• Kao Gong Ji.

    "Kao Gong Ji reading:" Ancient Chinese Literature Search high school. Ancient Chinese Literature Search does not rot will not rot, it is living water, fresh and flowing from raw materials with evergreen. In view of this, my agency experts in academia, editor of the "Ancient Chinese Literature Search big lecture room". "Ancient Chinese Literature Search big lecture room" covering literature, history, philosophy, science and other aspects,,

  • China ancient cultural reading

    "China ancient culture, text reading four Pu • decoration Zhi (first series) (twenty-fourth volumes) (full Pinyin version)" is Chinese ancient culture of reading first. China ancient culture broad and profound, has a long history, is one of the most important parts of the world culture. We compile this "Chinese ancient culture,

  • China ancient cultural reading

    "Chinese ancient culture: reading Jia Yi's new book (first series of twentieth volumes) (phonetic version)" content brief introduction: Chinese ancient culture broad and profound, has a long history, is one of the most important parts of the world culture. We compile this "process China ancient culture" in reading books, to refine on the state,

  • The report Chinese cultural industry development in 2008

    "Report" China cultural industry development in 2008 to the analysis of the industrial analysis and combining policy, macro analysis of the development of the national cultural industry situation is, "report" China cultural industry development in 2008 and the annual report of the cultural industry authority of different industries; both have in the past year,

  • The world cultural and natural heritage

    "World cultural and natural heritage" in addition to the world cultural and natural heritage itself was detailed and vivid introduction, added a lot of related folklore, stories and legends, greatly enhanced their historical and cultural connotation. I hope you can with our line of sight, across time and space, break through the geographical boundaries, in the days of,

  • As the Mid Autumn Festival

    The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China, dating back more than two thousand years of history, and still maintain exuberant vitality. 5 aspects of this book from the origin and evolution of the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival legend tradition, carry forward the Mid Autumn Festival cultural and literary works of the Mid Autumn Festival, in popular language, detailed,

  • The report Chinese cultural heritage development

    Since 2008, the State Cultural Relics Bureau commissioned by the research group of the State Council Development Research Center of the "report" China cultural heritage development blue book form around a theme each year continuous demonstrate cultural heritage development Chinese. This series of Blue Book characteristics summarized as "clear positioning, highlight the theme,,

  • The new evaluation Chinese Bushido

    "New evaluation main content China Bushido:" open your eyes and see the world as one of the earliest modern patriotic intellectuals, Liang Qichao convulsion and clearly see suffering alien bully of the Chinese nation, the internal crux country far decline: the national spirit of the weak. How to inspire the national spirit, to resist foreign aggression, save my China in water,

  • Introduction of Jiangsu regional culture

    This book is tourism, Chinese, secretarial, management and other professional courses teaching materials, can also be used as other professional quality education guidance materials. The materials of learning, so that students can complete and specific understanding process of Jiangsu culture, understand the development characteristic of Jiangsu culture, and improve the students to collect, analysis and research,

  • Wu Yuwenlu

    This "the book," Wu Yu masterpiece and fine text as recorded. Wu Yu, five four, the new culture movement leader, alongside Chen Duxiu and Hu Shi, to the "hand drilling stores" Yu sheng. Read the "Wu 虞文 recorded", is reading an era, is read to a situation, is to feel a master that time and in blood,

  • The intellectual Chinese spring, 1978

    "Intellectual", Chinese spring 1978 brief introduction: in 1978 for China intellectuals, is always warm memories. After ten years of the "Cultural Revolution" of the cold, they finally ushered in the spring of their own. The intellectuals in the spring, the CPC Central Committee held a scale,

  • The Dragon Descendants

    "Dragon" (Revised) "from ethnology, folklore, folk culture point of view, using history, physical anthropology, Chinese paleography, art aesthetics, traditional science and other related results to be concise and to the point, the descendants of the Dragon created ontology cultural traits. "Dragon" (revised,

