The art of living

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Hunan literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Lin Yutang   Pages:400  

The first chapter of the article waking life in the following I but is Chinese view. I only show a superior wisdom Chinese most people have seen the play in their language in the view of life and of things. I know this is a kind of leisure philosophy, is produced in different age, leisure life. I always feel that this view of life is absolutely true. The human mind since the same, in this country moving things, nature will be moved to other countries of the human. I'm going to performance poets and scholars Chinese outlook on life, the philosophy of life through their knowledge and their sense of poetry value. I want to display some of the beauty of the pagan world, showing a knowing that life is short, see but short life was not without its dignity of national life, beautiful sadness, fear and joy. China philosopher with one eye open for the dreamer, is a loving and jeer psychology to observe life, is the heart of tolerance mixed up a selfish individualism and love, is a sometimes wake up from the dream, sometimes fall asleep again in the past, dreams than when awake more feel full of angry, and in his waking life with a dream world. He had one eye open, one eye closed, see that goes on around him and of his own vain things, but barely retains enough sense of reality to walk the path of. Therefore, he has no illusions, so feel free to come; he never had extravagant hopes, so no disappointment. In this way his spirit is emancipated. After China literature and philosophy of observation, I get a conclusion: the highest ideal characters China culture, is one of the life is a kind of built in wise understanding on optimism. This philosophical produce generous arms, can make the person with a gentle too psychological life, put aside the high official positions and riches, rest content to live. This sense of freedom, lead a fast hobby, proud and indifferent attitude. A person with this sense of freedom and indifferent attitude to the deep, warm and enjoy a happy life. I don't have to say my philosophy is suitable for westerners. We need to know about the lives of Westerners, you must use the western eyes, with their own temperament, their own physical concept, and their mind to observe. No doubt the Americans can endure Chinese cannot tolerate the same things, Chinese can endure the Americans cannot tolerate things. We are born is not the same, it has significant difference. This is just comparative view. I believe in the USA in the busy life, there is a hope, want to lay in a piece of green grass on the ground, in the beautiful shade of what not to do, just want to enjoy an afternoon kef. “ wake up and live ” (Wake up and live) this universal voice, in my opinion, enough to prove that some Americans would rather live a dream in time, but the Americans will also not so sad. Is he in this life, if you want to enjoy more and how he'll make it possible. It is only in this busy world, for “ to ” a word somewhat ashamed; but I know for sure, as know as they are animal, sometimes they like muscles relaxed, to stretch on the sand, or to lie quietly, put one leg comfortably up, the arm a pillow under the head. If so, then with Yan Hui almost; he also has this kind of virtue, Confucius among all his disciples, the most highly of him. I want to see, is that he be honest attitude towards this matter; for example, he loves it, and proclaim to the world that he likes it; should he leisurely adaptive to lie on the beach, but not in the office, his soul cried out: “ life really wonderful! ” so now we will see the understanding Chinese whole nation thought that philosophy and art of living. I think that it is in a good or badHand, nothing in the world is as it is to imagine. Because here we see an entirely different type, created a new outlook on life by this idea, the culture of any nation is the product of his thoughts, this no doubt. Chinese national ideology on ethnicity and Western culture is so different, in history and Western culture so in isolation; the new answer so we can find some problems of life from this place, or better, find some new approaches to the problems of life. Or better yet, new facts and find the problems of life. We want to know the ideas of beauty and disadvantage, at least can be seen in the historical past. It has a shine with great splendor of art, is not worth mentioning science, a broad sense, an infantile logic, a fine womanish chatter about life, no scholastic philosophy. Many people would know Chinese thinking is very practical and shrewd, hobbies Chinese art people also know Chinese thought is extremely sensitive; some people admit Chinese thought is also rich in poetic and philosophical. At least you know Chinese good things philosophically, this is Chinese have a great philosophy or that few great philosophers, more meaningful. For a nation to have a few philosophers is not what rare, but for a nation to take things philosophically, it is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct. However, Chinese as a nation are more philosophical and less effective, if not, a nation through efficient life for four thousand years, &rdquo “ hypertension; it is already cannot survive. Four thousand years of efficient life can destroy any one nation. An important result is that: in the Western madman too much, they are put in an asylum; while in the Chinese madman too rare, we worship them; those with China literary knowledge, will testify. I want to say you care about the. Yes, China have a light, an almost cheerful