• No taboo

    Contemporary Chinese emotional oral record of four, no taboo: absolute privacy and contemporary Chinese emotional oral record of four, ISBN:9787200046861, author: settle the,

  • Keywords humanistic Jiang Nan

    "Western Delta where two slurry, the bridge crossing". Want to do a little south of the books, this desire is not short. Every climb Qingliang mountain, Lin Zixia lake, see the Plum Blossom Hill bright brocade, listen to the bustling and crowded the Qinhuai River, it will be more difficult to suppress...... Not to speak of in Yangzhou,

  • People living in the Qing Dynasty

    Social life of the Qing Dynasty seal, what is "the social life history, academic circles" different understanding, this book is not to explore this concept, nor for a comprehensive description of the people of Qing Dynasty's social life, just study authors, some phenomena in the life of people in the Qing dynasty. These phenomena, relates to the Qing Dynasty system, policy, idea, mode of production, social,

  • Chinese Youxian culture

    China Youxian culture, Wang Yonghao, Yu Haomin, publishing house of law,

  • Cultural position and narrative art of Contemporary Writers

    "Cultural Revolution" after the end of literature, Chinese end integration Literature Era for diversified development, cultural position and value orientation of the rapid differentiation of writer, novel narrating art produced revolutionary changes. The development of the book based on China contemporary literature, mainly discusses the "Cultural Revolution" after the China writers cultural stand and,

  • Mencius study of mind

    "Mencius study of mind" tells the story of a group of trying to explain the comparative philosopher Chinese philosophy and its artistic expressions of up to 20 years. In particular, these scholars are trying through the debate for one category and subject of Confucianism in core and lasting research -- human nature. Nature and characteristics about people,

  • All classes of authors

    "All classes of authors" in the introduction of the basic contents of the school, into the research experience of author's, and his views on the relationship between all classes of authors and cultural construction of contemporary Chinese proposed. This is a little space but covers a large quantity, tells the story of ancient times through today, can use a small amount of time you can get a general idea of all classes of authors,

  • Chinese dress culture

    "Chinese clothing culture" is a cross disciplinary research frontier theory monographs. It is the integrated use of sociology, cultural studies, history, aesthetics and psychology theory and methods, combined with points and lines to cover the body contour and detail mode to start Chinese dress culture theory. The point at which a character's costume doctrine or a,

  • Finite element method

    "The (illustrated collection of the") combined with a large number of illustrations and prints the image, the Yuan Dynasty block printed edition of introduction, elaborates the background, the Yuan Dynasty block printed edition of the book carving mechanism and carved books etc, and introduces the Yuan Dynasty block printed edition in the boutique. "The (illustrated collection of the)" is one of the China version culture series. ,

  • Contemporary China TV culture pattern

    "Contemporary China TV culture pattern: Peking University film and television art series" in the description of summed up the television composite ideology, popular culture, art culture from multiple fit to cultural industry evolution characterization, TV communication prompt "Pseudo Environment" become affect national security "soft environment" some heavy,

  • Metaphysical realm

    The culture of Confucianism and Taoism culture is our earth, Tokio Toshinaga's two cultural traditions. Daoism originated in the yellow, Lao, Zhuang's thought theory, the metaphysical Tao philosophy the construction of "mystery of mysteries", not only became the headstream and mainstream Chinese speculative philosophy, but also penetrate into all areas of people daily, become,

  • The ancient law for righteousness

    "The ancient law for righteousness (China legal culture)" I "method window on" a kind of series. The famous scholar Liu legal culture in "Southern Weekend" column "ancient law for righteousness", "ancient law for righteousness (Chinese legal culture)" is its law sets, is Professor Liu's "window on the west" during the companion,

  • Festival Festival

    This book selects the basic necessities of life in this area during the period of Republic of China to the people's daily life and culture, so that people today have a more systematic and clear understanding of the lives of ordinary people can. ,

  • Western novels and the cultural imperialism

    Western novels and the cultural imperialism, ISBN:9787307041516, author: Jian Chang Huai with,

  • Overview of cultural Chinese

    "Outline of cultural China (Second Edition)" is the cultural quality education for college students, help them to China culture to have a more systematic understanding, inspire national pride and patriotism, to realize the educational function of culture. From the characteristics of the Chinese culture and basic spirit, national and custom culture, Chinese,

