Introduction to China traditional culture

Date of publication:2009-6   Press: Academic Press   Author:Edited by Shi Yuntao   Pages:331  

This book gives a comprehensive and concise introduction to the Chinese traditional culture. Including basic knowledge of Chinese ancient philosophy, religion, science, literature, history, art, folk customs and other aspects of the basic theory and. Help students through the understanding of our national history and culture, to establish a correct outlook on life and world view, enhance national self-confidence and pride. This book is suitable for use in the history of professional college undergraduate teaching, can also be used as a college level of culture quality education teaching materials.
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The concept of a "cultural" two Chinese culture origin and the development of three Chinese cultural characteristics of traditional culture for four Chinese breed derived conditions and the background of the five learning Chinese traditional culture significance and methods. The first chapter Chinese ancient philosophy section China ancient philosophy discussed in section second China ancient philosophy form third Chinese the main schools of ancient philosophy and the representative of the second chapter China ancient religion Taoism Buddhism first section second section third section fourth Christian Islam third chapter China ancient history section Chinese ancient historiography development section second rich and colorful genre of historical and important historical works in section third China ancient historiography tradition the fourth chapter China ancient the first section China literature in ancient literature features second sections China ancient poetry section third Chinese ancient prose, prose section fourth Chinese ancient novels, drama fifth chapter China ancient art section China ancient art of the origin and development of the second section Chinese ancient art achievements in section third Chinese ancient art culture festival fourth Chinese ancient art aesthetic characteristics of ancient science and technology in the first section of sixth chapter China long Chinese ancient science and technology development history section second brilliant China ancient achievements in science and technology section of the third China ancient science and technology characteristic and the reason of the decline in the seventh chapter China ancient education section China ancient educational policy in section second the ancient school education system in section third ancient educators and education section fourth ancient imperial examination system, the eighth chapter Chinese traditional architecture in Section 1 of China traditional architectural development section second Chinese traditional architecture of the third main types of traditional architecture and cultural characteristics of China section ninth chapter Chinese Folk Culture Festival second Festival first diet custom life etiquette custom the third section China traditional clothing section fourth China Folk Literature Festival Fifth Festival folk custom tenth chapter of Sino foreign cultural exchanges the first ancient China of the outside world and the foreign exchange way...... Bibliography postscript
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