philosophy, philosophical temperament them, in their wisdom and happy life philosophy to find the best argument. Two one quasi scientific formula, let us begin study produced reason structure &mdash the life philosophy Chinese; — great realism, idealism is not sufficient, a lot of sense of humor, and highly poetic to life and nature. People are divided into two kinds of people: those who are idealists, another is a realist, is caused by two kinds of motive force of human progress. Human nature like the earth, the water of idealism becomes soft and malleable thing, but the soil condensation or clay itself, or we would evaporate into air. In all human activities, personal, social, or national, the two forces of idealism and realism are mutual restraint, and real progress is the appropriate mix of these two components of the precipitated; so-called appropriate mixture is maintained a soft plastic clay suitable condition, half wet and semi dry, be just perfect. For example, the UK the most perfect national, is the realism and idealism properly mixed up into. In some countries, often to the revolution, this is because they cannot be properly assimilated soil absorbed some foreign thoughts SAP's sake, that it cannot maintain their form. Fuzzy and lack of idealism of critical spirit, is extremely ridiculous. This idealism if too much, to the human rather dangerous, it makes people in the pursuit of illusory ideal. In any society or nation, if the idealism composition this fantasy too much, will often happen revolution. Human is an idealistic couple, for their home is always not satisfied, every three months to move again, they don't think that a place is ideal, but have never been to the place seems to be always good. Fortunately, human beings are endowed with a sense of humor, its function is correct, in the human dream, and guide people in touch with the world of reality. Human beings can not be without a dream, but he can't laugh at his own dream, they may equally important. This is a great gift, and Chinese abound that trait. A sense of humor (I do will be discussed in more detail in Chapter below.) it seems and realism or the sense of reality is closely related to the. If the Joker is often cruel to make idealist disillusioned, but on the other hand, the completion of a very important task, it is enough to make the idealists not head against a wall of reality, and by a ruder shock. The tense mood also can ease irritable anxious fierce molecule, so that he may live longer. If can advance to let him know the inevitable disillusion, may make him less pain in the final impact, because a humorist is always like a person responsible for the bad news gently to a dying patient. Sometimes the gentle warning from a humorist will save the dying life. If idealism and disillusioned must be in this world, we coexist, and the Joker is cruel, might as well say that life is cruel. I often think of some mechanical formula, to human progress and historical changes clearly expressed. These formulas as follows: “ ” “ &rdquo dreams; equal to “ &rdquo “ animals; ” “ &rdquo dream is equal to “ ” pain; (general called &ldquo &rdquo “ idealism;); real & rdquo; “ &rdquo = “ humor; Realism (” ordinary called “ conservative ” “ &rdquo) dream; anti “ humor is equal to “ &rdquo ” &ldquo ” enthusiasm; dream; &ldquo ” humor; equal to “ &rdquo “ fantasy; ” “ &rdquo and “ and the dream;Mo ” &rdquo is equal to “ wisdom; thus, wisdom, or the highest type of thinking, which is in reality of support, with a good sense of humor to our dream or idealism mixed together. To try to make some quasi scientific formula reasons, may further according to the following method to analyze national characters. I use “ quasi science ” the name, because I do not believe the mechanical formula stiff really able to human activity or human character shows. The human activities are summarized to a rigid formula, which has been the lack of a sense of humor, and therefore lack of wisdom. I'm not saying no to this class of equation; today, this quasi science is popular. To a psychologist can measure human “ intelligent ” (IQ) or &ldquo &rdquo (PQ); personality; (1), the world is so poor, because human knowledge are experts came to usurp. But if we think that these formulas are simple graphic method for the performance of some opinions, and not to take the name of science to do our sacred talisman, is not what relation. The following was written for some people I characteristics of the formula, the formula is completely according to my personal and, absolutely cannot be confirmed. Anyone can oppose them, change them, or to his own formula. Now to “ ” the word represents “ &rdquo (or reality; realistic), “ &rdquo dream; dream word represents “ ” (or ideal), “ and ” the word represents “ humor ” — — add the last important components — — “ sensitivity ” the word represents “ the sensitivity of ” (Sensitivity) (2), followed by “ four ” “ “ three, the highest ” ” “ ” “ two, ” on behalf of “ ”, “ a ” “ ”, so that we can use the quasi chemical formula represents national following. As sulfate and sulfide, or carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide plays different roles in the construction of human and society, also according to their different, and have different effect. In my opinion, the human society or nation, under the same conditions, but have different behavior, it is a very interesting thing. Since we can not be imitated chemical form invented humor “ ” (Humoride) and &ldquo &rdquo salt; humor; (Humorate) a class name, since the only available three “ realism ” &ldquo, two; &rdquo, two copies of dream; &ldquo ” humor; and a the sensitivity of “ ” the way