  • Cultural knowledge reserves

    "Cultural knowledge reserves" chose adolescents are most interested in, most learning and desire to explore the cultural knowledge, covering literature, history, folk custom, at all times and in all countries, food, clothing, holiday architecture, philosophy, music, dance, painting, sculpture, drama, sports, entertainment and many other areas, set of knowledge, interest, department,

  • The Zhuang's origin

    "The Chinese Zhuang's origin" vivid, detailed introduces the Zhuang name of ancient and modern history. Including Zhuang name origin, distribution, culture, celebrity four chapters. To reveal the origin, change the Zhuang's, and its relationship with the political, economic, cultural and other aspects of the overview of each region; Zhuang's distribution, the trend and characteristics. Is a,

  • Zhiyuanxingfang world

    "Zhiyuanxingfang world: the main content of" traditional culture "and" Chinese: is the main spirit Chinese traditional culture, system is Chinese traditional theory, it contains the elements of traditional culture, but also reflected in the cultural structure, the China culture has an inherent mechanism of fusion (circle) and independent personality,

  • Chinese idiom (volumes)

    About 2000 of idiom origin, "Chinese idiom: about 2000 of idiom origin (volume one)" content is: the idioms and allusions are two exotic flowers in Chinese culture. Spoken or written text properly used, can effect the concise and comprehensive, the golden. Idioms and allusions are generally the source, which is,

  • Man's spiritual and cultural history

    "Companion tour cultural history" a book, the "man" as the Chinese culture on the other a special form, from the problem of juvenile delinquency are involved in Qin and Han Dynasties, until today, this is a the most realistic significance. Although the academic approach, the still very readable, to construct the culture history,

  • Yang Li Ching

    Yang Li said Ancient Chinese Literature Search first, "book of changes" is a great treasure of Chinese culture, Chinese culture is the group after the first, the source of all classes of authors. Mankind is the most precious wisdom, broad and profound of the "book of changes" is the wisdom of the Chinese nation's treasure, three thousand years of China culture has produced a profound influence. Ancient Chinese Literature Search, famous scientists, Chinese medicine to you,

  • The classic reading guidance

    Classics: "master class" Ancient Chinese Literature Search included Ancient Chinese Literature Search class notes, Ma Ying, Wang Zhen and Zhu Ziqing, Wang Zhengji and other famous. Chinese scholars, the crystallization of Chinese text in order to express thoughts, a record of the birth and death system reasonable, organization, method, analysis of its properties, listed its manifestations, investigate its causation,

  • Old photos (fifty-ninth Series)

    "Old photos (fifty-ninth Series)" with the help of old photos, true and vividly recalls the China few modern history, such as: do reporters days as "the Central Cultural Revolution", and the period of the Republic of China's sports, to the northeast of the day, at the Beijing old photographs, notes Zhang Weihan Fan Shuyu couple etc.. There are old photographs as evidence,,

  • Cloud would like to dress

    China is a multi-ethnic country, in the 9600000 square kilometers of land, in addition to the Han nationality, also live in the 55 minority nationalities. They created the outstanding national culture in the long course of historical development, including colorful clothing culture. Because the majority of ethnic minorities in remote areas,

  • Study of journalists in the Qing Dynasty

    "The author of" the Qing Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty were subjects of news communication -- journalists as the research object, the journalists on the social changes in the Qing Dynasty in the subject systematically and contemplation, process in revealing the communication subject from autocratic imperial control of liberation, as well as from the feudal ethics of free, to the spiritual path of the modernization of the same,

  • Desire rhetoric and culture vigil

    "Desire rhetoric and culture: a study of" China vigil mass culture globalization from the perspective of the rise of the mass culture and the new middle class formation and the pursuit and desire imagine, and Chinese modern transformation of culture, the cultural change, the reform of the cultural system and the industrialization of culture, even the competition pattern and multi culture,

