Old photos (thirty-sixth Series)

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Shandong pictorial   Author:Feng Keli   Pages´╝Ü158  

Photos can increase the retention of the true history, thanks to its irreplaceable cannot be altered independent discourse. Unfortunately, in the narrative, historical time, independent discourse photos often are not respected, even in some books use a lot of photos, it is nothing but a historical conclusion circumstantial evidence, graphic or a history of the concept. "Old photo" trying to change in this regard, the photos in the view of the center, let the photos to tell. Sometimes, photo contains discourse, communication means, is far from a few simple historical conclusion can cover, history has only face and listen to the words to pictures, vivid.
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Xu Zongmao island half century years exploring the victory of Song Luxia Li Hongzhang medals and sword Cai flower Chinese medicine from Hainan Island high letter I see Mr. Zhao Wangyun Xu Fanggen Chen Han to old to learn a foreign language Zhou Zhengzhang Hu Feng Memorial and Tao Hengsheng Nankai lock memory Xu Tong joined the army before and after Zheng Tiehui "clothing" memories of Wang Erfu's father as Cao Qimin at the beginning of the last century opera robes women in the old Ling Li memory treasure white Yongda Qiang area step s Fu country Yong back show Luan was scattered wood "old photo" vivid history
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User reviews
  •   But some photos inside is not high, especially the chapter and Bismarck photo
  •   "Island time half a century" copious and fluent, 30 pages, with 4 big pictures, beautiful. At the end of the book there are two essays.
  •   Bought a lot of period "old photo", one is like old photos and pictures, two reading the past story can recall, three is to collect some of this book, when nothing can be read.
  •   The old photo series has been very love ~.
  •   Historical experience with the vicissitudes of life. The book of history and life for window display. Couch. Leisure reading.
  •   Very good, fast delivery, cheap
  •   Have been concerned about, in the collection.
  •   "Island time half a century" good good
  •   Okay, this series is about war.
  •   Before the interview, a good, after this batch is used

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