The Chinese classic poems treasures

Date of publication:2002-2-1   Press: Mount Huangshan Publishing House   Author:Section 干木 Ming School note  

For promoting Chinese traditional culture, the Chinese classical literature works of broad and profound to the young friends and classical reading, we selected version, rearrange, gambling public house long, and give us a new understanding, new conception, content will be continuously extended, will be expanding, finally compiled into "Chinese classical Chinese treasures", "Chinese classical poetry treasures", "Chinese classical wisdom treasures" three series, and finally published successfully. Chinese classic treasure wide coverage, rich in content, variety, than we can go swallow anything and everything, so we collected works mainly in the best-known and is mainly the contemporary society and literature widely recognized classic masterpiece, in order to make excellent works for contemporary readers understand. We divided into three series of publishing, pay attention to selection, selection, annotation and level, to make the difficult sentence as the key notes, highlight the theme, display characteristics. Help the general reading ability friend, deepens to the classic original understanding, do to. Layout positioning of the book, give full consideration to the interest in reading and the affordability of the reader, pay attention to the popular classic works of literature and popular, fully embodies the easy reading, entertainment, reading purpose.
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Three Character Classic surnames QianZiWen disciple rules
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  •   A little old feeling, but very good, still with Pinyin, suitable for reading
  •   Book is very good, I also very love, but have no goods!

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