  • The experience of Western etiquette

    In this "experience" in the western community, you can sniff out some engineer mark. It is organized on the content and expression of the utility. This book includes whether the article: "HELLO" is not a "hello" / "OK" and "beauty"...... Dress: casual Friday / don't wear the same clothes /... ,

  • A Book

    Chester Field left to the world is not his remarkable diplomatic skill, but he wrote to his son and son Molly & Stanhope letter. When Philip was not at the age of 6, Chester Field began to write to him, to the principles he taught, into the upper class etiquette style, as well as the cause of the achievements of the,

  • The book of songs and the Zhou Culture Study

    The study was considered to be the most divine knowledge, which leads to the State Road, and since the new culture movement called after school time, "with" no longer has the guiding significance of people's life, "the book of songs" has also been seen as a literary work, a Chinese students homework or general lover of poetry readings. ,

  • The story of wine

    Watch Chinese history, relationships can be life and wine Chinese found very close. And China long history, also with the joint and cause all sorts of wine culture, the formation of two shine upon each other. But with people living close to the wine, "wine" about the story, and Chinese poetry in literature, also quite,

  • Kanto Liyuan Opera

    "Kanto Liyuan Baixi" including the opening words, opera stage, royal celebration speech drama etc.. ,

  • Effect of China culture in Europe

    Effect of culture on Europe, Chinese grandson said: "know yourself as well as the enemy, know yourself." This is a war. In fact, on the other hand also is such. Today, Chinese people's understanding of Western (know) far more than the western people to understand Chinese. In the west, not only have some common people know the China no; some people even think that today Chinese,

  • Offbeat.

    World Feminist art,

  • China landscape and culture

    "China small mountain culture" content brief introduction: "China Culture Series" volume per word hundred, drawing hundreds of pieces, and strive to broaden horizons, insights fresh, information rich, lively style, exquisite design, in the higher level and range China cultures, and both academic theory, appreciation and collection and reference books price,

  • Tianjin New Year paintings hundred years

    Tianjin New Year paintings hundred years, ed. Zhang Daoliang, Tianjin People's fine arts publishing house,

  • The new drawing thousands of paper

    "The new drawing the Huaxia 1000 paper" content brief introduction: in recent years, the regression of Chinese traditional culture has become an important trend in public and cultural life in. After a strong shock of western culture, people turned to, began to re-examine the cultural essence of Chinese civilization. The broad masses of people in urgent need of more focused and more abundant,

  • Taboo and Chinese culture

    The taboo is not only the Pacific Islands, known to all the world's peoples all have taboo. It is a long history and an extremely complex social and cultural phenomenon, especially when some ancient religious taboo secular life habits, is infiltrated into every aspect of people's life. At the same time, people,

  • Story 100

    This series consists of four volumes, the selection of the value of Chinese, commonly used, expressive idioms, proverbs, allusions to the 100. Each of English interpretation, each with an exquisite illustrations, otherwise English some difficult words notes. This book is designed to help foreigners learn Chinese allusions, especially different,

  • The new drawing thousands of instructions

    "The new drawing the Huaxia thousand family" is the Chinese traditional culture Horizon Series in the new drawing thousands of family education section, it contains in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and ended in Qing not representative family papers. Home, family significance far beyond the family life content, elders for primary admonishment exhortation, nor,

  • The story of Art Brut

    "The story of Art Brut": the word "Art Brut" may be unfamiliar to most people, but the origin of original murals, large caves of primitive art, spontaneous art when understand. In the early development of civilization, art creation has not yet reached the stage of self-consciousness, unconscious, subconscious creations left us,

  • From the Chinese characters to Chinese characters characters

    Research of character cultural circle Chinese characters,

  • The loss of overseas national treasure

    The loss of overseas national treasure -- text volume, ed. Chen Wenping, Shanghai culture,

  • China ancient Zodiac decorative arts

    "Chinese ancient Zodiac decorative arts" ancient the zodiac modeling patterns in a book, in the compilation process, refer to a large number of archaeological excavation report and related books and magazines, and quoted from a lot of information. For these data, the editor was re copy finishing, some illustrations in the original basis has been added,

  • Effect of Chinese culture on USA literature

    Effect of China culture on American literature, in recent years, I speak in many articles and, preach a viewpoint: the cultural exchange is one of the main power to promote the progress of human society. My feeling is based on historical facts and reality, no subjective components. Here, the key is a "to" word, leaning to one side, to the side of the stream, can not be said,

