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Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Ocean Press   Author:Liu Xiaomin editor   Pages:444  

This is a book about Chinese traditional language wonderful assembly, but also understand the ancient culture, ancient classics, teaching master good popularization of the wisdom of the ancients of the. This book can be full of wit and humour language reserve: the philosopher's words of wisdom, to wit, ridicule, frivolous speech Cun Yan wild, bantering ridicule living language text and the story, is the crystallization of wisdom of the Chinese culture for thousands of years, these warnings witticism cleverly summed up the coats, which is highly refined, it easily touch people's mind. Turn over, Abas times pick up, people imperceptibly to activate thinking, political wisdom nutrition fresh. This book has included quotes, epigrams, two-part allegorical sayings, riddles, proverbs, slang poetic couplet, tens of thousands of. These vivid language concise and comprehensive, mostly through thoroughly tempered, be handed down from age to age, it spread so far. These statements or profound, or humorous, a memorable artistic effect. For readability, we also from culture, rhetoric and interest point of view, select the hundreds of Chinese story, provides a perspective of understanding of Chinese culture for the reader to read. This book is the Chinese people must inherit cultural essence, investment interest, knowledge, practical in a furnace, is of great help to Thinking&Walking. Reading this book, linger in the culture of the ancient temple, can let you understand the essence of China traditional classical culture in a short period of time, have a lot of practical aphorisms, know the origin of some interesting stories, to help you more to talk about at various occasions, become the most popular knowledge Master!
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The upper aphorisms article article discipline and moral self-cultivation and moral integrity Liye Jimin Shenxing article inspiring diligent good knowledge discourse study hard time learn the literary grace in life everyday mind personnel dating life affair emotional piece family friendship love nostalgia his political articles and political security personnel joy honorary retired people army military article testimonies encouragement strategy victory war weary economy agricultural goods tax Baigong business landscape scenery Article 100 insects seasonal flowers central odd word witticism article Xiehouyu brief article emotional portrait anger hate panic complain is eager to have a well-thought-out plan arrogant stubborn be flashy without substance selfish and greedy cunning compliment compliment and smart to enlighten blasted suspicion to be meddlesome feign madness and act like an idiot ridicule interpersonal life habit of be in a nice hobble personality behavior expected outside A conspicuous colloquial proverbs brief article to cherish time Godson educating inspirational enterprising inculcate be strict with oneself the encouraging knowledge pragmatic philosophy of life moral culture, fearless irony the family contract Xiang Yu Napoleon. I teach you a boxer spell Shanglin parkland tree name taboo father is murder seen if epigenetic joke declined for high hat absurd speech three people, "the mother" and "fuck" two wife to eat salt and jealous dear wife bamboo bud Matsushige Dongpo fish and buy a pig 1000 Guo Moruo to "the worm" you beheaded mice not know a single word Jiang Xinzei Ji Xiaolan interpretation of "things" small non random Zhuge 子瑜 donkey to the heart all examination papers Xia Dayu Ji Dan Du Fu Liu Yuxi landed and to princes and male wolf dog a bucket of Jiang Shan Wang CiGong lend donkey monk. Guest refuse not scold wine stay birds in the tree but I know it will fly drunken master this picture Dongpo and sister Mutual ridicule only triangle geometry white in not Hao said Sun Xiucai fights back home grape mother-in-law daughter smart daughter-in-law matchmaker rhetoric is the husband for the insect was horse like to save the market understanding of Chinese idioms answer your father skillful women to be intelligent as a child big emperor is not always better wind stopping drug to avoid Confucius tower and the "phoenix" square mouth