of a British man (3). The three dream two and two min 1 equal to the British two dream Mi Minminmi is equal to the French three dream three and two min two is equal to four and three Americans now dream of a sensitive two equals the Germans now two dream four and a sensitive one equals the Russians now two dream three and a sensitive one is Japanese now four dreams a quiet three min three equal to the Chinese I don't quite know the Italians, Spaniards, Indians and other ethnic groups, so did not dare proposed their formula, but the formula itself is not very reliable, every formula are enough to cause a storm of criticism. These formulas it is authoritative, rather provocative. If I can get some new insights or new impression, I'm going to put these formulas gradually modified, for my own use. They are worth today only limited to this, this is nothing but a record of the progress of my knowledge and my foolish defects. There may be a place worth discussing, I think Chinese and French is most similar, it can be clearly seen from the French books and diet, while the French idealism richer is caused by the easy disposition, hobby and to form abstractions shown (recall their manifesto in literature, art and political movement.). To “ four ” to represent Chinese people, is said Chinese is the most realistic people, &ldquo ” a dream; low grade said in their pattern or ideal of life seems to lack of variance. Chinese humor, sensitivity and realism, I gave a high score, this is probably my close contact with Chinese, vivid impression because of it. Sensitivity Chinese, without my fine to explain, from the China prose, poetry and painting can be a very good description of the … … Japanese and Germans in the lack of humor, very similar (the general impression), however, no matter what the characteristics of a nation, not to “ zero ” as the representative of idealism, even Chinese I not at zero ” “ to represent it. It is all a matter of degree: “ complete lack of this or that quality ” this kind of speech, on an intimate knowledge of the peoples are not. So I give the Japanese and the Germans are not “ and zero ”, but “ and ”, I think this is right. I believe the Japanese and Germans so now and in the past have suffered political pain, the reason is that they lack good humor &rdquo “. A Prussian geheimrat loves people called him “ advisory officer of &rdquo, and how he loved him;The uniform buttons and badges! A logical necessity of “ ” (often is sacred) belief, a tendency towards goal, and don't do circuitous action, often make people when. It is not what you believe in, but how do you go to the belief that kind of thing, and how to translate that belief into action. I dream to Japanese “ three ” is especially pointed to the emperor and state their fanatical loyalty, the fanatical loyalty is low humor of their personalities. Because the idealism in different countries represent different things. As the so-called sense of humor contains many different things in general … … idealism and realism in today under the American doing interesting tug of war contest, two components have a high score, will produce the energy characteristic of the americans. What is American idealism, this problem still let the Americans to find out; but there is one thing I can say, they are very enthusiastic about what. The Americans are easy to be noble thoughts or noble words touched by this point, their idealism surely most is noble, but part of it is deceive oneself and others. The American sense of humor than in continental Europe, national sense of humor is also somewhat different, but I really feel this sense of humor (the love of fun and original broad common sense) is America national biggest assets. An important change in future times, James • Bryce (James Bryce, at the end of the nineteenth Century British historian, author of "the Holy Rome Empire" "the United States" and so on) that kind of knowledge, they will be very useful, I hope this kind of knowledge can make them through the critical period. I with very low fraction to give Americans the sensitivity, because in my mind, they can endure the very things. Generally speaking, the British people like is the sound of the nation, their “ the three dream, two ” this is the national stability performance. I think the ideal formula seems to be “ the three dream two you three sensitive two ”, because the idealism or sensitive composition too much, nor good. I &ldquo a ” sensitivity; sensitivity represents the British; if that is too low, that is to blame for the British people to their! British people whenever and wherever possible to look so glum, how can I understand what they have. — — laughter, joy, anger, meet? We can use the same formula for writers and poets, now for several famous people to do a case: Shakespeare (4) — — four and three min four dream four German poet Henie (Heine) — — the three dream three quiet four min three British poet Shelley (Shelley) — — now a dream of four and a sensitivity four USA poet Ellen slope (Poe) • — — the three dream four and a sensitive four Li — — now a dream of three and two min four Du Fu — — three and two min four dream three Su Dong Po — — the three dream two and four min three

Lin Yutang (1895 - 1976)
generation Ancient Chinese Literature Search master, China first Nobel prize nominee. Author of "my country and my people" "the art of living" "JINGWAH" such as clouds, and the translation of literary works of Kong Meng philosophy and Tao Yuanming, Li Bai, Su Dongpo, Cao Xueqin et al to promote overseas, is the first to English writing famous overseas China writers, scholars and linguists, philosophers, literature set in a body.
