• The master said Ancient Chinese Literature Search Ancient Chinese Literature Search

    "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Master said the main content description:" Ancient Chinese Literature Search Ancient Chinese Literature Search, arose in the early twentieth Century, surface height in the 20's, 80's, after the twentieth Century 90's "Chinese traditional culture" to explore the development and Reflection on the upsurge in again, on behalf of the face and Jane to the traditional and national culture in the process of national reconstruction,

  • Thirty-six meter

    "Thirty-six plan" content brief introduction: Chinese traditional culture has a long history, connotation of Confucian classics, history books, all classes of authors, has formed the cultural thought is complete, content involves many fields of philosophy, literature, art, the essence of Chinese civilization, sufficient to show. Since modern times, with the western learning spreading to the east,,

  • The Imperial Palace history

    "The Imperial Palace (in the history of English double words version)" is a systematic introduction to the Beijing the Imperial Palace history of popular books, "the history of the Imperial Palace (in English double words version)" a comprehensive introduction to the "Forbidden City" name origin, artistic achievement, focuses on the symbolic meaning of the hall of Supreme Harmony and build process are introduced; "the air que",,

  • Research Report of national cultural industry project

    Placed in front of the readers of "National Cultural Industry Research Report", is the national culture industry theory research universities and launched according to the Ministry of Culture issued a research mission of the cultural industry the latest theoretical research results. Since the party's sixteen, in the national cultural industry policy and actively guide and culture system,

  • Harmonious society of the city cultural strategy

    "The main content of the harmonious society city culture strategy" is: the contemporary cultural strategy research is a worldwide frontier. "Harmonious society" city cultural strategy based on the integration of humanism and scientism paradigm perspective, in the discussion and review on the research background, related concepts of city culture strategy,

  • Chinese Expo 2010 Shanghai overview

    "Chinese Expo 2010 Shanghai Overview" is currently the only to introduce a system of Shanghai Expo Expo publication. The main contents of the book includes the Shanghai World Expo will be the basic information, the interpretation of the theme, organization, planning, exhibition, forum, activities, communication and promotion, city best practice area, net,

  • In 2009, the Zhengzhou Cultural Development Report

    "2009 Zhengzhou cultural development report (2010 Edition)" to the government to accelerate the development of cultural industry, to promote cultural development and prosperity to provide timely, effective decision-making service, its academic value is mainly reflected in the rapid development of the cultural development of Central Plains culture industry inheritance and the possibility of,

  • With the official Tan Guoxue

    "On the introduction Ancient Chinese Literature Search" content and officials: at present, our country is in the crucial period of reform, the key development period, the period of prominent contradictions, China's development shows a series of new features, the party faces a long, complex, severe power test, the reform and opening up, market economy test, test external environment test. ,

  • Study of popular literature transformation

    "The study" tells the story of mass transition period: twentieth Century since 80 time end, Chinese social structure and cultural mechanism has experienced a huge transformation, the transformation from agricultural society to industrial and commercial society, the transformation from rural society to the city society, from closed society to open society transformation, the transformation from the ethics society to legal society,,

  • Ancient Chinese Literature Search Cong Tan

    "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Cong Tan" is a famous professor Zhang Wenxun of Yunnan University in recent years a series of papers about the ancient culture and ideology, some articles in the relevant newspapers and published, the author collected and made some revisions. The book is divided into "the", "the" two parts, the first part is about Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism thought,

  • Yi Heng (Second Series)

    "Yi Heng (Second Series)" content brief introduction: problem and method: the classic system establishment and succession, Fang's Chinese philosophical description of some basic concepts in classical prose, "in" problem solving and reading, reading Tao Yuanming "Peach Blossom Spring and poem" notes, easy peak flower and bird painting, calligraphy, Chen Fucheng "the famous paintings through the ages,

  • Introduction to China traditional culture

    "China traditional culture" from the traditional culture and historical conditions; the development and evolution of traditional culture; traditional philosophy, science and technology, education, history, literature and art, religion, ethics and morality; traditional culture; traditional culture in the modern debates and reform and other aspects of traditional culture, Chinese comprehensively and,

  • Qinghai flower show

    "Qinghai flower ceremony" is a collection of books. It from seven aspects which include the quintessence of Qinghai flowers, flowers, flowers, review of selected CI tune, flowers, flowers, flowers, singing inheritors of creation of flowers. This book is not only a theoretical and practical, both has the research value and collection value. It,

  • Water finally meet.

