Masuhiro Xian

Date of publication:2009-4   Press: Jilin Publishing Group   Author:Xu Qian   Pages:213  
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Words of wisdom for augmented @##@ augmented "Kind", from whom I augmented, began when, also known as "the ancient and modern words of wisdom", also known as "augmented read in words of wisdom", referred to as "augmented", is China's influence wide spreading Mongolian teaching books. Legend has it that in the mid Ming Dynasty scholar from a compilation of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the two dynasties revised and enlarged, forming a circulating today version. Since the Qing Dynasty, swept the country, almost make known to every family, even woman and children all know.
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  •   The quality of the book is very good, is Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic, the daughter had learned three words, GUI, now Masuhiro Xian is also very interested. I hope she can Read classic books work, to improve the literature.
    suggest high grade primary school children to buy.
  •   The old saying, it is worth the time study, many have a look these words, for your people skills are all useful!
  •   Rich in content, is very practical, and the truth in life
  •   Well, the higher price
  •   Many ordinary words are from the book have a look good.
  •   To his mother to buy, like..
  •   Definitely worth a buy books, whether children or adults are suitable! Very good ~!
  •   Had heard of, should learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search
  •   The word is large, easy to read. A good primer
  •   Can increase knowledge
  •   Systematic understanding of Masuhiro Xian, but also good.
  •   The content of the original classic, explain straightaway. The layout design is not extravagant, exquisite. Not many textual errors.
  •   Also buy a big house to buy books, the content of the book be flashy without substance
  •   Know before on the contents of the book.

    but book arrangement, a bit naive. Not suitable for adults to read, the lack of heavy feeling. The book price is poor.

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