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Date of publication:2005-7   Press: Shanghai ancient books   Author:Wanyan Shao Yuan   Pages:190   Words:100000  

Feng Shui is Chinese pursuit of a concept, the ideal living environment of this concept, all associated with this behavior and social customs had the varying degree influence -- this is the "Feng Shui" put a series of folk culture in China "farce" basis. However, there are several problems, it should be called to play in the front. The first is "controversial nature of Feng Shui". The definition of "Ci Hai" published in 1980 under the feng shui is: "feng shui, also called the geomancy, a superstitious old Chinese." After twenty years of the "Ci Hai" revised edition, basic expressions as usual, only "old Chinese" and "old" words omitted, recognized the new Chinese founded fifty years later, Feng Shui is still a reality. This is the mainstream understanding of related disciplines. But at the same time, another group of scholars think, Feng Shui is a comprehensive, systematic knowledge of the strong, "contains rich scientific connotation" (Yu Jia, Fang also science: "geomancy", science and Technology Literature Press in Chongqing, 1989). Is a superstition should get rid of criticism, since when promoting science. But now some people say is "superstition", some people say is "science", then give tit for tat to start this topic, "exist between two for cooking" embarrassment, one can imagine. I touched the Feng Shui for years, still do not subscribe to Feng Shui to the modern sense of the concept of "scientific" delimit equal sign, but really there are many Feng Shui can be analyzed to explore the content, especially regard it as a kind of cultural phenomenon to examine, or have their "interesting" value -- when is the right to make scientific analysis on things. The second is the wide range of Feng shui. Some people say that it is "learning", the Chinese ancient philosophy, ethics, ecology, architecture, astronomy, calendar, geography, hydrology, meteorology, soil, health, etc.The subject fields of achievement, the so-called comprehensive, system which is in front of the quote: some people say that it is "art", it is the star to Gua, Wang gas type accounted for, the symbolic praying, eight day, Yansheng town evil, by magic, numerology, quickly built in time...... Diameter can be called the structural integrity of the system a wizard magic. Obviously, the matter of what kind of orientation, to the even slightly with completeness is not the author combs, one can, not book a space can bear. In view of this, the author can only avoid the simple complicated, mainly from the aspects of folk cultural focus, provides the basic clues for the reader a smattering of Feng shui. Again is the opacity of Feng Shui statement. "Book of changes" Feng Shui founded on ideological system, followed by a variety of pan and mysterious culture through, the interpretation of a large set of terminology. The past "Fung Shui," take the hidden meanings, word PI Ao "jargon" induced by customers, even people write some known as the study of Feng Shui books, also naturally or half unconsciously inherited the legacy, seems not to this does not show the mystery of Feng Shui, or does not show high deep learned my -- for example, like people in daily life, must take salt, known as "sodium chloride of lime," called "Cao", or called "coal black solid spherical combustible mineral". For the convenience of the reader, the author diction, as far as possible to the easy to understand, lime is lime, coal is coal, on seemingly quite deep, conceptual terms up to harass, interfere not clear, also no longer expansion. Of course, popular and simple language, often cannot convey subtle deficits knowing. Fortunately, the purpose of the book is not in the "Feng Shui" counterparts in exchange, believe that most readers can understand. In addition, the book while avoiding abstruse academic argument and discussion, but depends on the orientation of the subject judgment, absorbed or presents some research results of experts. In order to enhance the reader's understanding and reading interest, but also a combination of text expression, inserted a lot of pictures. That is, except for signature quoted views into and graphic data, constrained by the style and Image Maker missing test for other reasons, not -- named, then, to extend my sincere thanks to Jin Liangnian, Zhang Xichang, Wang Quanheng, Tang Zaiqing, Xiao Yongjun, Zhang Jiawei, Wu Rongfang, and the unnamed colleagues and friends.
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The origin of a sequence of events about feng shui, the original meaning of "home" from the word about the house and live and work in peace and blessing, grave worship two early civilization of the mountain caves historical projection home version -- Zhong Ling Fu River in tomb hole burial legend "delivers the soul" and "Dragon" six thousand years ago, blue dragon white tiger three, Feng Shui and "book of changes" is a standard Oracle hexagrams of Fengshui in nutrient three "easy" two graphic gossip from Xia history see alternative core function four, feng shui theory integrate mathematical structure: Hetu and Luoshu and Transformation: Yin Yang and the five phases of geomancy house: Heaven and the number of patients with deduction: Symbol "easy version of" Feng Shui: the combination of heaven with man five, Qin and Han Dynasties to the weak form of Feng Shui science and superstition in Ming and Qing Dynasties product concept words cross flow hybrid in two poly gas reservoir Feng and talk, angry in the Wei and Jin Feng Shui: the core concept of all things in the air if you have gas landform and the gas collecting false "cemetery good luck", into the two The mountain dragon dragon dragon dragon veins at potential and poly gas three, left and right Cha sand dragon and sand supporting "Ming Dynasty as dark arch" four mountain water, ask the law of Feng Shui, a water inlet water found on body color taste taste of water five, treasure acupuncture pulse to see with acupuncture and acupoint group and fairy lady hall six, position and orientation of complex operation system "twenty-four" "eight palace Jiuxing" common sense and superstition, Feng Shui tools seven, geomancy why borrow tools a · table · GUI · Gao Yu Chi, wand quickly disc compass and Luo Jingxue three a strategically situated place "treasure" to talk about a city, auspicious patterns a wild profusion of vegetation said "Wang gas" as the number of mysterious place names in the Feng Shui two, village of Feng Shui pattern clouds people home before Suzaku basaltic after dragon to Pacific such as exhibition gallery opened the day close to big three, small residential Feng Shui pattern "home" is all Fengshui pattern prototype living environment Feng Shui "big bad judgment, not the end all," "must use doors are He Ji "" three "" six things "fee to traditional and trendy paradox," Yin Feng Shui four "mode" tank "philosophical interpretation of broken mountains and rivers in the country of the grave and" Feng Shui "" expensive if a thousand "is five, and the basic principles of Feng Shui safety first conform to the nature of yin and Yang the balance of five grams of health turns to love the spirit of harmonious pursue good fortune and avoid disaster custom talk, pray Feng Shui etiquette stake directional ground breaking ceremony ink hair hammer throw beam cake early product surplus grain happiness door eight Baoan palace buried money ignition please King kitchen offering soil thank God land purchase certificate of title list coffin Tiaojing chicken plague two, make up for the defect of Feng Shui building Feng Shui Tang Lin Feng Shui water tree Arch Tower of Wenfeng gate and curio and screen three, Yansheng the evil wind water spell Dashi town house Taishan shigandang when burying Fu Zhen four, colorful pieces of Feng Shui shop first door knocker, stone lion dragon waist, Choi horn diagram Chi kiss, hanging fish, tile general gate sea & Aquarium, cactus five, heavy gauge Stacked moment of Feng Shui taboo "door not open" "the sun no star" "borrow mountain not borrow water"
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