and sharp mouth and turn the way one gets along with people with reasonable caution solidarity farming farming become rich through hard work and thrift and longevity life portrait Qiao Lian interest with the name names linked encouraged linked digital combined with play a combined allegorical Lian break after the United Federation of literary and art circles with homophonic join back reduplication riddle combination with lower language Canon story the solution to the riddle "Park" why word Chouan cattle not head "ten" puzzle where a group of officials convergence copper sliding Tianxin rice gentleman don't cry "mutual ridicule to drink a cup of two similar to each other. This seal Mystery (a) seal Mystery (two) Li Shizhen mystery combined prescription Thorn corrupt Zhao Mingcheng dream wife how to write the word "bald" vertical saw a poem word poem answer saddle gambling draught eat me cry who two golden orioles sing in the green willow Wang fairy remember Yang billion skillfully read elegiac Xia Minghan mystery linked as Jiang Jieshi his bet on the door puzzle mystery Cao Cao Cao Cao calligraphy riddle test Hua Tuo Gao ridiculed by Sun Bao Wang Anshi visit the temple Title mystery riddle try Fu Xiao Mei Su Qin Shaoyou riddle Qin Shaoyou puzzle painting Tang Bohu Qiao wrote the contract zhuzhishan rush mat of mystery, mystery set by Qiu Qiongshan two puzzle hero guess heroes guessing please wine "boat Artemisia mystery" the story of a female lyricist mystery self-evident surname fun puzzle exam lost female guessing wedding scholars in front of the poetic couplet two scholar name with due respect couples Book mystery Wangjiang upstairs mystery riddle shooting oil dealer with boss Xu lady "he 寿诗" husband broken mystery change one's mind about three carpenters to mystery to mystery, mystery shopping list and bridge to the poem Cao E tablet, hidden Tang Bohu's comment according to customersDiamond cut diamond. The sellers and linked into Xi's way to apply to any of the items as net buddies make side Zhu Yuanzhang to seek 莫拿奴 hand brothers to play the occupation 婚联 long live! War poetic couplet nothing accomplished everything into the ship owner and the clouds disperse and the sun appears to poetic couplet digital linked cleverly ruthless in Banqiao sixty since John Shi Qing died from a life of father and son. His name and combined skillfully to ridicule physiognomist Cai E buy Pen President Ji Xiaolan should sell fish United play eunuch Zheng Banqiao connected case things pawn shop when things before Mr. Zheng Banqiao clever as abbot of allegorical magistrate with loving couples three sisters linked to marriage frozen soldiers soldiers knocking ice white monk and poetic couplet tea wine couplet fun sun walkers and Zu Chongzhi all too lean palace lonely red flowers three comb million hair envy poet brother you do wrong to scold the poetic couplet duck general Buddhism do not have off the offbeat couplets Samsung brandy digital Lian Xin Song Liu Fenggao wonderful joint birthday I on the top of the Republic of China Chongqing Chengdu Kung Fu sorry woman cable linked but a garden bamboo miles Yangtze River as tub Xu Wenchang never associated with Bao Xiucai pick monk has odd Farm small combined bitch storm Liu Shadow Ming Miao on "records" increment "fun with dead monks with a Buddha tragic figure Li Hongzhang a joint problem solving those who play with fire will burn herbal medicine name opportunely on maternal to obstetrics and Gynecology and stop Ting Zou Buhang Lin Zexu test and a small carpenter wit worship Jiang Tao cut up guest calligrapher wisdom door out of old yuan also complement China's good on the cheek guest Pu Songling Qiao called Mr. Shi a load of heavy mud let Mr. Lu with me to Mei Shengyu Meng Chang Diao 氏巧 Qianlong Hershey problem Taofu Shao Fusheng eight year old began with Bachelor of together with lotus leave and joint information war klippe couplet of Jin Yong novels combined Dongpo satirical presided over the dopey promoted Yu Qian ridiculed the monk Shang Shutao boring Dao garlic and onion with pumping Hong Chengchou ridicule night not bribe corrupt logic associated ridicule corrupt opium and poetic couplet to send carbon and Tim spent together at old pupil examination malpractice Lian Lian Yuan Shikai ridicule satire and pseudo Public