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Date of publication:1997-11   Press: Phoenix Press (Jiangsu ancient books publishing house)   Author:Sun Baolong   Pages:247   Words:130000  
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The Spring Festival couplets couplet couplet couplet congratulations story places of historic interest and scenic beauty with various forms of @##@ poetic couplet. Poetic couplet is a unique form of literature and art. It is based on a Chinese characters of word meaning, shape, part of speech and phonological features. In a poetic couplet, couplet, requirements of words equal syntactic similarity, part of speech, the meaning of the word, as well as related to the same relative, one one symmetrical. Chinese characters are ideographic characters, each word of one syllable, and generally can denote a concept; it is not Pinyin, without a word phrase. The other peoples of the world to write text to Pinyin, can not constitute a poetic couplet. The poetic couplet is China's unique and valuable literary heritage, it is worth learning and inheritance. Book selection of various contents, various forms of poetic couplet, nearly eight hundred, many of them from the ancient and modern famous writer. For the selected language, are briefly introduced, and the description and explanation. In form and technique of expression of poetic couplet, lists more than 20 kinds of forms of poetic couplet. The book was based on a variety of newspapers and magazines, as well as the Qing Dynasty Liang Zhangju's "words", "couplets couplets plexus continued," words "three words", "Qiao couplets on the book", Liang Gongchen's "four words", "Qiao couplets on successive record", notes of Ming and Qing Dynasties Novels, some from the folk legend.
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