Study on ancient Chinese characters (first series)

Date of publication:1979-8   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:Chinese ancient writing study, room ancient writing research Jilin University   Pages:466   Words:316000  

In 1978 November, China ancient writing in the academic circles of Jilin University held the first ancient writing seminar. The meeting decided to set up the Chinese ancient writing academic research, and will be submitted conference papers collected, compiled into "ancient writing study", published by Zhonghua Book company. In 1979 August, "ancient writing study" first series launched. More than 20 years since the ancient writing study the cause of the rapid development, as a professional academic journal of the academic study of ancient writing, "" also has edited and published twenty-five series, published a large number of outstanding research articles, made contributions to the academic prosperity. At present, the early published "ancient writing study" have already sold out. In order to meet the professional needs of readers, we first published before 1986 the first to fifteenth, according to the original print, hereby description.
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Chittagong University ancient text summary of the Symposium on the (Conference Secretariat) change the backwardness of ancient writing research work quickly (Xinhuanet Changchun College 訉) status and Prospect of ancient writing research (Jilin University study ancient writing room) in early research of ancient Chinese characters on Guo Moruo's (Ceng Huitong, Chen Yezhan) "Shouxian County Caihou tomb inscriptions on bronze" (Yu Shengwu) and "Yin deficiency text recorded two" (Tang Lan) "release it -- not shown on the silkworm God" (Zhang Zhenglang) in the oracle inscriptions of "say" (Hu Houxuan) "Houma agreement Cong Kao continued" (Zhang Han) "Hou Mazai book" (clever) "the Warring States on dragons printed text" "the word" (Zhu Dexi) "said" 弜 "" (Qiu Xigui) "two weeks of bronze inscriptions of numeral Quantifier" (Ma Guoquan) "on the province 'sound' in Shuo Wen Jie Zi" (Chen Shihui) "Qishan Dong Jia Cun 匜 in training" (Li Xueqin) "Zhongshan Jing Wang bird fragrance pot inscription rhyme read" (Zhang Zhenlin) "for example that" (Yao Xiaosui) "in the differentiation of names, official titles, the names, see Zhou Yuan unearthed oracle" (Xu Xitai) "on the original Oracle in weeks At the beginning of the calendar "(Xu Xitai)" and "(Dingming in Zhongshan Wang pot with Yao Wen in a) (Zhang Zhenglang)" Zhongshan's descendants pot "(Zhang Zhenglang)" the 'Zhongshan' 'Zhongshan' glyph tripod pot trial release "(Zhao Cheng)" in the history of real Zhongshan Wang Ding, pot and its significance "(Sun Zhichu)" why with the county unearthed Zeng Marquis grave? "(Yu Haoliang)" from several "Wuding era sub inscriptions on Shang Dynasty form" family "(Lin Yun)" the prisoner "(Yao Xiaosui)" release "-" "(Li Jiahao)" Di Si "[Japan] island state male" the description Menzies hidden old bones "new book [two Japan] Maekawa Mi" oracle bones catalogue (one nine four nine - one nine seven nine) "(Xiao Nan)
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