Note Opusculum.

Date of publication:2010-5   Press: Ocean Press   Author:Jia Lansheng   Pages´╝Ü356  

China ancient note book has a long history, as the traditional literature and history has been seen as "wei". In many essays, "notes of Yuewei cottage" advise the vicious, emphasize causality; "not language" is our hunt for the different pleasures, or "; by the world towers" recorded as example, show the "think tank" wisdom; to puzzle, increasing the;...... They are short of real, not artificial, not put on airs, not board face. Weiweidaolai, such as boundless as the sea and sky protected under fire with fine wine, homemade. It has a poetic philosophy, beauty picturesque scene. Reading, can be large, to diffuse the hearts without Wu.
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Notes of Yuewei cottage adjacent or with pig resolve hate hypocrites and filial women treat fox garden strange poetry rogue Dutch act, because of the filial piety of snake fox continued to edge Taoist monk fateseal cloudless donkey woman give daily beauty ghost play station to take dog nurse, Liu will plead guilty to two official language poetry and Red Bull Riding the child fairy Hu Weihua tree blame the hurt officer Pan Banyu women Gorgon and destiny scholar rescue dummy ghost teachers in teacher beating. The death of death causality, choice is own Yudai snake bewitching Meng mirror, and difficult to analysis of woman posing as fox female ghost, elegant is not solvable. A good extension III frivolous Lucretia ghost on big bright and honest decreed by fate. One fox war soup Xiaolian asked the ghost wrong to avoid disaster: more people, the serpent Du Lin Zhen the God of the Earth Moon woman ghost ring an old Confucianism ghosts for poetry of the play Yahu is a virtue of Filial Piety - found spirit shown Jane dilemma, a public spirit was forced to rape a woman, Wei Zhongxian red baby...... Sub language not ship night for thousands of years by the world people think eye Tai Ping Guang Ji Shi Shuo Xin Yu
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  •   Like the past, and no big block of time to study, this book just to meet my needs: text is small, do not spend a lot of time, can see at any time!
  •   This book on historical figures point, written in very clear, is a very good book.

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