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Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Ningxia people's Publishing House   Author:Feng Jicai   Pages:110   Words:100000  

Illustration: words of May in Chinese lunar calendar, is a traditional Chinese Festival Dragon Boat festival. The Dragon Boat Festival in China has tens of millions of history, since the spring and autumn and the Warring States era of famous poet Qu Yuan in the heart of the people, grief and indignation in the Dragon Boat Day and drowned in Miluo, Dragon Boat Festival gradually concentrated to the Qu Yuan Memorial significance. After years of vicissitudes, the Dragon Boat Festival, has become an expression of people's patriotic feelings, unique festival in memory of the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan.
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Total order / Feng Jicai saying ballad custom diet the postscript @##@ legend In 2008 April, in Chinese traditional Tomb Sweeping Day, Chinese folk literature and art association with the central civilization office, China Association and other units jointly organized the "our holiday" series of cultural activities, publication of the knowledge, the popularization of "small series our holiday Qingming". The book was published, with its novel style, exquisite design, suit and the common people graphic, praise and praise wide readers. This greatly increases the small series compiled the confidence. This book is the two in the series, focused for a variety of knowledge, information, appreciation of material of the Dragon Boat festival. "Qingming" style in use, and is more abundant.
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"Our festival: the Dragon Boat Festival" by the Ningxia people's publishing house.
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