Security Bureau poor teacher Zhu Shou no feces to laugh eunuch tiling and tax work drunk on county magistrate ridicule. How to change the new words 婚联 Xu Wenchang Miao Lian Wu Bei Lu 独宿 Jinshi in the soil can not eat to plaster on the single character vivid double one Qing Wanshou border without zhuzhishan wonderful to Xu Zijian three yuan tower homophonic radish to Qiao Lian Po but mutual Chao Chen Qiao Lian Jin Qiao consistent homophonic to the nobles to open tube not tight damn traitors "hopper at beam 鼎芬 Lian Baxian jackal Xu Lv 婚联 fo Yin Qiao to Xiao Mei Su Zhang Archer and Li Mujiang English letters from the music conservatory couplet 元妙 bean angle and stone Qiao on any director any director of imperial government to whiplash Miao Yu Lian Lian riding a read a spectacle zhuzhishan write spring Esther humorous poems fuel sauce and tea flowers ca. skillfully cut" Liangzhou the word "Er Lang Miao remember how questions over the wall Pu imitation peach" LouShiMing "breed of rhyme it hit you this is the Empress Dowager Wang Anshi poetry three cap two sentence poem Ru 太素 beaten Yuan Mei poem to the people Ou Yangxiu Qiao advised Song Qi to cross the poem composed by inverse Fu a word poem word music Taste half words half word rhyme seventeen word poetry prodigy rescues the husband crane crane talented Black Dragon Boat Festival poetry Kung Fu problem birds map Zhang Yu writing CI Lyric in paintings Zheng Banqiao as the teacher write "happy" the poem poem with thousands of miles to send goose feather little pig is how to find the possible way, on fire by leaving two married almost don't marry Guo Moruo Zhi solution. Verse soup chicken or a digital home and buy a cangue Wen Chao Zhang Miao reverse songs (a) reverse songs (two) reversed the cold rain night into Wu poem Lianjiang Jinshan Temple poem husband missing wife palindrome rolling season poem's poems. But I don't know repair egret steal fish, like Daoxing prohibition Qiao to refuse the marriage poem poem visitors with nose poetry He Yuexian digital letter really old tortoise called poetry Zheng Banqiao Fu Chun spring I for my brother to the examinee examiner abridgment thorn tight or Cao Shu Meng secret nail me word Drunk husband and brother homonym nuns uncle my son and his son from the sparrows flying catkins wordless poem of his poetry and drama red the kingThe old woman is not the Yamagata poem Sima Guang Ling tou Yinshi diamond poem single plank bridge body gunshot at midnight to the passenger boat load of poetry Pang Zhenkun games please send locusts and back piece of doggerel aunt and girl bluster horn unless the cats do not eat fish raw chicken book offering unlimited scenery in the Jiuxi, medical reform poem poetry Chi Jian swallow poem character four will be. Mountains and a jug of wine Temple fall silent, the Qingming two have any medicine elegiac thrushes shades into no prohibition "when fail in official nowhere Xinan hut steady guest poem a money to buy wine into the painting to resign myself to sleep song rescued honest confession Pipa fruit probably or maybe is the four seasons is odd poem" saying -- than people wonders into different person ask the boy thief thief thief Xie bonus picture "Guan Gong CI Cao leg beast" aria thin flesh disease people suffer ridicule poem the poem monk porridge poetry case seven not too old acquaintance Wu Renjia female words cobweb you hate me early send clothes don't grave error kiss young aunt how to marry a man selling salt Yong Xueseng Feng Bamboo four word from Zhang Henshui Tan Xinpei to improvise poetry two filler geometry changed title like poetry, poetry is a digital poem digital summer multiplication table chick cross to its witty money Mandarin my master shame on you umbrella and cucurbit bilk again Qianlong wonder in "this" appendage here a bucket of the world she cried guns and bullets with an accent acoustic unwieldy Wu Zetian talk about the word contentment and insufficient mahjong essence cry husband show high respect ogle officer very empty please to me your house guest a ready-made panacea Gu Hongming loves small enough for the ancient fears not official recognition of a bright candlelight for dual "kill" brother Ma took a married millionaire elegiac houshengkewei Cao's remarks the car
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