• Let you benefit from the life of the classic

    "Let you benefit from the life of the classic: augmented words of wisdom" is a philosophical ancient primers. Our ancestors to proverbs meta into a book, GetWord, read a good mind, is literate reader, is to teach children how to treat, how to behave primer. "Let you benefit from the life of the classic:" augmented words of wisdom,

  • The Thousand Character Classic

    "A brief introduction to the main content of QianZiWen": the study and research of calligraphy has become a kind of fashion and trend in china. Modern Chinese already generally realized the practical and aesthetic characteristics of calligraphy, the important content of learning calligraphy as accomplishment of life education. Let the child practice calligraphy, written Chinese characters, not as a special,

  • China taboo folk custom

    China taboo folk custom, ISBN:9787106022969, author: Wan Jianzhong,

  • Get to the root of things

    Get to the root of things, Song Shaoguang, Guangdong Economic Publishing house,

  • Legend China ten festivals

    Legend China ten festivals (French version), ISBN:9787801384942, author: Zhan Tong compilation,

  • Humanistic Sihui

    The main content of the book include: Heiner rivers number Sihui, Millennium ancient, the nimbus landscape, Jay Chun, would art vulgar delicate, Wuhua Tianbao, will grace the metro. ,

  • China weddings and birthday celebration optional Kyrgyzstan Almanac

    Editors: Chinese since most pay attention to etiquette, wedding, funeral, which relates to life, Qing arrangements and the choice of time in such aspects as the weight. The "Chinese weddings and birthday celebration Kyrgyzstan Datong book" is divided into eleven chapters, the content includes: marriage etiquette; funeral etiquette; birthday etiquette; housewarming etiquette; opening celebration ceremony,

  • China Leishan Miao dress

    In Leishan Miao dress is an exotic flower in the garden of the Miao costumes, the exquisite beyond compare embroidery skills and bright silver, let the Chinese and foreign experts and scholars greatly, too. In different groups, different regions of Leishan Miao according to wear different customs, retain their own different style, is the so-called "ten,

  • Chinese surname history. Chen - Chinese surname history books

    Chen, Chen: the illustration, ISBN:9787506015813, author: Lu Yanhong,

  • The picture said three words

    "Three Character Classic" content introduction painting said: "Three Character Classic" since the Southern Song Dynasty, has been 700 years of history, is a rare traditional Chinese culture of learning for children enlightenment books, a total of more than one thousand words, is make known to every family, win universal praise. Writing naturally, chastity, including China traditional education, history, astronomy,

  • Chinese surname spectrum (yuan volume)

    The book is divided in origin, character, humanities, literature of four references, reveal yuan geographical distribution, trend and characteristics, the Yuan's deep foundation and family change. ,

  • And the stories of Chinese classical poetic couplet (12 volumes)

    And the stories of Chinese classical poetic couplet (12 volumes), edited by Xiao Huang

  • Classical music system and Zhou Dai's poetic ideas

    "Music system and Zhou Dai Poetics" from the music system and ritual activities of Zhou Dai, the classical music system and Zhou Dai music official system and Zhou Dai's poetic theory, combined with the characteristic Chinese ancient culture, has carried on the pioneering research, the topic has important academic value. Arguments from two aspects of theory and empirical,

  • Lu Yu's "tea" interpretation and criticism

    Lu Yu's "tea" interpretation and criticism, Cheng Qikun, Yang Zhaodi, Yao Guokun, the culture of Shanghai,

  • Home ingenuity

    China living culture,

  • The water margin engraving catalogue (two volumes)

    "The Water Margin", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "journey to the west", "a dream of Red Mansions" four great classical novels, as China literary masterpieces, it is suit and the common people, make known to every family. Since the advent of the four works, in passing, engraving and printing process, after hundreds of years, there have been many versions. At the same time, in the book,

  • Qian Wenzhong read three words: the upper (11DVD+1 book)

    "" 100 forum "please, Professor Qian Wenzhong of Fudan University, a humorous story, tell behind us" Three Character Classic "story," Three Character Classic "interpretation with the truth, and the" Three Character Classic ", a detailed review on the China traditional culture, help me to recognize, in Chinese traditional culture, what is,

  • The new family names

    Book in accordance with the "people's Daily" published last order, a surname a. Each to write name and title, subtitle indicates the origin characteristics; content to research the origin for the key, and describes its dispersal, fame, status of performance. ,

  • Globalization and national culture

    Roughly speaking, there are two types of China anthropologist. A class, the relative emphasis on the dialogue and the western theory of anthropology; a class, pay special attention to local problems, especially the development of local minority. Zheng Xiaoyun belongs to the latter. Two anthropologists are very important, for the weak development of the discipline of anthropology contribute. ,

