Fu Sinian and Chinese culture

Date of publication:2006-3   Press: Tianjin Ancient Books   Author:Cloth Zhanxiang, edited by Ma Liangkuan   Pages:456   Words:452000  
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Preamble preamble (a) (two) and all the disciples heart teacher Mr. Fu Sinian recalls Mr. Fu Sinian two or three things will live forever in the hearts of the students principal Fu Sinian Mr. Fu Sinian's contribution to the country I miss the president Chinese skimming over the surface of the Institute of history and Philology and Peking University Institute of Arts - and remember Fu Sinian, Mr. Zheng Tianting stressed Mr. Fu Sinian "history the purpose of the work of the study of language" of Fu Sinian's academic thoughts and the Institute of history and Philology early research on Fu Sinian's idea of the historiography of modernity and its limitation on Fu Sinian's historical linguistic research "back to Fu Sinian": ninety years China mainland historiography to Chinese archaeology "Fu Sinian" in 1949 Fu Sinian and his party history research of historical Taiwan "not by ideology for learning" -- on Fu Sinian's "history is the historical materials" on Fu Sinian's academic knowledge seen on Fu Sinian's Confucianism view of Fu Sinian and the academic research in the Qing Dynasty Fu Sinian's pre Qin studies on Fu Sinian on the May 4th Movement reflection -- from Fu Sinian's letter to Yuan Tongli about Fu Sinian's political philosophy to a correct understanding of Fu Sinian Fu Sinian shelling Song Ziwen of Fu Adams and five four literature revolution of Fu Sinian's democratic politics view on Fu Sinian's Anti Japanese national patriotism Fu Sinian character of Fu Sinian s personality charm "swallow anything and everything" under the "contradiction" -- 1917 -- 1919 North internal national school and the new culture school standoff Fu Sinian at Zhongshan University on Fu Sinian's view of Fu Sinian and Guo Moruo Fu Sinian and examination Wu Han the truth? By the world? -- Fu Sinian and Qian Muwei's academic thoughts between Fu Sinian and Lu Xun Fu Sinian and Xia Nai Re-forging the Western popular memory of China 's Past:Fu Simian, Hushi and H G Wells on the controversy between Fu Sinian, Zhu Qianzhi, Zhu Xizu academic relationship between Fu Sinian and the culture of science and history of ethical history: to discuss Fu Sinian and South Liu Yiwei scholars as an example summary statement (according to the morning of August 27, 2004 the closing session recording @##@ finishing) Early in the twentieth Century, is the formation period of the modern Chinese cultural conception of people. Casting the modern Chinese culture, need to build two bridges: a bridge between the China ancient civilization and modern civilization, a bridge between the Western civilization and Chinese civilization. A generation of person Fu Sinian, shoulder the historical mission, do a lifetime effort into the two cultural bridge construction. Of course, many cultural pioneer in these two cultural bridge construction, they are theory, school dispute, even very fierce. However, history tells us, it is this kind of debate, the structure of the modern Chinese culture more bear from the time of impregnation. "Fu Sinian and China culture" International Symposium, 2004 24 to 27 in Shandong held in his hometown Liaocheng. In this seminar, early in the first session of "Fu seminar" meeting held in 1991, sponsored by his disciples in Beijing.
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  •   Fu Sinian is the history of everyone, though because the year went to Taiwan was criticized by the mainland, but in China history status is shake. Especially in the period of Anti Japanese, few article demonstrates that Japan will fail.
  •   Did not have to say, it was absolute division. Should give due historical position.

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