Road pursuit

Date of publication:2009-8   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Luo Hancheng   Pages´╝Ü558  

The book "you do not know the place" as the main line, the expedition, expedition and tourism in a book. China has a long history, left a lot of whirling historical mystery; Chinese culture broad and profound, many secrets hidden in the unknown place. Author Luo Hancheng CCTV senior reporter, he captures the ruins to journalists keen eye, dedicated to the spirit of exploration and explore the history, has repeatedly led the CCTV reporter in scientific research, exploration and production, editing and broadcasting multi set piece. His unique feeling, the surprise discovery, interesting exploration, will be a historical mystery drought to readers, common interpretation with you. People with the author more together from the natural landscape, human geography, history of fun to share tracks.
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"ShanHaiChing" hometown Sichuan piece of the ancient Shu civilization origin of civilization as the comet comes mutant forge where is KunLun recognize alien angle mysterious mound night Lost City masked mystery bronze mask the final glory mystical Scepter what is meant by "tree" word puzzle Sanxingdui weapon mystery ancient Shu civilization tracing Sanxingdui people disappear? The earliest highway winged animal of Qiang copycat intricate "Bashu seal" Millennium kiss the earliest upstarts -- Deng Tong war sonorous universal "talismans" stones "hometown of Sanxingdui bronze raw material supplier" Southern Silk Road water channel South Silk Road on the ancient Dian people go to Sanxingdui what? String on the Silk Road Pearl Xinjiang desolate Beiting ancient origin of jade on sites like another world is Museum Shanxi Guangling tower behind
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