• Health tactics - Chinese traditional culture classic quotations

    Health tactics, quotations Chinese traditional classical culture (8), ISBN:9787807124245, author: Zhang Qizhi, ye guohong,

  • Hexi Corridor

    The Western myth and Chinese origin, "Hexi Corridor: the Western myth and Chinese origin" opened the Central Plains Dynasty constructed "the myth" curtain, perspective is Chinese characters power writing covered, have forgotten the Hexi corridor culture of ancient layer, looking for the summer, Zhou, Qin represent information from Chinese origin, "before reproduction the Silk Road" "Jade Road" deep,

  • Classic platitude

    Learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search with master, Mr. Zhu Ziqing with a plain and practical text, in the thirteen article, brief and to the point introduces our cultural heritage of classical works. The book was written in 1942, more than 60 years widely, become popular Chinese traditional cultural enlightenment classics. The insightful, easy, explain profound theories in simple language, is a,

  • Study on the sustainable development of historical and cultural heritages

    "Study on the sustainable development of historical and cultural heritages (fine)" utilization of history, geography, archaeology, ecology, heritage economics data, using the comprehensive study, the historical and cultural heritages are studied systematically and comprehensively, and the sustainable development of historical and cultural heritages,

  • Who says China no creativity

    "Who says Chinese no creativity" traces the creative process of contemporary China, and discuss cultural revival and the social and economic changes also affect how creative. The more creative people dear interview (including fashion, product design, interior design, construction and other fields), the authors discuss and common people creative in its seemingly flat,

  • China quotations from the traditional and classical culture

    The merciful, quotations Chinese traditional classical culture (7), ISBN:9787807124252, author: Zhang Qizhi, ye guohong,

  • Ancient Chinese Literature Search highlights

    "Ancient Chinese Literature Search collection (authoritative edition)" is divided into two parts in the writing, a part of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search classics, another part is the text, translation, interpretation of selected from famous. Each department Ancient Chinese Literature Search books, in addition to the individual is full translation, the majority is selected, the selected from the works in part to,

  • The creative China

    "The creative Chinese" about turning ideas into the business, let the wisdom of benefits! Creative industry is no boundary industry, innovation is the industry pattern, is the new engine of economic development! Creative industry is no boundary industry, innovation is the industry pattern, is the new engine of economic development! Put ideas into business, let the wisdom,

  • Classic platitude

    This book is Mr. Zhu Ziqing in the 60 years ago wrote, for more than 60 years, the book has become popular China, the traditional culture of the enlightenment, he used thirteen piece of writing in this book, brief and to the point introduces our cultural heritage of classical works. The content includes the Shuowen Jiezi, Zhou Yi, the book of history, the book of songs,,

  • Interpretation of the "official"

    "The 'interpretation' official" author Di Renjie, ancient officialdom is complex and changeable, hotch potch, based here already is not easy, especially in difficult people. Therefore, people pay more attention to do knowledge, this research is far from a minority of people. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, people's understanding of an official is always lost in the film,

  • Read Ancient Chinese Literature Search with Ancient Chinese Literature Search

    "Read Ancient Chinese Literature Search with Ancient Chinese Literature Search (value Gold Edition)" is a return to the source book. The book aims to poke dense fog of history, cut the confused. "Read Ancient Chinese Literature Search with Ancient Chinese Literature Search" is divided into four volumes, a total of twenty-six speakers, including a yin and Yang is called Tao -- thinking perspective Chinese; distribution of virtue of Yin Yang and the five elements -- in,

  • Flow to

    "The history of ideas" series of "sages" day "hero" trap "Jedi creature" three Bao Pengshan, together with the deepest feeling is the best article, published in 2006 in the reader won a very good reputation. The author of the book is a collection of revised. From Qin Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties, from the saints to Wen chen,,

  • South of the Five Ridges corridor

    Edge of Empire's geographical and political, "south of the Five Ridges Corridor: edge of Empire's geographical and political" said corridor, refers to the space type of cultural geography, it is connected to a special channel between different cultures. Human beings are walking, self to death, it is difficult to stop. Individual walking, means that the basic sports daily; population is reflected as a choice of walking,

  • Graphic dream

    Fine Tang bed spirit civilization, the book is comprehensive and vivid characters, fresh and smooth. In order to make reading book become readers enjoy, editor for many technological knowledge increased image resolution, the abstruse words and deep knowledge of science and technology into concise and vivid picture, lucid, configuration of nearly 600 pieces of beautiful ancient maps and drawings. ,

  • The Republic of China.

