Introduction to China culture

Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Xi'an Jiao Tong University press   Author:Huang Gaocai, Huang Peiyu.   Pages´╝Ü229  

Book to absorb the new achievements of China culture research, supplemented by the Chinese culture research experience, to understand the language of the basic problem of Chinese culture to explain profound theories in simple language description. The book contents adhere to "broaden readers cultural horizons, enrich their cultural knowledge, improve readers' humanities accomplishment, cultivate the reader sentiment, shapes the reader national spirit and sense of national pride to enhance readers" as the principle, closely around the Chinese culture spirit, all-round display China culture excellent side and superior, in order to make the readers a profound, comprehensive, correct understanding China culture, then to China culture to enrich their inner world. This book can be used as a public foundation course in higher vocational colleges teaching materials, but also can be used as a secondary education level above study Chinese culture reader reference books and training materials.
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The first chapter outlines the first section what is culture second festival culture impact on life in section third China culture and Chinese traditional culture connotation of section fourth Chinese culture of the basic characteristics of fifth day China culture and the western culture difference between the second chapter China culture basic spirit. The first section China cultural spirit of the second day Chinese culture basic spirit several themes section third Chinese cultural spirit of the value and function of the third chapter Chinese don't know cultural symbol first natural symbol second human symbolic third mental image fourth chapter Chinese language section second section third section of Chinese Chinese characters in Chinese and Chinese characters of cultural function of fifth chapter Chinese ancient education thought the first day China the ancient education system and the education thought of ancient education and the imperial examination system in section second, section third Chinese ancient educational thought of the sixth chapter China ancient literature section China ancient literature cultural spirit section second Chinese ancient literature achievements of the seventh chapter China ancient art section of ancient arts festival second China ancient art the main door Class third Chinese art the basic spirit of the eighth chapter China ancient history section Chinese ancient historical works and achievements in second day China ancient history cultural spirit of the ninth chapter China traditional ethics and traditional ethics and the first day Chinese culture section second China traditional ethics basic content of the third section of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation fourth "the Analects of Confucius" and "Mencius" fifth section to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation in the tenth chapter China significance of ancient philosophy section China ancient philosophical overview section second "book of changes" and Confucian philosophy "," section third "me Chuang-tzu" and Taoist philosophy section fourth Chinese Buddhist Philosophy and "Sutra" Fifth Festival in song and Ming Dynasty the eleventh chapter of Sino foreign cultural exchanges with the comparison of Chinese and Western culture the first section Chinese culture value and the influence of section second China culture and foreign cultures confusion, confusion and Reflection on the third day fourth festival of self care awareness appendix China culture references
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