  • Chinese ancient culture common sense

    This book is a famous linguist, Mr. Wang Li presided over the preparation of a film about the ancient cultural knowledge booklet, fourteen aspects of astronomy, calendar, music, geography, customs, patriarchal, palace, food, clothing etc.. These are some of the ancient society "material civilization" content, is in recent years academia more heat,

  • Untold Guanyin

    According to law, cited by the illustration, the book is divided into six chapters, followed by a Buddism godness Guanyin belief, a Buddism godness Guanyin classic, a Buddism godness Guanyin image, a Buddism godness Guanyin culture, a Buddism godness Guanyin Dojo, a Buddism godness Guanyin Festival, color 335 illustrations. According to the spirit of seek truth from facts, copiously quote authoritative works, will a Buddism godness Guanyin from India the first male a Buddism godness Guanyin, the evolution of beliefs as China, typical of women a Buddism godness Guanyin,,

  • Hakka and Chinese civilization

    "Hakka and Chinese civilization", the "culture motive", think South Song Dynasty culture center, the birth of the people; it is the song of the war, stimulate the cultural pride, makes the people emerged in history. We adhere to the "academic All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought", not to engage in what",

  • The last Han

    Finally, Han, Chen Tong, Liu Chun, Jin Yongquan, Princeton University Press,

  • Republic of China Customs hundred beauty diagram

    "The Republic of China Customs 100 Meitu" works not only show the deep western attainments, but also have Chinese traditional line drawing skill and technique, both, even with modern artistic point of view, is still a valuable painting jiapin. Ding Song (1891-1972) the word Mu Qin, Fengjing people. Is two,,

  • Chinese Academy Charter

    "Chinese Academy Charter" compilation note the following problems. One time, the articles of association, Song Zhiqing, a typical generation. The two is a regional, Jiangnan college developed area since Needless to theory, the surrounding area, and east to Taiwan Baisha, Yunnan, Gansu, Jilin, Lanshan and wind YangZheng the college can be represented, god,

  • The black and white nickname Tan

    For a long time, the world is quite interested in "Water Margin" characters and their names and nicknames, they have been regarded as the water margin cultural identity, its unique artistic charm, can be said to be unprecedented and unrepeatable. Such as the Lin Chong Gang stars nickname "leopard head", Wang Ying nickname "dwarf tiger", understanding, study of the humanities, can borrow,

  • Research on the "Rites" mourning apparel

    From the perspective of history "rites of mourning apparel" itself and the Chinese ancient mourning apparel system was more comprehensive, in-depth, systematic study, deepen the research of China's ancient patriarchal clan relationship. This book includes: introduction; the formation and establishment of mourning apparel system in ancient Chinese; "Rites", biography, mourning apparel in the description theory; ",

  • Shaolin Kung Fu

    "Human oral and intangible cultural heritage series" mainly reflects the cultural heritage of the basic appearance, form, aesthetic or process on the main characteristics, history, and the main successor for the table, and also briefly introduced the local government for the inheritance and protection of the cultural heritage of the work and the future plan,

  • Analytical Chinese

    Goodnow in "a Book Analytical China", believe that the fundamental way out China lies in the development of social economy, the economy should be the core of the problem Chinese. He Chinese intellectuals tend to give way Chinese attributed the sharp criticism to cultural problem. He believes that this will lead to Chinese intellectuals,

  • Chinese scold

    The author wrote this book, not to scold the end of the original study, and invited the world, so that people can and can not, but rather in the thousands of years of scold culture billabong, throw a small stones, with tiny ripples to tell the world, the pool is not too profound to be understood, it may be down to a try not to get the fish, ba! Said,

  • The origin of myth

    The origin of myth, ISBN:9787300060484, author: Wang Debao,

  • Augmented by admin

    "Family names" is popular in China the longest, the most widely circulated one textbooks. It's a book and popularization of earlier in the "Three Character Classic". According to the Southern Song Dynasty scholar Wang Mingqing research, the book before the arrangement of a few surnames is about: Zhao refers to the song, since it is the king's name should be headed; followed by the name of money, money is the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms wu,

  • Aspects of military culture

    The Duke is how to obtain the "spring and autumn the first overlord" status? "What is the core content of grandson" military thought? Why the battle of sun Liu coalition to win? Ancient China is how Paibingbuzhen?...... This book is "traditional culture series", written in a special form, introduces a paper,

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