    Political science circles of two people and things, "the figure: political science circles of two people and things" selected from the author in recent years writing two circles are directly related to the academic and political biographies, which involves dozens of famous figures and historical events in twentieth Century Chinese, including Zhongshan, Song Qingling, Yuan Shikai, sun Huang Xing, Song Jiaoren, Xu Shichang, Cai Yuanpei,,

  • The Chinese civilization reader

    The book Li Xueqin invited to, Yan Buke, Chen Pingyuan, Ge Zhaoguang and so on 60 domestic first-class scholars to interpret history writing, and many other aspects of Chinese civilization, involving society, belief, philosophy, technology, food, folk custom and so on many themes, we write small articles paradigm, also is the common readers understand China classical culture,

  • Ancient Chinese Literature Search sky

    Ancient Chinese Literature Search sky ", the main content Ancient Chinese Literature Search sky" includes: "Ancient Chinese Literature Search" is a broad term, but no matter how you classification, will the Confucianism and Taoism as a key. Confucianism is Confucius and Mencius, Taoism? Nature is me and Chuang-tzu. The four ancient identity is the most important philosopher. Article three philosophers,

  • Rural wind civilization

    "Rural wind civilization: the construction of new rural culture (based on the practice of Zhejiang") to analysis as "rural culture construction in Zhejiang New Countryside Construction in the country" provinces on the basis of practical experience, refines some universal significance of rural culture construction rules, system and further discussion the rural,

  • Williams and USA early Sinology

    "Williams and USA early Sinology" in two breakthroughs: one is the use of their predecessors did not use or not Williams family archives utilization and other English data; two is investigated systematically based on a comprehensive data on, tries to put the Williams as the center of the USA early Sinological whole situation,

  • Hu Tong -- fleeting scenery

    If the talk about half a century ago string alley blown sugar, in exchange for the lamp, mixed in the downtown wisps, white money, make trouble, it is not written materials, archival records available to test that can be copied, only by the observation and memory. Experienced a period of life not necessarily to these studies, research and who may not have, have,

  • Chinese the essence of Chinese traditional culture

    "Chinese the essence of Chinese traditional culture" is the ordinary higher education "eleven five" national planning materials, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, one of the "eleven five" planning materials. The past is the key to the future. The rich heritage of our creative inheritance of Chinese forefathers left, beneficial wisdom from five thousand years of Chinese civilization, is the traditional "China,

  • Chinese hermit and Chinese culture

    This book contains the "old Mr. Jiang Xingyu Chinese hermit and Chinese culture", "the calligraphy", "Yan Lugong Kuangzhong" three, added many new research papers, and edited some errors in the original text, is Mr. Jiang Xingyu in Chinese cultural history, the history of calligraphy, Ming studies of classical works, for many years room not reprint. ,

  • Heavenly Creations.

    "Heavenly Creations" main content: introduction to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to various reasons, can not Chinese society completed timely transformation, gradually fell behind the west. The failure of the Opium War, the Chinese faced unprecedented unprecedented change for thousands of years, from the Westernization Movement, Wu Xu method, has been to the new culture movement, countless patriots were saved,

  • East West.

    In the late Qing Dynasty, the culture of authentication and select West diary, "East West: the culture in late Qing Dynasty between observation, certification and selection of" Western diary about: the invasion of Western powers and the western learning in the late Qing Dynasty, contributed to the cultural transformation of modern Chinese. In the late Qing Dynasty to the staff through their diary, recorded lots of details of life in western society, but also records of their Western culture seriously,

  • Between breath

    We also fix or, or religious or, in short, a word to "repair". Repair is modified, so we usually thought and behavior is not positive, need to be revised. To repair by what method? Already our ancestors as we summarize and practice a set of methods are: through meditation, Vipassana back through visual,,

  • Evanescent hung feather

    "Fleeting hung feather (old photo Collector's Edition)" is "old photo" series "vanishing hung feather". The book collects a lot of precious historical photos, these photos are rich in content, involving a wide range, as the reader has opened in the past a little-known events. A valuable old photos, is a memoir, "died,

  • The breaking of rock frightens the heaven

    "The rock" main content: Chinese is an ancient myth, legend, in ancient times, the struggle, the "Tianzhu folding, Huai the vast", a violent political or social upheavals disaster. Nuwa God is using her magic powers, make colored stone fill in, to quell the disaster. The goddess patching the sky.