Author brief introduction

Preface of this book is a personal confession, confession of my own experience of thought and life. I don't want to publish an objective opinion, also do not want to establish eternal truth. Objective philosophy I really despise claims; I just want to show my personal view. I wanted to call it “ &rdquo, lyrical lyrical philosophy; the word which is about some personal ideas. But the title seems too good, I can't, I'm afraid I aim too high, which is difficult to satisfy the readers' expectation, and my purpose is to seek truth from facts prose, so now with the title level easier to maintain, and more natural. Let me and vegetation as friends, and soil dates, I already feel happy. My soul is very comfortable crawling in the mud, feel very happy. When a man is drunk with the earth, his spirit seems so easy, he thinks he is in heaven. In fact, he was the six ruler body, it leaves the soil one inch one? I want to write this book by Platon dialogue. The accidental thought the words out, put the meaningful things placed in, it will be easy and free. But I do not know what reason, I do not do so. Or because I'm afraid of this style is not very popular, no one likes to read, as a writer who always wants to be read. I say dialogue, it's not like newspaper talk or ask, or divided into many. Paragraph comments; I mean really interesting, long, leisurely talk about, that is a few pages, intermediate abound with many twists and turns, and later in unexpected places, suddenly a turn, still return to the original argument, as if a person because of the surprise, climbing over a fence to go home the general. How much I like climbing the fence down a path back home! At least make my fellow feeling. I am familiar with the &hellip on the way home and the surrounding countryside; … but I dare not to do. I'm not in creation. The ideas expressed by many thinkers of the East and west again too, too; those I borrow from the East are hackneyed truths there. But they are always in my mind, they have become a part of my being. If they have taken root in my life, because they exhibit some of my own creations, when I first saw them, I to them out of natural coordinates. I like the idea, not because the thought is what great man. To be honest, I have copied the path in reading and writing. Many of the authors quoted is not authoritative, some will make China literature professor startled puzzled. I quoted if there are well-known, it is nothing but to accept their ideas I intuitive approval, and not the shock to their name. I have a habit, love to buy secluded no smell of cheap books and off version of the book, have a look whether can discover what these books. If the professors of literature knew the sources of my ideas, they would be astounded at the philistine. But picking up a small pearl in the ashes, than to see a large pearl jewelry shop window is more happy. My thinking is not how deep, read the book is not how extensive. A person read too many books, he is not identified. I have not read Rock (Locke, seventeenth Century, British philosopher), Hume (Hume, eighteenth Century Scotland philosopher) or berkleg (Berkeley, seventeenth Century Irish philosopher) works, also have not read philosophy courses in the university. From the technical perspective, I have used, training is wrong, I do not read philosophy and only take life as a textbook, this approach is not practice. Theory according to me, mostly from said below these figures: Huang Ma and the maid, she has all the good ideas China female teachers; a casually swearing Suzhou boat; a Shanghai streetcar conductor; cook's wife; a lion in the zoo; a squirrel in New York Central Park; one had a good ship steward; a write articles in a newspaper reporter (Astronomy column has died 10 years); the collection box news paper; and any one not destroy our life curious writer of consciousness, or any one not destroy his own life curious conscious writer … … and so on, be too numerous to enumerate. I have no philosophical training college type, so it is not afraid of writing a philosophy book. Everything seems clearer, more convenient, this looks in orthodox philosopher, I do not know Is it right? Is a kind of compensation. I know there will be that my words are too shallow, say I write too easy to understand, that I was too careless, I talk not in your seat before the humble philosophy, not walking pace of neat, attitude is not in fear and trembling. Modern philosopher seems to be the rarest of all courage. The outside but I always wandering in the realm of philosophy. This would give me courage, so that I can be judged according to their own intuition, thinking out their own ideas, create their own unique ideas, in a childlike thick