    "Water" the final meet something: Zhang Xiping, vice president of the society for the history of Sino foreign relations China, deputy director of the research center of Christian China Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Beijing Foreign Studies University China overseas academic research center, vice president of Beijing Foreign Studies University School of Chinese. Long engaged in the history of Sino Western cultural exchange history of Christianity, Chinese,

  • Thirty-six meter

    "Thirty-six meter (color solutions)" is a film called "the puzzle of meta, strategy of" military books. It summarizes the military thought of excellence in ancient China and rich experience in struggle, is a treasure house of wisdom China excellent traditional culture, known as the Chinese invisible "wisdom on the Great Wall". Now, "thirty-six,

  • The Chinese festivals

    "Chinese festival" is just the traditional program and rooted in the traditional culture and customs of human theme festival. The Chinese nation has a long history, the traditional old aged festival system originated in the pre Qin Dynasty period; growth in the Qin and Han Dynasties in Weijin Dynasty; setting during the period of Tang and two dynasty; Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties and had great development, and continued to,

  • .

    "Big policy: Chinese cultural development strategy" to the country road content abstract: culture is the soul of a nation. Five thousand years of splendid Chinese culture, made great contribution to the progress of human civilization, is the spiritual bond of the Chinese nation, country life and growth in nature heritage, the Chinese nation is facing severe challenges as well as various,

  • The Christian culture

    "The Christian culture" tells the story of Western civilization inherit the rich heritage from the Christian Church, and the evolution of its own is also a history of civilization. Modern Christian is not only a kind of religious belief, is also a kind of cultural form. The development of science, progress of the human mind makes people constantly reshaping the Christian civilization. ,

  • Chuang-tzu

    Chuang-tzu, "Chuang-tzu" the main content: the name of Chuang-tzu week, birth and death is unknown, the song was cast, Mongolian Qi Yuan li. Chuang-tzu lived in the period of the Warring States period, and Wei Hui Wang, King Xuan also. At the time of the Zhou Dynasty cease to exist except in name, feudatory disputes, frequent warfare, social unrest, people in dire straits. In the political darkness,,

  • In sixty years (state of culture volume)

    "State of sixty years (Culture)" the main content description: The past is the prologue. Founded in celebrating the 60 anniversary of the people's Republic, the people are for the 2020 to achieve the goal of a well-off society in an all-round way and hard times, from the political, economic, cultural, military, diplomatic comprehensive review and summary,

  • Yi Bimo 100 solutions by

    "Yi Bimo 100 solutions by", "Yi as litter color Zamo", is an exotic flower of Yi Bimo classics voluminous in. "Yi Bimo 100 solutions by" Yi involved in astronomy, disease diagnosis, prediction, choose life is auspicious and other content, reflects the Yi people to explore the mysteries of nature change unpredictably. This kind of books,

  • City

    "City: Chinese City Legend memory" is a city of memorabilia, will be one of the most important city in the history of several events, and characters and events related to the one one show in front of readers, is by the pursuit of the goal. In this way, two city historical events into a book, the including and beijing,

  • Culture sovereignty and the national cultural soft power

    "Culture sovereignty and the national cultural soft power" tells the story: forging national political awareness of the need to develop the cultural sovereignty. In this a globalization new cultural value order leadership for, if we are not from the point of view of sovereignty on modern transformation China culture, not to the cultural sovereignty to construct China culture,

  • Face and soul of the city

    "City" face "and" soul "" content brief introduction: from a city's "face", people can enjoy a city's temperament, taste, fusion of cultural diversity and combining traditional and modern development idea, you can explore a city essence, gas, God, a city soul. Science City Cultural Development view,

  • Think tank (4 volumes)