  • An ancient civil service short message

    After read thousand words, "Thousand Character Classic" was one thousand five hundred years ago and works, the author Zhou Xingsi is an ancient civil servants, he used one thousand non repetitive Chinese characters of permutation and combination, created a sound good, GetWord four word poem. From these one thousand words, can see the complete contour China culture, it is the world's most,

  • The Chinese tradition etiquette books

    "The main content of Chinese traditional etiquette books:" Li is the mark of a civilized nation, any one of the world entered the age of civilization people have their own interests. China is a state of ceremonies be known to all the world of Chinese etiquette, with a distinctive Oriental characteristics. The growth process, is the process of understanding and cultivating virtue. Not only,

  • Zhang Taiyan said Ancient Chinese Literature Search

    "Zhang Taiyan says" Ancient Chinese Literature Search included was on the Ancient Chinese Literature Search several speeches, relates to his best by all classes of authors, Buddhism, these three aspects, expounds master eyes China traditional culture. Is worth the Ancient Chinese Literature Search knowledge and want to increase the knowledge of future generations to read. Zhang Taiyan is my,

  • I do not know the 300 Ancient Chinese Literature Search classics

    "Content is not 300 Ancient Chinese Literature Search classics": culture is the spiritual backbone, it can make people understand the world, understand life, to understand yourself, and to better explain a person's temperament, culture and spirit, this success is be of great advantage to develop life. "I do not know the 300 country,

  • Nomadic tribes last

    "The last hunter gatherers" Content Description: finally a northern nomadic hunting nationalities in the last shaman will find her successor? The final "caveman tribe", the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau hinterland of the Miao people why choose living in caves? West Xia Dynasty mumbo-jumbo like text why is still a mystery? Chinese west,

  • Hundred cities (on)

    "100 city (on): the torch shining over the place" the author tries to a calm spectators rather than enthusiastic participant, along the Olympic torch relay route, a series of sketches, outlines the thirty anniversary of the reform and opening up, those a torch shining over the place general outline,

  • Lamu Gatoosana Western essays

    "The main content in wood," GA 吐萨 Naxi study: as readers will learn from this series in that way, very difficult development process of Naxi study. It started in general can lock in nineteenth Century 60 in twentieth Century to 30 in the early 1990s. Then the Naxi study by western scholars, missionaries, military people,

  • China ancient cultural reading

    "China ancient culture, Su Wen (the full text reading phonetic version)" content brief introduction: China ancient culture broad and profound, has a long history, is one of the most important parts of the world culture. We in the process of compiling the series, to refine on attitude, the way Pisa Kim, on a China ancient culture,

  • Cultural knowledge contest questions

    "The content of interesting cultural knowledge contest questions" covered the people should understand and easy to grasp the doors of all knowledge, including astronomy, geography, biology, literature world famous country, sea, archaeological, historical characters do variety show, a philosophy of religion, nationality area, folk custom, etiquette, dress, diet title,

  • China ancient cultural reading

    "Chinese ancient cultural reading (first series) 11: Xunzi (phonetic version)" the main content: Chinese ancient culture broad and profound, has a long history, is one of the most important parts of the world culture. We in the process of compiling the series, to refine on attitude, the way Pisa Kim, on China ancient literature,

  • Out of print China -- who destroyed our the Great Wall

    No doubt, the the Great Wall is of course a have no equal in this world out of print works, can be included in the world cultural heritage list explains everything. Material and cultural and people living near the the Great Wall for thousands of years created, it is a great heritage. However, all the way from the Great Wall came, we see more of, is about to disappear,

  • Chinese most easily misspelled words

    "Chinese most easily misspelled words" brings together in our daily life, study and work can be seen everywhere in the easy wrong the wrong words, arranged in order from A-Z into a short passage, each essay is popular with witty writing, together with a large number of historical allusions origin or examples. "Chinese most easily mistake,