skinned, confessing them in a public occasion; and know will agree with you in another corner of the world, will say the tacit understanding. Using this method to establish the concept of people, often find another writer said the same words in wonder, or have the same feeling, but is it more easily and more gracefully. So, he had an ancient writer for him as a witness; they become permanent friends in spirit. So I to these authors, especially for my spiritual China friends, should say thank you. When I wrote this book, there are a group of be courteous and accessible genius and my work; I hope we each other. From the real sense, these souls are with me, is communicated between us in spirit, which I think is the only true communicated with — — two times different people have the same idea, with the same feeling, between each other fully understand. When I wrote this book, they borrow contribution and advice, give me a special help, Bai Juyi in eighth Century, Su Dongpo in Eleventh Century, seventeen in second Century and sixteen, the number of people create new styles — — romantic, full of eloquence Tu Chishui; fun and humorous, unique experience of the yuan Zhonglang; many curious unique, great Li Zhuowu; perceptive, worldly pleasures to Zhang Chao; Li Liweng; optimistic and humorous old hedonist Yuan Zicai; talk cheerfully and humorously, passionate Jin Shengtan — — these are unrestrained body, not to stick at trifles of people, these people because of its unique insights chest accumulate too much, too deep emotion to the thing, so don't get approved orthodox critics; these people are so good, so not too observant of conventional standards., too have morality, so in the Confucian view is not “ ”. These selected comrades are few in number, so I enjoy a more valuable, more sincere happy. These figures may have several in the book is not mentioned, but their spirit is the same book inside. I think they're Chinese someday will account for an important position, but it is only a matter of time … … some people, although relatively dull without smell, but their proper speech I also welcome, because they express my sentiments as well. I called them China Emile (Amiel, Swiss writer, 1821 to 1881) — — they say is not much, but it is always so sensible, I admireThey know. In addition, more Chinese and foreign ancient immortal philosopher, they seem to be the unknown fathers great figures in general, soul touching moment, say something in between the true saying imperceptibly; finally, there are some more great people, I not they do me the spirit of comrades, and when they are my students, they are the clear understanding is so be fair and reasonable, and so overcome all worldly thoughts and enter sainthood, their wisdom is a natural, therefore appears easily, without effort. Chuang-tzu and Tao Yuanming is such a kind of characters, their spirit of Jian Puchunzheng, non small people can approach somebody's greatness. In this book, I sometimes can be quite a statement, let them speak directly to the reader; sometimes speak for them, although I seem to be speaking for myself. I and their friendship is more for a long time, my thoughts are more influenced by them, I am under their influence, my thoughts tend to popular informality, undistinguishable, immaterial type; as the father to give good tutor produces one kind. I want to speak to a modern people's position, and not only to Chinese position to speak to meet, I don't want to just for the ancients do a religious books and translator, to put myself to my mind absorbed modern things shown. This method has its drawbacks, but on the whole, it can make the work more honest. Therefore, all the choices are based on my personal opinion. In this book I don't want to put a poet or philosopher thought completely pulled out; if you want to book the evidences to judge all of them, it is not possible. So when I end the prefaces, must routinely say, books such as good words, most of it should owe to my partner, for all the mistakes, shortcomings and incorrect ideas, when I completely responsible. I'm going to Mr. and Mrs. Walsh (Mr. and Mrs. Walsh) thank you, first, to thank them for encouraging me to write this book the idea; second, thank them to helpful criticism. I also have to thank Mr. Waite (Mr. Hugh Wade) to help me with this book went to press and proofreading work, thank Peiffer lady (Miss Lillian Peffer) generation I completed the book index. Lin Yutang in New York
Catalogue of books

The first chapter preface
a life of
two one quasi scientific formula of
three vagrant is an ideal
second chapters about the concept of the human
a Christian, Greek, Chinese
two and the 结不解缘
three one biological concept
four the poetic life
third chapter of our animal heritage.