  • Zuo Shi Hui Jian

    "Zuo Shi Hui Jian (5 Volumes)" is the day Take Hikaru as "nature" Zuo commentary do a a masterpiece, is a must read for the study of zuozhuan. Take Hikaru famous bamboo to make into a Lang, 1842-1917, a famous Japanese sinologist, author of several works of Sinology, among which "Zuo Shi Hui Jian (5 Volumes)",

  • The world of Great Harmony - Chinese traditional culture classic quotations

    The world of great harmony, quotations China traditional classical culture (11), ISBN:9787807124191, author: Zhang Qizhi, ye guohong,

  • Scratch one's head of heaven

    "The gods: China footprints symbol culture (scratch one's head of heaven) (body volume)" content brief introduction: without the creation of amidst the winds of change, not the myths and legends of the beautiful and colorful, no animal world in different poses and with different expressions, no plant world amorous feelings...... But the human world covers many folk customs, language and aesthetic culture,

  • Life to read 50 Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic

    "Life to read 50 Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic" we carefully selected Chinese culture essence of classics. Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic reading can not only help us to understand the cultural traditions of the Chinese nation, can learn manners truth, let us know the social ethics, learn to respect others, cultivate humility,

  • Sanqingshan house inkstone, ink

    "San Yan," the ink house: Mr. Gong Senren is a day "Sanqing house: inkstone, ink" Legalism and the "scholar's four jewels" collectors. Following the "Three House pen" after publishing, the book collection of ancient inkstone 52 party, the ancient ink 55 pounds (sets), is the author of the hundreds of carefully chosen, including circular, rectangular inkstone,

  • Study on the cultural soft power strategy

    "The main content of" cultural soft power strategy: the essence of soft cultural power, analyzes the aim, the basic principles of the development of cultural soft power, analyzes the factors, the spirit of cultural soft power structure and power structure, and selected six dimensions of scientific, economic, political, civil, ethics, education and culture soft,

  • Shanhaiching

    "ShanHaiChing encyclopedic cultural classics" is China a rare precious with unitary fanciful, preparation contained abundant, which contains rich historical, ethnic, astronomy, calendar, the ancient mythology, religion, geography, geography, meteorology, witchcraft, animal, plant, mineral, geography, literature, archaeology, medical,,

  • "The Analects of Confucius" and 100 control cases.

    "The Analects of Confucius' or 'and 100 cases of control" main content: "the Analects of Confucius" is the study of Confucius culture first-hand material, has been regarded as "the true, eternal and not contrary to the" Confucian classics, its importance is self-evident. However, over the past two thousand years, in the hundreds of thousands of "the Analects of Confucius" the note and translation,

  • After the history subset entry

    Qian Jibo on the treatment Ancient Chinese Literature Search, "the history subset entry: money base Bo about the country" content brief introduction: Ancient Chinese Literature Search is after the history subset of the four schools in China for thousands of years of tradition, Mr Qian Jibo is studying Ancient Chinese Literature Search grandmaster. Mr. Qian life diligently conforms mound research scholarship. In the university to save before, Mr. Qian taught primary school, middle school, college, has made many Ancient Chinese Literature Search,

  • The story of mankind

    "The story of mankind" is a popular portrayal of the history of human civilization history work. In the book, the author maintains easily's consistent style, to describe the history from the angle of human nature, tells abstruse content with humorous language, the wisdom of mankind reveals in simple story. From the origin of mankind,

  • Reading Chinese traditional culture

    "Reading Chinese traditional culture" is one of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search culture popularization reader. The nature of China emotional language, traditional culture of etiquette and custom, emperor, the system of selecting officials, education, calendar geography, including surname appellation and taboo, and Ancient Chinese Literature Search knowledge of popular interesting interpretation, is China,

  • Once grace and glory (volumes)

    "Once the grace and glory: Shangdang Bangzi and ancient theater (volumes)" content is: sleep Bangzi is not only a carrier of culture, a god pleasing tools, media and royal unification, loyalty and filial piety as orthodox moral integrity. But the penalty speech drama as purge, children behavior, social control system,

  • Introduction to China culture

    "• humanities quality education in Colleges and universities teaching materials in twenty-first Century Chinese culture introduction" introduces Chinese culture origin, development, change and transformation, introduces the basic spirit and features Chinese culture, humanistic quality education, "teaching in Colleges and universities in twenty-first Century China culture" focuses on Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and,

  • Major event changed the process of human civilization

    "The main content of major events" changed the process of human civilization: to some extent, human history is a history of civilization and barbarism intersecting weaving, suffering and happiness. In the past 6000 years of human history, go forward with great strength and vigour, surge high and sweep forward, created numerous brilliant civilization. ,

  • The Ancient Chinese Literature Search sentence dictionary Daquan

    "The Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search sentence dictionary Daquan (super Platinum Edition) (Revised Edition)" in order to let the reader feel the charm of Chinese culture, and to appreciate in learning and life, we choose the "Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search sentence dictionary.". It is in the first part,,, "the famous aphorism", collected from the ancient philosophical works,

  • Cuju heaven and earth

    "Cuju" tells the story of earth: and the flow of the series combs from a historical point of game development source, to explore China's ancient society through the game introduction, witness the years and all the world of the past. This set of books the diction of natural smooth, full and accurate data rich, illustrations, both academic depth, but also to read,

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