Study of the Qing dynasty women's fashion culture

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Illustration: a women's clothing, Han origin early in the era of ancient legend, ancestors of the Chinese nation in the same nature of the struggle in creating clothing prototype. "Liji Liyun" article "former kings no palace, winter in summer camp cave, 则居 coffin nest. No cremation, food plants, birds and animals of the meat, drink its blood, their Ru mao. Not hemp, vests its feather skin...... After St. have, treat the hemp cloth ", think of. On this basis, "Huang Di, Yao, Shun clothes and rule the world, cover from the universe".... From the cover body warm, without some form of clothing to follow the order, unified style clothes to worship heaven and earth spirits, from which reflects not only the people of heaven and earth worship, also gradually expanded and changes of clothing function and connotation. Therefore the posterity Annotation "easy copulative" said: "the clothes like 'dry', in the overlying material, sang as' Kun ', in the next content", "' dry 'rule, in the clothing,' Kun 'next to sang, the universe all things accumulate, so as to as a garment." In the symbolic world clothes and at the same time, the Chinese traditional dress coat and skirt basic structure has been established. However, due to the age, since the archaeological excavation has not yet found this stage clothes material, relevant literature and from the Qin and Han dynasties or later hands, so we can only indirectly from the archaeological discovery of some pottery decoration with the historical literature of the Yao Shun era Huang Di, fashion features. "Book · Yi Ji": "to view the image, day, month, Xing Chen, hill, dragon, China worm, Zong Yi, algae, fire, rice powder, embroidery, embroidery embroidered with five mining association, Shi Chang, in five colors, as a service." For the worship of the universe, the universe primitive ancestors such as the natural environment for the survival of scenery description in the dress, it is entirely possible at the time of the. Based on this understanding, the pre Qin era that the Yellow Emperor was created in twelve chapter lines as a symbol of the "crown" system, in the ancient literature compilation "Shangshu" and the twelve chapter marks the implication of the crown clothing system interpretation; "book of the later Han Yu Fu Zhi Xia" is described in more detail: "the universe is the coat, so mysterious, bottom yellow.
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The Han nationality women dress, order tracing 1 Han costumes hierarchy establishment of 2 Chinese traditional women's clothing culture two, the Central Plains traditional costumes and ethnic minority costumes, conflict and communication 1 king Zhao Wuling "learn from other's merits" 2 Emperor Xiaowen restructuring and Hu Han clothing exchange 3 Hu Fu of the Han traditional women's clothing effect (1) dangz, power, and half sleeve shirt (2) Hu Fu influence gradually declined form 3 in early Qing Dynasty, Manchu dress three origin and formation of 1 Manchu dress origin 2 Manchu clothing system and easy service reforms, from four different to the blend of Qing Dynasty Manchu Manchu women dress 1 Qing Han women (1) hairstyle and dress jewelry (2) sweater coat and cloud shoulder (3) evolution skirt and pants 2 Manchu women (1) two head and twinkle son (2) and his waistcoat 3 foot binding custom and horseshoe shoes origin (1) foot binding custom origin (2) horseshoe shoes form (3) the bottom Association shoes and foot bow shoes five, at the end of the Qing Dynasty Manchu women's clothing changes 1 Han Fusion 2 more for 3 women (1). Men of Confucian culture and men (2) than female. The effect of men's ethnic minority customs in (3) the evolution of female effect Mens content part selected bibliography postscript @##@ chart This book is a comprehensive study on the evolution process of the Qing Dynasty to the late Qing dynasty women dress, with a historical perspective of the origin of Qing Han and Manchu women's clothing, and evolution in the history. The cultural characteristics of women's clothing based on their own, focusing on conflict and communication of traditional costume Han women and ethnic minority costumes, including adherence to traditional culture, their passion and in the blending of influence character by environment. By backtracking the evolution history of Han clothing, body trim, reveal the underlying social and cultural connotation. Academic knowledge and high abundance of. The figure nearly 150, full reference.
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"Study" the Qing dynasty women dress culture published by Shanghai ancient books publishing house.
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