a story of the monkey
two monkeys like image
on die
four on
of the stomach muscles of
six soul
fourth chapters on being human.
a theory of human dignity
two almost teasing curiosity: Rise of
the dream
four on human civilization sense of humor.
of the capricious and subtle
six individual
fifth chapter, and who can best enjoy life
found myself: Chuang-tzu
two Zhiyong: Mencius
three cynical, dull, latent:
four me "the doctrine of the mean"
five hobbies: his life: enjoy a happy

two human happiness Tao Yuanming
sixth chapter of life to feel
Gold Saint sigh not have Kuaizai thirty-three
four of materialism Misunderstanding
five spiritual joy how
seventh chapter leisurely important
a man is the only animal in the work of
two Chinese leisure theory
three leisurely life advocate
four the world is the only heaven
five luck is what
six American three vices
eighth chapter family fun.
a biological concept approach
two celibacy -- civilization abnormal result of
sex attract
four China family ideal
five enjoy years
ninth chapter the enjoyment of life.
a repose bed
two sat in a chair
> three talk four teas and dating
five pale Ba mushroom and sweet
six dry
seven food and drug
eight strange West custom
nine suit different human
ten houses and interior layout
tenth chapters to enjoy nature.
a paradise lost.
two on Grand
three two Chinese woman
four on rocks and trees
of the flowers and branches flowers
six yuan Zhonglang takes
seven Zhang Chao epigrams
eleventh chapter travel to enjoy
on tour two "
Ming Liao Zi"
twelfth chapters to enjoy culture.
a intellectual On the discrimination of
two to art for games and personality
three the art of reading
four the art of writing
thirteenth chapter relationship with God.
a religious recovery
two why I was a heretic
fourteenth chapter thought art
a in favor of the necessary
two to
three sensible knowledge of
@##@ indexing "Art of life" is Lin Yutang who set in after the first book, is also following the "my country and my people" again after the success of another English works. He will open with optimism, Tao affection caprice of the Chinese lifestyle, and romantic and elegant oriental be fully conveyed to the westerners, preached a can emulate "the highest typical patterns of life".
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"The art of living (Revised Edition)" Editors: generation Ancient Chinese Literature Search master, a pen in Chinese literature of humor and wisdom, cultural master Lin Yutang essence set new hardcover edition, Lin Yutang reflected the most important representative of the Chinese world, occupy the USA bestseller lists the first 52 weeks, more than 40 times the world edition work, get Nobel Literary Award nominated China works for the first time.
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  •   A pen in Chinese literature of humor and wisdom, he will open with optimism, Tao affection caprice of the Chinese lifestyle, and romantic and elegant oriental be fully conveyed to the westerners, preached a can emulate "the highest typical patterns of life".
  •   He will open with optimism, Tao affection caprice of the Chinese lifestyle, and romantic and elegant oriental be fully conveyed to the westerners, preached a can emulate "the highest typical patterns of life".
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  •   Plastic cover, book feeling, no breakage, perfect this book is worth reading a book about the life and the thinking of Mr. Lin Yutang's works. Strongly recommended
  •   Mr. Lin teaches you something in my country and my people life skills. That sounds interesting. According to Mike Jackson argument, forced.
  •   Is a hardcover edition, is not very easy to carry.
    the works of Lin Yutang have been very loving, see a wise old man through between the lines as if can, profound but not humorous.
  •   See Lin Yutang's lyrical philosophy, very relaxed, very casual, the daily lives is very interesting, very love!!
  •   Bustling, busy, mind and intelligence! Lin Yutang is worthy of a master!
  •   The relative ratio now lives progress, some in a hurry, Lin Yutang's book is worth reading!
  •   The quality of the book without words, hardcover edition. Not yet, but I just love Lin Yutang, so after the hand is really very happy, believe that content is not bad to where
  •   Beginning from Su Dongpo to buy the Lin Yutang book series, cover the entire layout with the color is not fancy, let people settling down to read. Then think of Mr. Lin's article is worth reading place, this is not to read, but, first a!

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