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Date of publication:2008-10   Press: Contemporary China press   Author:Hu Xiujuan Yin Bo   Pages´╝Ü144  

Through the day, hundred people, who do not like someone, who: morning sleep, bubble open a pot of "Spring Snail alone", a small son, a small mouth to drink slowly; some people, afternoon cup of cooked "Blue Mountain Coffee", Ren Nongxiang overflowing, with discussion of ancient Greece, the night Paris. Or, "big cattail leaf fan, in the noisy crowd, listening to the" wild Taiwan group "; or, a gold tie, sitting in the Vienna" Golden Hall ", share Strauss family genius music, classical and modern, traditional and rebellious, gentle and unassuming...... This is the world. Under the same sky, people's way of life was so different. Of course, like what kind of things, what kind of life love, don't need a reason. Just follow their own feelings, buried deep in the heart of the interest was little wake.

Tai Chi is one of the cultural symbols of our traditional culture is the most representative, is the symbol of Taoist culture, the core represent Taoism, rooted in the Chinese local traditional culture, has a long history, broad and profound. Tai Chi has high generality and profound connotation, not only on behalf of the origin of the universe, also contains the evolution of universe generation. Tai Chi diagram visual presentation, and revealed the dialectical relationship between the unity of all things of contradictions. Fu Xi's "gossip", "book of changes" in the "easy", the "me", Chuang-tzu's "one", the theory reveals the evolution of the ultimate goal of all things and nature -- Tai chi. Tai Chi, Tai Chi shadowboxing is a cultural phenomenon, reflects the Chinese advocates since ancient times "the harmony between man and nature", "things I one" world view, harmony. Comply with four, balance yin and Yang, and indifferent, and pay, in nature, is the essence of Tai chi. Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, Tai Chi Fan, Taijiquan, Taiji boxing, fighting, physical health, self-cultivation in a body, melts the "fine, gas, God" on the whole, more and more Chinese people love.
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The first chapter first met Chi Chi interpretation of Taiji diagram were found in the second chapter of Chi art of Tai Chi Chi Chi a way of keeping good health the health of Chinese medicine and Tai Chi chapter third Taiji martial Taijiquan origin of Taijiquan schools Taijiquan characteristics of forty-two style Taiji Quan Shi (type) frame a Tai Chi Martial other forms
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Illustration: the first chapter first met Chi Chi is a treasure of Chinese civilization, thoughts of all things in the universe it is, but also explain the universe evolution pattern image graphics, highly generality. Before Tai Chi in the no meaning and graphics, Chinese the universe have vague cognition and thinking. The ancients believed that "Tai Chi" is the earth gas primitive state, and the "Tai Chi" is regarded as the origin of the universe, is the important foundation of I Ching learning research. The so-called "Tai Chi", the ancients interpreted as "too", "extremely limited", which reached the limit, no phase matching of Italy, also include to large, to small time limit of truth; to infinitely large, but less than in circle of small space; infinite small, but not equal to zero or not, this is a "fundamental meaning of Tai Chi". "Tai Chi" originally means mostly and Yang five elements theory together, at the same time, eight trigrams theory is often used to explain its meaning means. These formed the initial idea of nature Chinese. The Taiji theory earliest classics as the "book of changes". "Book of changes" also known as the "book of changes", is divided into "the", "biography" of two parts. "Tai Chi" is a word first appeared in the "appendices". "The book of changes copulative" contains: "therefore, easy to Tai Chi, was born two meter......" "Tai Chi, the beginning of the universe." "So big to small to large, small, large and small world, and you escape, deep and principle of Tai Chi, omnipresent." Chinese the ancients believed that, the universe is never very generation Tai Chi, is a process of evolution, and all things. Tai Chi is the world chaos, yin and yang are not divided the state before the. "The book of changes copulative" also said: "the queen four images, four images and gossip." Mean, Liang Yi Yin, Yang Eryi, Tai Chi, everything in the universe, contains two aspects of the Yin and Yang, the table and.
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  •   Some of the historical and cultural aspects of the introduction of the front half part, especially the book gossip part worth seeing. Behind the tricks, some far fetched

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