The Chinese traditional culture and health (four volumes)

Date of publication:2004-10   Press: Popular literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Jin Xia  

"Chinese traditional culture and health" is a Book of five thousand years of Chinese culture. It cover and contain everything, systematically recorded the ethnic Chinese traditional culture methods on improving the quality of human life in every. Both benefit mankind as a whole the Chinese traditional tea culture, wine culture, food culture, or the West seems mysterious and benefit of Buddhist culture, traditional Chinese culture. No effect and improve the quality of life of modern people. This is our precious wealth to people left, is the best proof of history of human civilization.
Catalogue of books

The first part is the origin of tea culture and tea culture health the first chapter the origin and historical development of the first Chinese tea culture interpretation and research object of tea culture study of tea culture Chinese tea history section second classification China tea culture development and spiritual mainstream tea on tea: tea origin time the location of origin of tea drinking method the way of tea drinking tea culture and the formation and development of production of tea and tea culture tribute tea origin second chapter the dissemination of Tea Culture Festival tea first discovery and cultural interpretation of the Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs legend tea word origin tea Chinese tea culture festival of foreign language transliteration second impact on the surrounding area of tea production and trade of tea and horses road and dissemination of tea culture tea into the tea into Tibet tea into the Western Xia and Liao third Festival tea culture to the surrounding countries spread the tea into the tea into the tea into the Korean Peninsula, Russia Japan chapter third tea culture and health relationship for the first day of Chinese traditional tea culture knowledge of traditional Chinese tea and the brewing method how to brew "Kung Fu tea" tea skill in Selected tea tea tea tea knowledge to buy tea second tea culture and knowledge Health-Enhancing Herbal Tea custom of tea health care effect of tea and the tea drinking customs of ethnic and religious Shenzhou fourth chapter tea culture and health example first tea discrimination and daily drinking tea tea knowledge knowledge knowledge people not bubble tea, not chewing tea should not drink tea. Groups using residual tea tasting and tea foam together to drink the health care tea medication effects on the human body the tea "color, aroma, taste" tea why saved becomes the storage of tea drink tea every day how many adult most suitable to differ from man to man tea tea tea about the essentials of moderate drinking is beneficial to health in order to avoid phrase tea health...... The second part and the third part of the diet culture of health wine culture and health fourth part of traditional culture and modern life of traditional Chinese medicine fifth part sixth part seventh part four seasons health psychology health eighth part of Taoism, Buddhism culture and health
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