    "Think (set of 4 volumes)" the first edition in Ming Dynasty revealed six years (1626), the book is received from pre Qin Dynasty, Ming Dynasties till think-tank story more than 1200, is a Chinese of wisdom of the people creating history and history of practice. The performance of the characters in the book, all create history in the use of wisdom and discretion. It is not only a,

  • The baptism of the soul

    Understanding Masuhiro Xian, "the baptism of the mind: understanding" content brief introduction: good, is human nature; evil, is the good twin brother. With the birth of "good", but also as evil. Therefore. One is born, if not good, then the "evil" to invade the human body, breeding in human soul. "Good" and "evil",

  • Historical anecdote

    "History" tells the author: on 1968 and graduated from Beijing Normal College (now Capital Normal University History Department). Accept short-term "re education" in China 4657 people's Liberation Army troops farm, was assigned to Panggezhuang Daxing County of Beijing middle school teaching; 1977 transferred to the Beijing Daxing County teachers,

  • On the folk culture

    The theory of "folk culture" includes: remember seedling horse, flail sound to today, and rice beef and rice song of the cattle, dog, chicken voice call is the second story, the rattle, "Shi bu", "Mao on the second support Raft", new pants trousers trousers, rice, rice steamer on the version building, Wadang Wadang text and etc.. ,

  • Ancient Chinese Literature Search Research (volume twenty-third)

    "Ancient Chinese Literature Search research: twenty-third volume" is of Ancient Chinese Literature Search effects of Peking University Institute of Ancient Chinese Literature Search editing widely, collecting literature, history, philosophy, archaeology of the high level of 14 papers. ,

  • Science and technology culture and the construction of harmonious society in contemporary China

    Development of science and technology, construction technology and culture. Vigorously carry forward the culture of science and technology in the whole society, constructing the harmonious society is the topic of the times put forward. "Construction of harmonious society" by explaining the cultural heritage and cultural spirit and the corresponding technology culture and harmonious society in contemporary China, clearly put forward the scientific culture is the construction harmonious society's important,

  • National Art and cultural industry

    National Art and cultural industry, ISBN:9787811252651, author: Zhang Shengbing, Qu Xiaoqing, Zou Long,

  • Interpretation of the elements

    "Introduction to the interpretation of the elements" content: discuss the proposition of the Chinese elements, in order to express our commitment, inheritance and creation of Chinese spiritual culture standpoint, to express our Chinese awareness and understanding of human and nature, man and society, man and the formation of self in the philosophy and ideological value, to express our Chinese trial,

  • The book of cattle

    The main content of the book "" cattle: cattle and human labor Living closely, cattle culture infiltration in working people's blood, multi-faceted impact our social life. On, we should be thankful. The year of the ox, we praise cattle. "The book of the year of the ox" including cattle cattle cattle, the year of the ox, interpretation of a cattle three part,

  • The Chinese animal signs Culture Series (12 volumes)

    Zodiac I love you, "Chinese Zodiac Culture Series (12 volumes)" the main content: the life journey has a secret, magic Zodiac decoding words, you want to know a wonderful book, then to ask mystery. This is a top secret files, a subordinate the dog man, a full range analysis, the dog people's psychological characteristics, emotional world, personal habits. In this book,

  • Annals of Chinese culture

    The ten code 101 volumes, "annals of Chinese culture" is the Chinese nation the first history of Chinese culture from ancient to now, be arranged for giant book comprehensive system summary, the book is divided into order volumes and ten code Bai Zhi, a total of 101 volumes, 4000 more than word, nearly 200 experts took 8 years to complete the. Published by Shanghai people's publishing house,

  • Modern China culture and Literature

    "Modern China culture and Literature (seventh Series)" organized, in three parts, a comprehensive and detailed combing the development process of modern literature Chinese. Each series begins with a "summary", be concise and to the point introduces every period of history background and the development of literature, the main features of this period, and then,

  • The 2007 Yunnan Arts Annual Report

    "2007 Yunnan Arts annual report" professional lawyers by two long engaged in the legal practice of real estate to create a common, involving the sale of commercial housing, the sale of second-hand housing, economic applicable housing sales, the sale of rural housing and public housing, the housing reform of the housing and other housing sales, covering the current sale housing types, and the real,