  • The humanities in Fengkai

    The main content of the book include: the impression of Fengkai, Fengkai, the ancient capital of Fengkai, the history of Fengkai, Fengkai, Fengkai, landscape charm over Fengkai. ,

  • Chinese literature and art theory

    Chinese literature and art theory, ISBN:9787544020473, author: Zhu Zhirong,

  • Chinese traditional costume culture

    "Compared with the method China traditional dress culture" by the research methods of history, the analysis process of apparel and traditional culture blend from two aspects aspect, emphatically elaborated the costumes and the psychology of national culture, clothing culture and literary and artistic origin etc.. ,

  • China Tea Culture Series

    This "Chinese tea culture series" surfing on the Internet has a total of 10 published, by China folk culture research center of Jiangxi Province Yu Yue fellow editor, in 1999 August by the Guangming Daily Publishing house. They are the "Tea Road Course -- a brief history of Chinese tea culture flow" (Yu Yue), "the tea leisurely rhyme,

  • Surnames

    Surnames, ISBN:9787805030036, author: Ning 斧成 book,

  • China culture art spirit

    Chinese culture art spirit, ISBN:9787560514185, author: Zhang Rong, Han Pengjie, Lu Wei Ming to,

  • Life in the Middle Ages

    What do I know? - life in the Middle Ages (Law), Togul, Feng Tang, the commercial press,

  • Common sense China culture: cultural life (Paperback).

    "Common sense Chinese culture: cultural life series" by the Shanghai Education Publishing house. ,

  • A dream of Red Mansions engraving.

    "The Water Margin", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "journey to the west", "a dream of Red Mansions" four great classical novels, as China literary masterpieces, it is suit and the common people, make known to every family. Since the advent of the four works, in passing, engraving and printing process, after hundreds of years, there have been many versions. At the same time, in the book,

  • Spirit Festival couplets highlights

    In 2005 CCTV Spring Festival Gala of couplets couplets, has a long history, is the crystallization of Chinese traditional culture, by the people's welcome. As a part of a -- Spring Festival couplets, is more integration with thousands of years of Chinese folk culture, long. The famous scholar, red scientist Mr. Zhou Ruchang once said: "we have the Spring Festival Festival couplets,,

  • Traditional Chinese Cultural Classics Collection

    The book of songs, ISBN:9787508261256, author: Meng Jinglin,

  • Chinese surname spectrum

    High, high, ISBN:9787801422255, author: Li Xueqin Chen Guocan, editor in chief,

  • Chinese traditional culture essence of Yue Feichuan

    The essence of the traditional culture of Chinese Yue Fei (fine graphic Edition), edited by Zhong Lei, Harbin University press,

  • Peking Opera clothing China Atlas

    Map of Peking Opera clothing China (Revised Edition), Tan Yuanjie, Beijing Fine Arts Publishing house,

  • The humanities in Dinghu

    The main content of the book include: the impression of Dinghu, Dinghu, Dinghu, the Buddha and Mandarin Dinghu, customs in Dinghu, Dinghu, Dinghu holiday village. ,

  • Taishan Temple

    Taishan Temple Fair: China vulgar culture series, Liu Hui, Shandong Education Publishing house,

  • Ecological culture and people

    Study on the traditional food culture of manchu,

  • Change in North China's diet culture

    Change in North China, the diet culture of Wang Lihua, Chinese Social Science Press,

  • Humanity must

    The main content of the book include: high to walk, interpretation of the ancient county, the Millennium pursuit, approached the celebrities, exploration, a red mark, gleaning, countryside scenery softly etc.. ,

  • Chinese surname spectrum Peng Xingjuan

    "Chinese surname spectrum (Peng)" is a Chinese surname spectrum in the "Peng" name. From the origin of the name in the book, the changes and various aspects of politics, economy, culture and the relationship between the geographical distribution of the surname, the trend and characteristics of the name system; deep foundation and family change. "Chinese surname spectrum (Peng)",

  • China ancient poem appreciation

    China poetry has a long history, in the spring and Autumn period, our country appeared the first collection of poetry, "the book of songs". In the Warring States period, with Qu Yuan as the representative of the "songs of Chu", become the second peaks Chinese poetry history. Han Wei Jin period, "Five", "seven words" emerge as the times require poetry. The Tang Dynasty is Chinese classical poetry creation of gold,

  • Chinese ancient etiquette culture series

    Chinese ancient etiquette culture series (five volumes), Li Wuwei, Beijing library press,

  • Harmony - the Chinese traditional culture classic quotations

    Classic quotations Chinese traditional culture and different, ISBN:9787807128700, author: Han Xing et al,

  • A survey of Chinese culture

    Chinese culture,

  • The art of Shang and Zhou Dynasties

    The Shang and Zhou dynasties art, ISBN:9787805237947, author: Xie Chongan,

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