The Chinese civilization history of B (50 volumes)

Date of publication:2000-1   Press: China encyclopedia press   Author:Edited by Li Genpan  

"The Chinese civilization history" series grand scale, covers a wide range, rich in content, is a large-scale popularization of academic books. The 100 copies, respectively from the economic, political, military, philosophy, history, literature, art, science and technology, food, clothing, transportation, construction, customs and other aspects, the brilliant history of Chinese civilization as a thorough introduction. The author of the book series lineup is very strong. Among them, not only there are many learned middle-aged scholars, there are also a number of full of youthful spirit of young scientists. This set of books are written on their research on a solid, academic, scientific, and expressions, which seeks to explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand, do suit and the common people. Hope this series can help people further understand the excellent cultural tradition of the Chinese nation, a clear direction of development Chinese culture, enhancing national self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of pride.
Catalogue of books

"History" of territory history "tea" "geography history" "Dunhuang history" "history" "the palace" of "history" "road station of the prime minister" "history" "army" drinking of "history" and "history" printing "names" "history" "history of travel history" "transport of agricultural science and technology" "" "" "of weapons of Old Summer Palace history" "Taoism" of "garden history" "" "Temple of the Imperial Palace history" "history" "stone story" furniture "by the history of economic thought" transport "history" and "history" of "physics" "nautical history" "local history" "" "" collection of archaeological history of "philosophy" "history" "history of the"scholar's four jewels"phonological history" "history" "map" wasteland "of vernacular architecture of" silk "history" "Silk Road" of "of" reform "coastal development history" "" "" Chinese characters of military history "bamboo" history "" history "in the Mongolian and Tibetan cultural exchange history of Buddhist history" "" "China Arabia cultural history"
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  •   Fine, but the book now very rare. All 100 volumes, half price. Printing and paper are good, the content is more exciting. Very worthwhile purchase and collection.

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