  • Learn a little

    "Learn" to review the body slightly, Yu directory with, so scholars into a knows a border slightly rough, the various aspects of Chinese traditional academic guidance, has concise cordial. Mr. written when he was twenty-three years old, "learn" table of contents "slightly after the cloud:" Wu Wu July 15, 1918 draft, the night of twenty-three bi,,

  • Kung Fu2009

    "Kung Fu" China set of books is divided into 36 volumes, from "Chinese civilization 5000 years" tell China history began, through the "Confucius", "Sun Tzu's wisdom", "war China ancient philosophy", "imperial examination and college", "China Buddhism and Taoism", elaborated the different gene and ideological and spiritual culture of the Chinese nation the,

  • Culture construction in Zhejiang province and the development of cultural industry research

    "A brief introduction to the main content of culture construction in Zhejiang province and the development of cultural industry research": at present, Zhejiang Province cultural industry has shown a good momentum of development. The socialist core value system, the system of public cultural services, the development of cultural industry system further rationalize, cultural industry has become an important approach to optimize the economic structure,

  • 戈宝权 set

    "戈宝权 set" tells the story: 戈宝权 (1913-2000), who, the famous Russian Soviet literature study of Chinese translators, outstanding cultural activist, has engaged in the work of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, made outstanding contributions. Anthology income him about the cultural exchange between China and foreign countries more than 20 academic theses articles, including pu,

  • Anthology of Zhang Qizhi

    "Zhang Qizhi zixuanji" the field China thought history recognized as well-known scholars, since fifty time, made great achievements in research on Marx's historiography, solid theoretical foundation, have a large stock of information, the all strike out a new line for oneself, academic research and ideological orientation were of great value. ,

  • Study on the settlement of the Silk Road

    To research, "research" to the Silk Road as the Silk Road Studies Series in the Eastern Han Dynasty, mainly studies the Western Dynasty, southern and Northern dynasties dynasty, Yuan Dynasty dynasty, western regions of Xinjiang in early Qing Dynasty, Dao Guang Xianfeng Period to Xinjiang period, Xinjiang, Sheng Shicai began to new Chinese settlement building, new career,

  • Elementary classical (4 volumes)

    "Classic", "classic (set of 4 volumes) (version)" editing process, in the original basis to make annotations accurate, vivid, and carefully select a large number of elementary knowledge and Ancient Chinese Literature Search allusions, to help readers comprehend more deeply the essence of enlightenment, made a product, do a wise man. The reason why the Chinese nation,

  • Collection of thousands of family name

    "Bible" 1000 name selected about one thousand names in contemporary use, editor for more than 200 historical allusions, and put the allusions interpretation for the four character verse, and the different contents of verse story to ten types, are combined into a more coherent surname reading books. The book set name, allusions, knowledge, interest, entertainment,

  • Northwest area ancient costume button is a research

    "Northwest area ancient costume button is a study from the perspective of" clothing re division of apparel overall structure, proposed "surface material", "button is a" new dress constitute concept based on the chronological region of northwest area ancient "Zhongyuan", "North" and "western" main regional dress button system,

  • Of course

    From the ancient to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, "of course: from ancient times to the Sui and Tang Dynasties" content brief introduction: in fact, since the history of human, has become a culture, rather than just a reproduction method. Reproductive importance does not need to prove, because there is no reproductive, all human cultures cannot root reproduction, but if the reproduction is just a kind of obligation,

  • Ask 14

    "Ask" problem is familiar, but don't say so. "Ask" series with its unique rhetorical question angle, both knowledge and interest of solutions, covering the rich and beautiful illustrations. "Ask 14 -- 101 interesting questions" about Chinese culture adhering to this topic of science,

  • Globalization and contemporary Chinese culture

    "Globalization and contemporary China culture" a book by Marx of Shandong University, Dean Professor Zhou Xiangjun under the auspices of the Ministry of education key research base of major projects "under the background of globalization China socialist cultural construction of" sub topic "globalization and the China culture research" stage,

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