Date of publication:2006-2   Press: Mount Huangshan Publishing House   Author:Wang Yanji  

"ShanHaiChing" with its bold strokes to write Huang Di a shaking heaven and earth, Kua Fu hero, also wrote the women image of Gui Ying so harsh, writes Song Dingbo, Wei, so eat ghost ghost daring to voice and act...... "One of the ShanHaiChing" known as the three masterpieces, is currently known geographical China the earliest records, the book in addition to the customs, also included a number of folk legend, they can borrow from the book, a glimpse of the ancients to view and record the wonderful nature, book in the compilation into heroes, Imperial discourse women, children, article article article article, marketplace, genie, scholar and foreign nations, from every angle showed a broad and deep, vivid and interesting Chinese myth, is a young and old Cheng Yi's works.
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The creation of the world his hero discourse Pangu Hou Yi - such as the full moon Kuafu forever runners' red crown anger and variable gun water plugging elegy Meijianchi guillotine today how five Ding lux landslide buried soul Chen Luanfeng good nor fear Xu Xun Zhidou evil Jiao Wei, ghost meat food emperor Huang Di feudal lords vying for the throne, I master Wu phase lead group five find paradise to Zhong Yao Shun King gentleman Da Yu rivers to the sea training Wang in a cuckoo Xu Wang doesn't love Jiangshan son king steed swam KunLun people riding herd on Qin Shihuang mountain sea Duan Siping revenge and rejuvenating the country women's discourse Nuwa Tuan made soil cast water into the Thames goddess Nu Wa lonely catcher Shun Fei you tear name Chuan west the feast to be black goddess of saline spoony always be ruthless hurt silkworm female till death do us part female tender heart like a rock do not change the end of yao ji tryst open world beads ghost Taishan empress child protection Shen Mingguang beauty and ugliness of the Jian Guiying loyal-hearted as ghost her son abandon resentment gratitude children article Jingwei let the sea change Kuwata Na Zha newborn calf not fear tigers Lian Guang pen bottom wave and differentiation of Jiang Jizi under the sod supporting parents intangible son just came out of nowhere Aloes splitting Huashan mountain leaf limit Oriental Cinderella Xiaofang tomb girl bearing box lotus fairy with Grandma Li Hua Hu ordinary article article article article foreign nations' genie
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  •   Well, the story is very lively, very love!
  •   When I had seen many times in a book, now look at, or very interesting. After speaking to his son to listen to
  •   Very good, easy to understand, even a child can easily understand
  •   Easy to understand, but with the original seems slightly different, if the ancient skills, may still see the original good. To help understand some knowledge of classical literature, cultivate interest.
  •   Is a form of storytelling, suitable for children
  •   Read a lot of books about ShanHaiChing, was the worst. Alas, cheap anyway, forget it, leave it.
  •   The first feeling of the book of this book is like old or blisters. No interest to watch

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