  • Ancient Chinese Literature Search problem five hundred

    "Five hundred", Ancient Chinese Literature Search problem by history, son, set for the program is divided into four series, each series in chronological sequence. Among them, the coding and then attached primary school "question and answer", "creative home (inventor) Q & a", "question and answer" and "women writers novelists", "question and answer books in total said" five kind of coding. In a question and answer,

  • An introduction to the study of Chinese modern culture transformation

    Study on the transformation of modern culture, first, to clearly depict the basic track of cultural transformation; second, to reveal the external conditions and internal mechanism transformation. Do any of these two aspects, it is not easy to. But you must set this goal, our efforts is meaningful. Natural,,

  • The new culture movement Chinese overview

    Book first published in 1934, is the systematic study of the new culture movement earlier, basically the same as the published opinions, the initial influential, but has long been overlooked by researchers. The well-organized, objective attitude to explore the ideological and cultural situation in the new culture movement, the literary revolution, the five four period,

  • China Culture Reader

    Featuring the distinctive heights of Chinese culture, the authors share with you their insights into,

  • We Ancient Chinese Literature Search (Xia Chengtao rolls)

    "We Ancient Chinese Literature Search", master Xia Chengtao Ancient Chinese Literature Search repair, Ancient Chinese Literature Search nutrient mass of today. In the "Ancient Chinese Literature Search heat" by TV lecture into people view, traditional culture of excessive entertainment. And Ancient Chinese Literature Search knowledge but lack the moment, listen to yesterday's master say, is a good, is also a kind of reference. ,

  • The change of social structure and the transformation of modern culture

    "Modern Chinese cultural transformation of 2: changes in social structure and transformation of modern culture" is the study of modern cultural transition, which is research since the late Qing Dynasty China culture from the medieval, centralization and unification of the central monarchy system suited to the culture, to people's autonomy and democracy are modern, based on,

  • Chinese ancient cultural reading: Shen Zi

    "China ancient cultural reading, Shen son / political / China / Nakanaga Kochangyan (first - 14) (full text of phonetic version)" content brief introduction: China ancient culture broad and profound, has a long history, is one of the most important parts of the world culture. We compile China "ancient culture" in the process of reading the first series,,

  • Chinese modern science and institutionalization of Science

    "China modern science and institutionalization of science" to "modern China cultural transformation of" Ninth volumes, discusses the transformation process of culture specific and two important areas. The book includes traditional scientific micro and western scientific input, from "political salvation" to "science", a scientific term,

  • Looking for Beijing City

    "Looking for Beijing city" as a wizard you wish. In fact, the real harvest should be far greater than this. To reveal the Millennium ancient charm of the humanities, history and deep touch imprint -- this is "looking for Beijing city" diligently strive after goal. Beijing brick and gray tiles under the shadow of Hutong Culture almost everywhere is gold, a lonely,

  • 2008 China culture brand report

    "The main content of 2008 Chinese culture brand report" includes: "qiatonghuashaonian": China first "Red Youth inspirational idol drama", "lust, caution:" a miracle, "Liqiu" level three piece: the new century drama milepost, "Happy Boys": 2007 my brightest, "China the red songfest",

  • Celebrity moment

    "The moment" for the "old photos of celebrities" one book, introduces fresh for the celebrity image and little known. "Old photo" collector's edition has been published, from one to fifty, "old photo" selected edited. Consists of "when", "celebrity" scenery, "evanescent moment hung feather", "life experience" four. ,

  • The new Three Character Classic

    "The new Three Character Classic" is the Ministry of culture former executive vice minister Gao Zhanxiang's latest words rhyme, carry forward the traditional culture to serve the construction of harmonious society. The full text of the 236 sentences, 1416 words condensed life philosophy, social experience, both dialectical relationship, and rich flavor of the times, can be lively and vivid, and rhyme rhyme, both,

  • China symbol

    "Symbol China • intangible heritage volume" comprehensively introduces folk, art, culture and other aspects have symbolic significance in our country. Each entry with exquisite pictures, cordial and transparent content, form and vivid, with knowledge value and artistic charm of the strong. ,

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