spectrum of the main donors, or for private collection, without one one note. Six spectral main existing chronicle several kinds of the world bank, the spectral selection, recorded not and important principle to literature as carrier. All the same things in number spectrum, the compilation time earlier. In order to avoid the jumbled, Wang 已文 "Huang Binhong chronicle draft" release "Wang spectrum", Wang Bomin, Wang Yiwen "Huang Binhong Chronicle" referred to as "King Qiu Zhuchang" spectrum ", a biography of Huang Binhong chronicle," referred to as "fur spectrum", "Zhao Zhi Jun painter Huang Binhong Chronicle" referred to as the "Zhao Pu". The seven principal makes friends widely, due to the editor will not see wide, collect not weeks, or have been documented, and delay time, or A thing for it. while no evidence is found, not one one standby, reading Jian Zhi. The eight principal life great works in this spectrum, only to choose and the spectrum of the main life and academic have door mix, in addition to the newly found documents has mix this spectrum, the rest can be found in "Huang Binhong anthology,".
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  •   Study on Huang Binhong not to miss a good book, on modern painting also well, kung fu class
  •   From his theory to the experience, very rich, full life
  •   Some see, ha ha ~ ~ ~ good printing
  •   Very good, is the size is too small, look at some trouble.
  •   Well, to write a good overall. Study of the good through cutting
  •   Rich in content, strong research data, Huang Lao not rare data
  •   Good, very favorable, will often come to buy
  •   Understand the master's life.
  •   Please pay attention to my meager
  •   Mr. Huang Binhong is the greatest master of landscape painting China art history, is my idol, the book detailed display of the ups and downs of master for nearly a century, is an extremely high academic value of the book, worth reading.
  •   A scholarly writings. Very good.

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