The Chinese sentence Dictionary (4 volumes)

Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Chinese Drama Press   Author:Chen Xiaodan   Pages:全4册   Words:716000  

Broad and profound Chinese culture, Chinese language extre mely subtle. Distant history for us to create fresh and wonderful language and words, every word, every sentence is a story, affects Chinese civilization nerve. This book contains a total of aphorisms, two-part allegorical sayings, riddles, proverbs, slang, poetic couplet, tens of thousands of. These vivid language 语简意赅, mostly through thoroughly tempered, be handed down from age to age, it spread so far. These statements, or profound, or humorous, a memorable artistic effect. The book is organized by practicability, typical and widely focus sentence, sentence a time span of the selected considerable important works, from the pre Qin period, to the wisdom of speech are contemporary celebrities involved; the selected line range is very wide, from poetry, novels and literary genre to miscellaneous notes, proverbs, allegorical sayings, riddles and other folk literature has dabbled in. In addition, the book also mentioned some interesting stories. Through these or laugh, or sad story, can make readers more deeply understand and master the sentence. The book layout is novel, beautiful pictures, readily read, can give people the feeling of be good to hear or see. Reading this book, not only can improve the language ability, but also broadens the mind, active thinking, insight into the profound wisdom of traditional culture. This book is the language treasure house, a good teachers and helpful friends.
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The Chinese sentence Dictionary: 1 the first chapter the article mean the Analects of Confucius Mencius book of rites University of Zhou Yi and three second chapter history Mandarin ZhanGuoCe Ji Han Han the Three Kingdoms Zizhi Tongjian sub article third chapter me Chuang-tzu Yan Zi Xunzi Han Feizi Mo-tse and the book of Lord Shang fourth chapters set Chu Lu spring and autumn Huainan Zi Han odes says yuan baopuzi YanShiJiaXun worry recorded fifth chapter three Zhu Geliang Cao Zhi Tao Yuanming Fu Xuandi Jin Cao Cao sixth chapter seven chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter Tang Song Yuan Ming Qing Dynasty the tenth chapter eleventh chapter sentence Dictionary: 2 Chinese sentence Dictionary: 3 Chinese sentence Code: 4
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